Friday, July 8, 2011

Vote For Scotty

Helllo there, Scotty is currently in 5th place ><  Can we fix this?? Please and thank you <3 Thanks for the heads up in the comment section :)

Scotty McCreery, Garner NC shows Sign of effection

Aww Scotty has a permenant sign in Garner .... <3  I wish to visit that sign.  If you live near Garner, or can snap a pic of yourself under the sign let me know!! I'll post it here! haha <3
Sign celebrates Scotty McCreery
Garner is still celebrating Scotty McCreery’s victory in “American Idol” and is eager to remind people it is the home of the 2011 champion of the popular television show.

A new sign on the westbound side of U.S. 70 touts Garner as the “Home of 2011 American Idol Scotty McCreery.”

An identical sign is n the eastbound side of U.S. 70 near Mechanical Boulevard.
WoodGraphics of Raleigh provided the signs for the town free of charge.

Scotty McCreery American Idols Live Tour Videos (again)

I'm finding some better versions of tour videos, but VERY disappointed I haven't found any videos of the Idols at the buses before the show, or meeting them after the show. COME ON SCOTTY FANS LOAD EM UP!! Unless he didn't come out.. If anybody was  there, let me know if the Idols came out before and after the show. I can't imagine they didn't.  I  know each year the WINNER doesn't come out to meet the fans as often as the rest of the idols, due to press obligations and VIP After Show obligations.  But I haven't found one thing. So if you know of anything, pictures, videos or anything before the show or after please let me know :)  Anyways here's some better views of a few of the songs from SLC

Your Man - ROFL AT THE EMPHASIS ON "Turns Me On" YOU GO SCOTTY with your lady killer boots

The Audio and Video on this are good "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"