Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' Jlo says "I got so excited"

          'Scotty McCreery' Jlo says "I got so excited"
Ellen says for her "It was James all along, but then Scotty came out with "Gone" last week, and Jlo says "I know! I went crazy last week when he sang 'Gone'"  Jlo won't say who she thinks will win, but she gives Scotty, James and Hailey a lot of prise.  Crowd cheers really loudly in Ellen's studio audience when Scotty is mentioned <3

Scotty McCreery gets a save

Scotty McCreery gets a save
Scotty McCreery of Garner, who is among the final four contestants in this year's "American Idol" television show, picked up an unofficial save for the Garner Senior baseball team last Friday.
Scotty McCreery played for Garner's baseball team last year, but hasn't pitched this yearMcCreery pitched on the Garner junior varsity team in 2010 (pictured in a summer league game to the left) and is on the Trojans' roster this spring. He hasn't been able to play, or even be in town, this season because of his success on the Los Angeles-based television show.
He had been projected as a starting pitcher for the Trojans.
But last Friday, McCreery's name popped up in the boxscore that ran in the N&O following the Trojans' 4-3 victory over East Wake.  The result was either reported incorrectly or a mistake was made typing in the result.
Alec Hulme should have gotten credit for the pitching save.
If McCreery advances to the final three, he is expected to be in Garner on Saturday for a homecoming celebration at Lake Benson Park.  He is expected to sing ... but not pitch.
Because of his success on Idol, and the singing success that is predicted for him, the incorrect linescore may turn out to be a collectible _ the only time McCreery's name appeared in a Garner High School varsity baseball linescore.

Ahh ha! Maybe the guy from my earlier post really is the typer in the boxscore for Garner! LOLOL! Either way, I think this was accidently on purpose.  If I was in that boxscore .. I would have accidentally put up SAVE SCOTTY VOTE HIM INTO TOP THREE! :D  Interesting that Scotty might have a collectible. 

Read more: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/prepsnow/scotty-mccreery-gets-a-save#ixzz1Lyjghhg8


Awww, he misses his friends :(

Scotty McCreery 'Gone' video breakdown and audience analysis

Scotty McCreery 'Gone' video breakdown and audience analysis:

Sometimes things catch my eye, they make me laugh, TBH  a lot of things make me laugh. I'm the person that laughs when they shouldn't, jokes when things are toooo serious, if you're showing me photos of a trip or your kid or yourself, I usually wind up pointing out the weird things behind you, the fact that the string from your sweater looks like a worm crawling out of your armpit. I love laughing, I love joking, and well I can't help but feel the deep need to point out some things that keep cracking me up about Scotty's "Gone" video this week
1st up is Scotty's PROUD family, this is so full of win! MOM, DAD, PUERTO RICAN ABUELITA AND GRANDAD! They're so dang smiley and happy.. You can feel their joy, it's palatable, and adorable!

Mom and Abuelita are proud, I think Pappa McCreery and Grandpappa  are just noticing the girls on stage that Scotty will sing with and thinking "You go boy"

Next up is obviously Scotty's biggest supporter... His team mates? NOPE! Girl Fan? NOPE! Some random dude who's really excited to see Scotty? YUP!

NEXT Scotty sings to two girls the line "This ain't no breakin nothin, waking nothing, breakin up, one mo time"  yet these two girls are so excited even though Scotty just told them off, by the looks on their faces, I think they heard "I love you girls" their reaction LKJDFA;LJFAD;FJK SCOTTY!! A;DKJFA;JK..

Next IMO he's thinking ... Why is that guy still spazzing over me! What a creeper!

Lastly, Scotty is saying "I hit this song, so far outta the park... THIS IS GOOOONNNEEEEE!"

Here is the video again, a lot takes place before 30 seconds, I'd also like to throw in Randy's nodding head, the BANG BANG parts are my favorite, and IF YALL DON'T VOTE LIKE MAD THIS WEEK, IM TURNING THIS SITE INTO A SIMON COWELL SITE, PLEASE PLEASE DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!! <3

Most of this takes place in the first 30 seconds, watch again....


Mission Trip to New York City Tests Scotty McCreery’s Character

Mission Trip to New York City Tests Scotty McCreery’s Character

To most high school juniors, a summer trip to New York City would be a pretty sweet treat. Even a working trip to the Big Apple would be OK, but a “vacation” that promises 100 degree temperatures and sleeping on the floor? That’s the trip Scotty McCreery signed up for last summer.
Group leader Beth Hunnicutt tells Taste of Country her 17-year-old student never quit smiling as the group shared their faith through music on the mission trip. “And he knew he was going to Hollywood, but it didn’t matter,” she says. “Never complained, just sang.”

Hunnicutt is the Minister of Music at McCreery’s church in Garner, N.C. She’s been working with the sudden sensation since he was 3-years-old, but realized she had something special after he performed ‘O Holy Night’ at a church Christmas concert. “I remember thinking then, ‘Wow! This kid has a really great voice,’” she recalls.

I'd love to hear Scotty sing "Oh Holy Night"

http://tasteofcountry.com/scotty-mccreery-nyc/  Read more here