Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' I Love You This Big HITS TOP 20

'Scotty McCreery' I Love You This Big HITS TOP 20

I'm so happy for him!! Scotty has his first TOP 20 Country Radio Hit!!! This is a pretty big deal!! 
It seems Rodney Atkins and Martina McBrides song each lost a spin, but Scotty gained 2 spins. This moved him up into the top 20 as of today.  Nobody on Pulse Music Board has updated his thread, so I can't confirm exactly how this works, but FOR TODAY his single is number 20 on the country charts!! WHOOOOOO!!!!! WTG SCOTTY <3 CONGRATS!
If anybody out there has a much better grip on how the songs chart, please comment.  I can see it's 20 today.. Question is this.. Does this mean the song is officially top 20? <-- SOURCE Click Country on the top of the site and you can see the current song positions.  :D

22-1RODNEY ATKINS Take A Back Road2186+17148-5413.870-0.0924621218645213.962
21-1MARTINA MCBRIDE Teenage Daughters2108-51-322-3113.272-0.4464617247335015.877
20+2SCOTTY MCCREERY I Love You This Big2043+47347-814.379+0.3883020204366014.379

Scotty McCreery 'American Idols' On WRAL

Scotty McCreery 'American Idols' WRAL

The top contestants of last season's "American Idol" are about to head out on tour.

Winner and Garner native Scotty McCreery will be joined in the performances by 10 other finalists.

"The tour is gonna be great, I think," McCreery said.

"I can't wait to get out there and tour the country with my fellow comrades and having a good time."