Monday, June 13, 2011

Scotty McCreery hears humbling words from Priscilla Presley

Scotty McCreery hears humbling words from Priscilla Presley

When Scotty met with Priscilla Presley she leaned over and told him "Elvis would have liked you" 

I wonder if Scotty almost passed out! Take a listen here!

Scotty McCreery on Having his pick of the ladies Video

McCreery on Having his pick of the ladies Video
This again is another WIN interview by Scotty, so apparently poor Scotty didn't have the ladies falling all over him before, matter of fact, they used to walk away from him before, and it's taken some getting used to.  Ben and Matt are the two  interviewing him, and are pretty funny about the ladies.  Enjoy

Also the video of Scotty singing "Check Yes or No" was taken down. It was such a good one too. Hopefully another will turn up.

'Scotty McCreery' Check Yes or No, Video Grand Ole Opry

EDIT: It was removed by The Opry, aww it was such a great video.  Sigh

Here is a great video of Scotty singing "Check Yes or No" and Scotty and Lauren getting their Opry plaques along with their Jerseys for the City of Hope Charity Softball game.  Also, with a big thanks to  for the find! she has a Scotty/Lauren blog <3  follow her on twitter here @ McLainaLovers

Scotty McCreery, Some tid bits and News

Scotty McCreery, Some Bits and News

First off, Scottys LYTB has hit a new high on the Country Media Base Chart ^26 with the 2nd largest bullet!! Country is really taken to this song, and showing Scotty a ton of support! :)

2nd is something I'm pulling over from Brian Mansfields USA today article, THIS IS SOO FUNNY iT'S TITLED SCOTTY MCCREERY TRIGGERS EXTENDED FREAKOUT AT CMA  :D

Another note from Lucas Hendrickson at CMA Music Fest:
From this reporter's observation, Scotty McCreery brought about the most extended individual freakout witnessed in 10-plus years of covering the event. After exiting the autograph line at the Idol winner's appearance in Fan Fair Hall Friday afternoon, a teenage girl walks over to her waiting family, very quietly says, "I got his signature" once before shrieking the phrase at the top of her lungs four more times and then breaking down in tears. That, dear reader, is a fan.

Our Country Scotty McCreery on The Y! Music Country Blog

Video Interview Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina about their Opry Debut HD

This first interview is another of Scotty with Mason and Remy, he hopes his music will get out Sept/Oct!! 2nd video below is Scotty and Lauren discussing their Opry Debut

CMA Scotty and Josh Video

New Closer video of Scotty on stage with Josh. He's so happy