Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' on the Pressures or Idol, and all the Female Fans

'Scotty McCreery' on the Pressures or Idol, and all the Female Fans Interview from "The Boot"
This is a long interview and really good!! I've inserted a page break, so just click read more and enjoy!!
Scotty McCreeryAfter being crowned the newest 'American Idol' three weeks ago, Scotty McCreery has slept just "a couple of minutes," he joked, the charming singer from Garner, N.C. signed a record deal just days later, immediately started working on his debut album, made his CMA Music Fest and Grand Ole Opry debuts, weathered some whirlwind media rounds and prepped for the Idols Live tour.

Also in that short time, the bashful baritone saw his name go down in the history books, as his debut single, 'I Love You This Big,' made the highest Billboard Hot Country Songs chart debut by a new artist since 1984. That's nine years before he was even born. Yes, all these accomplishments to his name, and Scotty McCreery is still in high school.

Scotty McCreery Fans You Have Some Work To Do

Scotty Fans You Have Some Work To Do


21.00 % <-- We can do better :)

It's been brought to my attention that there are some radio challenges going on that Scotty needs us to vote on.  If your not familiar with what a radio challenge is, let me just say, they're important.  It gives the station an idea of how popular an artist is, and if they will or WON'T play their music. If there is one thing the fans know how to do, that's VOTE. Soo, please head on over to these sites, and vote! Then please pass them around, tweet them, whatever you need to do! Thanks :)  Scroll down he's on the right, click the little circle next to his name then go down a little bit more and hit vote!  This one is for the 9@9, When a song is played during prime time, it ranks higher, so being on the 9@9 is important :)  vote vote  He's down on the left of this one!

Scotty McCreery on Jay Leno 6/15/11

                          Scotty McCreery on Jay Leno 6/15/11

Tonight Scotty McCreery will appear on the Jay Leno Show!  Set your DVR's  :)

Also, these are some great numbers for American Idol, and Scotty!!

It takes a little bit longer to round up the TV ratings from people who choose to watch a show via their DVR, but it does happen -- and we now finally have the overall viewer count for the "American Idol" finale last month.

If you want some sort of evidence that "Idol" is still just as much of a cultural phenomenon as ever, here you go -- during the show's most watched minute at 10:04 p.m. Eastern time, 43 million viewers (per Mjsbigblog) ultimately saw the moment of Scotty McCreery's vicotry and coronation song performance. The only primetime broadcast with an overall viewer count higher than that this season is the Super Bowl. (Overall, it's likely that more people ended up watching Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, but that aired early in the morning.)

"Idol" was as per the course the #1 primetime show on TV for this past spring season, and ultimately held two of the top three slots thanks to its Thursday night results show.

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