Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' and 'Lauren Alaina' Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Soo cute!! These two are adorable!

Scotty McCreery iTunes Singe and Album position

It's currently 10:23am and Scotty holds the number 2 position on OVERALL music Albums and


Album Number 2 overall, but NUMBER ONE in Country!

Congratulations to Scotty and Lauren, number 2 and 3 OVERALL!!!

'Scotty McCreery' Interview after WINNING! 'American Idol'

Scotty and Lauren before the finale!

Scotty McCreery 'I Love You This Big' Requesting Information

'American Idol'/FOXBy Carla Patton

Ok McCreerians, We got him here, he's the winner, and now it's time for that song to hit the air waves. I posted earlier on this year about requesting, but let me go over it again.

Do request Scotty on your local COUNTRY radio station. This song won't get to much play yet on top 40, although a request here or there won't hurt. OVER REQUESTING FROM THE SAME NUMBER WILL HURT. The radio station's weren't born yesterday, and they have caller ID. Here is the cold hard fact though, the stations will tell you OK then not play the song. They want you to listen, but if they don't have the OK TO PLAY from the stations manager, the song WONT be played. BE POLITE, buy his song from iTunes, sales of the song help it move up the charts, the higher up it goes the more stations will play it. He's already had his first REAL spin. You can actually see his spins here at  I screen capped it :D is a site that when  Scotty's song is played it shows up on HIS page.  The Song title, station and time it played shows up.  You need to register (It takes 2 seconds) and when his song is played it appears in the room like above. You can see the song title, station, time etc.  You then hit the YES button and it tells the station you like the song, but I have a lot to learn about this site.  We can track his spins from there. Also  you can chat at the same time! So it can be a fun way to support Scotty, and chat with other McCreerians!!

In addition here is a link to a site that you put your zip code and state into, it will then bring up all the radio stations in your area.  You can then go directly to your local stations website, and see if there is a request area on the site.

Another way to see how Scotty's song is doing is this site     It's a forum, and again I don't know much about it, but the people there seem to know what they're talking about, lol! Make an account stay in Scotty's thread, don't bash etc etc.. His thread is located in the Country section, although I directly linked you here.

I think Scotty has a bit of a battle, being another Male winner, and Country young.  So let's HELP and NOT hurt him get to the top!!!  REQUEST REQUEST BUT NOT IN A FANATIC OVER THE TOP ZOMG WAY :)