Monday, May 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina to Debut Singles ‘Love You This Big’ and ‘Like My Mother Does’ This Week on ‘American Idol’ Top 2 'Finale'

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina to Debut Singles ‘Love You This Big’ and ‘Like My Mother Does’ This Week on ‘American Idol' Top 2 'Finale'

Country fans won’t have to wait long to hear Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina on the radio. Both plan to officially release their debut singles on Thursday, May 26, one day after the ‘American Idol‘ winner is announced. Taste of Country was tipped by a source at Universal Music Group, who tells us that McCreery’s song is called ‘Love You This Big’ and Alaina’s is titled ‘Like My Mother Does.

Both singers will premiere their new singles during this week’s ‘Idol’ performance show on Tuesday, May 24. Our source didn’t provide further details about either teenagers’ new music, but added that both performances will be available on iTunes on Tuesday night.

Win or lose, McCreery and Alaina will also both be part of the ‘American Idol’ Live Tour, which kicks off in July. Stay tuned to Taste of Country for live coverage of this week’s season finale of ‘American Idol.’ The performance round airs on Tuesday, May 24, at 8PM ET, while the big results episode takes place on Wednesday, May 25 at 8PM

Well I'm thinking this is more a legitimate leak, since they're a reputable source! I can't find 'Love you Big' listed anyplace or listed as one of Tim Nichols songs, He did  tweet Scotty recorded one of his songs, but perhaps it isn't being used? A lot of speculation going on right now! Still glad Scotty isn't doing Angels! Archies around the world can sigh in relief.. Still Ill keep updating if I hear anything else! According to MJ's Laurens song is from Kristy Lee Cooks album, which flopped.. hmmmm We shall see!! <3


'American Idol Finale Song Spoilers' Top 2 May 24th 2011 Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina

EDIT!! 5/24/2011 These seem to be 100% incorrect :D  Which is a good thing!!
See updated post

The first song picked by the American Idol producers for Scotty is "Angels" by Robbie Williams. The song was written by Robbie himself together with Guy Chambers. It peaked on number 41 at the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1999 and it was a certified double platinum in the U.K. selling over 1.2 million copies.

The producer's choice for Lauren is a song written and co-produced by Taylor Swift entitled "Back To December". It was only released last year November and hit the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at number 6 making it a certified platinum too.

Most certainly the American Idol fanatics are familiar with the second set of chosen songs as Scotty & Lauren will sing again their audition songs during the May 24 face-off. Lauren auditioned in Nashville, Tennessee with Faith Hills' "Like We Never Loved At All" while Scotty auditioned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Josh Turner's "Your Man".

The final set of songs are considered the Winner's Song. On this round, Scotty will sing a specially written song for him entitled "Flying High" and so with Lauren's "Tomorrow's World".

The American Idol season finale will be the battle of country music and first in its history that two competing finalists are young teenagers, Scotty is 17 while Lauren is only 16.

This is also being discussed around the web. I don't have confirmation.  I'm concerned with Scotty singing Angels. This is Archies Anthem, and he knocks it into tomorrow.  Hopefully Scotty can put something different into it, or he will be compared to David's version.  See video. And this is just acapella, his version live with music is breathtaking.  That said, I also feel if Scotty can really put his own stamp on it, and do something really special the lyrics will hit home with the fans. Also, Tim Nichols tweeted that Scotty recorded one of is songs, and as far as I can tell "Flying High" isn't one of his songs  So, take it in stride. I've tried to tweet the site that has released this, but their twitter is umm very vacant, HAHA! I'm nervous! lol  If these turn out to be false, at least yout got to hear Archies beautiful rendition <3 lol
By Jessica Simpson (Scotty loves her, haha)
Originally Sung by Robbie Williams, This video is powerful!