Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery EP Album Release and Cover Picture

The top 4 American Idols will be putting out a highlights of the season EP album with 5 songs. It's set to release on June 28th.  Scotty's album will include .

1 I Love You This Big
2 The River
3 Amazed
4 Gone
5 Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not

 TBH, I have all these songs twice! lol.  But will I buy this, probably... chalk it up to being a STAN! This is apparently the cover for the EP and see below it, the cover for I Love You This Big.  Nothing much new here. 

BUT All they did was change the back, and adjust the coloring a bit.  See I LOVE YOU THIS BIG cover below. 

I'm curious, Will you buy the EP? Do you have all these songs?