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American Idol star Scotty McCreery came and threw out the scheduled ceremonial first pitch Saturday, but the weather did not permit NC State and Florida State to play their scheduled Atlantic Coast Conference baseball game, which was cancelled. He did however get to slide across the wet field! lolz

No embedding .. click link to see video of Scotty throw out the pitch

IPB Image

Scotty arrives at Lowes Food Store

Scotty arrives at his first event this morning

Josh Turner appeared on stage with Scotty to sing "Baby lock them doors" and "Long Black Train" Scotty looked shocked, humbled, emotional! He was very relaxed on stage, and did Garner proud! What a day for him!!

Josh appears at 1: 29  1 1/2 hours into the video below! Full parade and Concert!


At Saturday's concert, famous country singer Josh Turner came out to surprise the fans waiting to hear and see Scotty.
Great article detailing Scotty day

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Live Video from Scotty McCreery radio interview 94.7

Judges choice for Scotty as sung by Tim McGraw

McCreerian get famous! 

Miranda and Sara help out here when they can! So excited to see them in this article! They're great fans and huge Scotty Supporters!! WTG!!
BY BROOKE CAIN - Staff Writer
Scotty McCreery can credit much of his successful path from Garner to Los Angeles (and back again) to his smooth baritone voice and his boyish charm. But the "American Idol" star also owes a big ol' "thank y'all" to his extremely dedicated fan base - some of whom are far away from the Triangle.

The most hardcore of these Scotty fans call themselves "McCreerians," and making Scotty the next "Idol" is a mission they take seriously.

Scotty McCreery, Hometown Visit Video - Kisses the ground

Scotty arrived in Garner, NC late last night, and when he got there .. HE KISSED THE GROUND! He loves hearing the Southern accents, and can't wait for fried chicken and sweet tea!

Scotty McCreery ustream for 94.7

Scotty is set to arrive in studio in about 15 min at 8am!  There is live stream of this, click the link above. !!
                                                      Scotty arrived in a huge limo For more pictures of Scotty arriving at the station

Said him and gaga will duet on "Bad Romance" ROFL!! he was joking! He will sing several songs fom idol and from Josh Turner later on today at the concert.  He was given a Butterscotch Scotty to try, it's still streaming 8:25am