Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scotty is SAFE!!

Down to a country finale!! Hate to see Haley go, but I am extremely excited that Scotty has a shot at becoming the next american idol!!!

Vocal Master Class Lady


“Amazed” by Lonestar (Personal Choice), ”Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by (Jimmy Iovine’s Choice) and

”She Believes In Me” by Kenny Rogers(Judges’ Choice)

Strengths:Scotty – your personal song choice, “Amazed” was a very challenging one. It requires strong breath support and vocal power. However, I felt that you did a wonderful job in this respect. I feel that your technical skills have vastly improved over the course of this competition – more so than any other singer.

Your mike technique was wonderful. No more “sideways Scotty” when handling the mike. Your mike was nicely centered and you looked relaxed and comfortable with this refinement.

Visually you created the perfect ambience for this performance. You were in absolute control yet exhibited a sincere, warm persona.

Technically, there were some wonderful moments in this song. The sustained note on the words “amazed“ was wonderfully executed in that you sustained your voice on the “eh” vowel, avoiding the other two vowels in that annoying diphthong – “‘i” and “ee“. It was a nice, clean, well-focused British approach. Loved it!

Additionally, you did wonderful work with the dynamics. There was a nice build to this song, your voice becoming stronger as the arrangement moved forward.

I also was happy to see how fully you sustained your phrases. The final words were highlighted and didn’t just disappear at the end of your line. You were singing through your phrases now, achieving a lovely ebb and flow that allowed the momentum to move forward. And your articulation was excellent. I heard that crisp “K” consonant when you were finalizing the word “Take“. Kudos!

Excellent work, Scotty!

During your second number, uptempo“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”, you picked up the guitar and comfortably accompanied yourself – adding yet another dimension to your triple threat performances.

I loved how you embraced this song, Scotty. You looked relaxed and carefree. It wasn’t a complicated song but you expressively communicated this number very well. Your words were crystal clear, you added some superb inflection in your voice and your phrasing was very musical. Additionally, there was a nice forward momentum in this song.

Your final number, “She Believes In Me“, was the song that I was waiting to hear. It was such a stellar and inspired song choice for you! Perfect! Now this was a performance. It was heartwarming, sensitive and expressively delivered.

Additionally, you added dramatic visual dimension to this number, moving from a seated position at the beginning of this song to a standing one toward the final moments of the refrain. This change in position not only intensified the passionate nature of this song but also relaxed your physical presence.

This song brought out the potential in your voice. The chorus is so beautiful and your voice just embraced that melodic line. And it was great to hear the expansion of your vocal potential beyond your baritone range. Throughout the course of this competition there has been so much development in your voice, Scotty, and the escalation in your confidence level bodes well for your future success as a country artist.

Bravo times 3! Very impressive triple threat showcases.

For Scotty's critique and other contestants review go to:

American Idol top three recap

Im trying to chatch up a little here, I have  a lot going on... Here is idols top 3 recap! Enjoy! <4


Tonight I won't be home , but I hope when I get back it's good news!! Good luck tonight Scotty! No matter what we here will be supporting you!! <3

Scotty McCreery 'Blue Crew' thoughts on Scotty making it this far

May 18 2011 7:06 PM EDT 5,994
Scotty McCreery's Pals Thought 'American Idol' Was 'A Far-Fetched Idea'
'Scotty is a genuinely nice kid, a good Southern boy,' one classmate tells MTV News.
By Gil Kaufman, with reporting by Tami Katzoff

There are so many unusual things about "American Idol" finalist Scotty McCreery: his signature microphone technique, his preternatural ease onstage and, oh yeah, the fact that's he's both a kick-ass baseball pitcher for his high school team, the Garner Trojans, and one of the key members of Garner Magnet High School's vocal ensemble, Die Meistersingers.

Alec Hulmes, 17, has known McCreery since preschool, and they've lived in the same neighborhood and played baseball together their whole lives. On the eve of Scotty's top-three performance, he told MTV News that ever since they were in elementary school, he remembers McCreery singing Elvis tunes on the bus while doing that "little eye thing." And while they were amused, Hulmes said they often complain, "Dude, Scotty, shut up for one second! Just shut up! Stop singing!"

But since McCreery's epic run on "Idol," things have changed. "Now every time he sings, it's like, 'Go ahead, Scotty, keep going, keep going!' " Hulmes laughed.

The school's "blue crew" started out as a student cheering section for football and basketball games, but over the past few months, it has transformed into an all-Scotty cheering section.

The town of 27,000 just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, has also gotten fully behind their favorite son, with billboards, signs, banners and viewing parties. Garner Magnet High School student Jay Booth, 17, who has known Scotty since freshman year, said that these days, you can't walk 15 feet in town or at their school without seeing some McCreery-boosting paraphernalia. There's a packed-to-the-rafters viewing party in the school gym every Thursday night and announcements throughout the week reminding students to vote for Scotty.  FULL STORY VIDEOS AND PICTURES

EXCLUSIVE: Scotty McCreery Interview, Part II


Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

So proud of you Scotty!! You did amazing tonight!! Wednesday nights are always really busy for me, and I don't post a lot, but will make it up tomorrow!! <3