Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scotty McCreery singing Sweet Home Alabama

I need to give a huge thanks to Sara for this find. I never saw this before. Fan fail on my part. Scotty looks very young here, ya know cause he's so old now. LOL!! This is great though!


'Scotty McCreery' and 'Lauren Alaina' Kiss Described US video Interview

Another great video interview with Lauren and Scotty. Lauren describeds exactly how she kissed Scotty, lol.  Enjoy!

Why Am I A 'Scotty McCreery' Fan

      Why Am I A 'Scotty McCreery' Fan

I've been asked a lot lately "What is it about Scotty that your drawn to?"  I've often responded with the answer of  "It's The Voice", but after really putting some thought into it, I have realized that it's far more than the voice.  I wasn't born "back then", or "when times were easier", or "kids used to have respect era" and so on.  I exists in the post 9/11 era, the Great Recession, schools failing, kids don't seem to care as much about God, or respect and so on era.  I often wonder what it must have been like in the so called "Times were different era"  and for some reason FOR ME PERSONALLY, When I listen to Scotty I feel like I have a taste of that time.  A time when things were more relaxed, or just easier.  I get a feeling of comfort and ease when I hear Scotty sing.  This may sound nuts, but isn't that what music does? Takes you away, lifts you up, or gets you up moving? So, for me I think the true answer is.. If only for a few minutes I'm reminded, that although it might be dwindling, we can still grab onto those moments when we feel like things were just a little bit easier. That there's still singers out there with values, and decency. That there's still music with meaning, songs with heart, and kids who still care.  I suspect there is a lot more of it than we realize, since the media only likes to focus on the negative, we just don't get to see it.  So, thanks Scotty for making this girl from NJ feel like she steps back a little in time "When things were just a little bit easier"  <3  

I was watching this today, and therefore think you should watch it again too.. LOVE YA GRANDMA!! <3