Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scotty McCreery Reviews, Idol News and More

Scotty McCreery Reviews, Idol News and More

Reviews are in for Scotty which I will post after a few announcements.  First off  last night's Voters cast over 70 Million votes!  I'm sure that's some sort of record for this stage of the competition.  Idol's FINALE will air on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY MAY 24TH AND 25TH. 

 GaGa scares mentors, and Scotty cracks me up.

We really are just at a Scotty concert, and they’ve just built a TV show around it At least, that was the feeling inside the Idoldome after Scotty’s performance of Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” — the audience simply lapped it up, and when Scotty tossed his pick into the audience as he was leaving the stage, several people scrambled (yes, scrambled) to grab it. Like him or not, this kid is a bone fide star.
Then again, he is still just a kid As the package of delicious awkwardness between Lady Gaga and Scotty unfolded on the Thunderscreen, the image split and the Thunderstairs emerged with Scotty sitting on them just as he cracked the joke that his mic had better be good looking if he was going to make out with it. At that very moment, Scotty stood and nervously readjusted his jeans to keep them from riding up. It was unavoidably cute. And Gaga was completely right, by the way, about how Scotty needs to hold his mic; the audio mix on television pushes the vocals so forward, you can usually always hear Scotty sing, but in person, his voice does at times come in and out of the live mix to the point of distraction.

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol tonight certainly will prompt loads of predictions. But after tonight, Scotty McCreery catapulted himself in the competition with a stunning performance of Where Were You. As American Idol narrows to its final four competitors, gone are the questionable performers, the contestants that barely hung on week to week, the singers that often landed in the bottom three but still advanced.