Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Scotty McCreery Interview, MTV

I've been a little obsessed with 'Out of Summertime' maybe they should have called it "Make You Out Of Ur Mind"  Summmmertiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... I'm addicted to this song... Anyways, I've slacked on posting other things since to me, this was the only thing that existed for the last 15 hours.  Ok, moving on.. Also I have a new twitter for now @FansOfScotty2, I'm not sure what it going on with the other one.  It might have been hacked. I hope to get it back, it's under investigation - lol - who knew being a Scotty fan was dangerous. Hacked accounts, investigations!! Anywho, Here is this :D Enjoy


Scotty McCreery - Out of Summertime IM FREAKING OUT, THIS IS A HIT!! I LOVE IT! AMAZING!!

Ok, I've decided to take it down. First off it's not avaiable here, and ripping it or downloading it can effect Scotty. I didn't download the song, there was a site where I could embed the copy of it which I had done, but thought better of it. PLEASE RELEASE THIS IN THE US. It's amazing. Sorry, but I just can't put it here. I will always keep Scotty's intentions in mind. I got a little carried away, and then realized it's really not a good idea to embed the song. Sigh. FYI it has HIT ALL OVER IT!! <--Rinse and Repeat

EDIT AND UPDATE: It's rumored to be his next single.  Listen to full version here

'American Idols Live' Dominates TicketNews' May Events Rankings

Fans have made "American Idol" one of the most popular reality shows in television history, and in May 2011, they helped the American Idols Live tour debut at No.1 in TicketNews' exclusive events rankings, compiled from May 1-31.
The reality series recently wrapped its 10th season with Scotty McCreery winning the coveted title of American Idol. This summer McCreery and 10 other finalists -- including fan favorites Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams and Lauren Alaina -- will tour across North America, starting July 6 in Salt Lake City. The 2011 version of the tour has already proven more successful than in 2010, when slow ticket sales forced producers to cancel concerts.

P.S. My new twitter for now is @Fansofscotty2  Click the follow twitter link above. I'm having issues with my other account. It may have been hacked :(

My Twitter Account

Something has happened to my twitter account, I am looking into it, but have no idea whats going on.  For now please follow me @FansOfScotty2 until I get it worked out.  I had almost 1000 followers. So sad, hopefully it isn't permanent.!/FansOfScotty2