Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ryan Seacrest you be on my #@$@# list

For weeks now American Idol seems to be picking on Scotty, maybe it's me, maybe I'm a bit sensitive or over dramatic, maybe I didn't get the right paint colors on my living room wall (did you know paint color changes "hue" from wall to wall.. NVM) anyways, whatever it is, IDOL is really really really TICKING ME OFF!! Did they not see my blog last week "Don't be messing with Scotty"??? Why are they ignoring me?? Did they think Scotty would pick a side??? After 10 seasons of PICK THE SIDE YOU THINK IS THE TOP TWO, OR THREE, and only having one jerkconstantinemouroulisdip   actually pick a side they would learn THIS IS STUPID AND WE SHOULDN'T DO IT. Butttttttttttttt NOOOOOOOOOOO they try and get Scotty to pick!! Well, whatever Ryan MoldCrust you're now on my list, along side of

1 Simon Cowel, I know he isn't here this year, but I haven't gotten over some of season 7's comments so therefore he tops my list. 

2.Ellen DeGeneres, I adore her, but she's still on my list, ask any Archie and you'll know why. lolol!

3. American Idol website! That site is AWFUL! The mods are rude, and if you manage to be on there for two weeks straight without being banned  then good for you. Lord knows I didn't! lol

4. EW News, and Sleazak - He is a rude Idol blogger, and evil vicious and mean.  He's usually unfair, and if he doesn't like a contestant he's awful towards them.  I don't appreciate that!! I might not like all the idols but I would never put down a contestant aside from maybe one constantinemouroulis but I wouldn't blog about it!!

5. Ryan Seacrest, now I have to add him to the list, he could redeem himself though same with Ellen! The others cannot redeem themselves in my eyes. 



Scotty and his ear piece

I just can't let it go, it's driving me nuts!  I love him, he sang AMAZINGLY yet I want to run into the TV and FIX HIS EAR PIECE!! SOMEBODY needs to be fired :/  I don't get it, did they take a step back, and look at Scotty and say ohh wait let me pull this out more, it needs to be seen more? Did aliens attempt to try and blend him into their society? Why WHY WHY IS THAT THING STICKING OUT LIKE THAT!! This is a riveting performance, beautiful, yet I KEEP LAUGHING!! I want names and numbers peeps!! somebody is going down a;ldjfa;dfj;jfd
 I tried to even it out, but now he looks like dumbo.. SORRY SCOTTY!! yet ROFLMAO!! I LOVE YA! but sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves.. YOU ROCK EVEN WITH A DUMBO EAR :d

American Idol 'Scotty McCreery Reviews' for Top 5

American Idol Scotty McCreery Reviews and News for Top 5

Dial idol has Scotty in first place, but as you all should know by now, I don't trust that site! Yet, I love seeng his name first <3  Moving on, the reviews are in for this week, and they are really positive.  Here they are all in one neat packge. I love some of the headlines!

• And the Screaming Started…: …with the announcement that Scotty McCreery would be appearing on stage next. Really, though, from the inside, when Scotty came on stage to sing Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone” is indeed when things really got going for the night. Finally! Randy called it “concert Scotty,” and that certainly was the case.

• The Friendly Goodbye: As the performance recap reel rolled on the video screen, the Idols
gathered on stage to say goodbye with Ryan at the end of the episode. The major observation from this time? Haley and Lauren are seriously close pals. At least it looks that way. The two gals stood next to each other and whispered to each other the whole time. And a less major — but none-the-less still important — observation? After the sign-off, the Idols, as usual, were rushed off stage. The harried dash off stage found Scotty accidentally — or was it “accidentally,” considering my commentary above — stepping on Lauren’s monstrosity of a dress and her giving him a push in retaliation afterward. I suppose it doesn’t matter either way whether it was accidental or “accidental,” but the whole thing made me smile a bit.
Scotty McCreery gets real, real ‘Gone’
Funny title but not much to post it's just a recap of last night, and if you're here and need a recap of last night kindly click the X in the top right since you EPIC FAIL as a fan. LMAO!

James Durbin Weeps, Scotty McCreery Wows On ...
It was back in the down-home groove for McCreery with Montgomery-Gentry’s gritty rocker “Gone.” The first few lines were delivered in his signature baritone — with a bit of stilted over-enunciation — but once he broke into the chorus, Scotty looked and sounded like a future Grand Ole Opry veteran as he owned the song and put some kicky emotion into it

'American Idol' Live: Meet Scotty McCreery's three blondes


Zap2it was on the scene at the Top 5 taping and talked to three of Scotty's biggest fans. Or at least their mother. Turns out, Scotty's back-up singers for his first performance, "Gone," are actually huge fans of the country crooner.

The blonde back-up singers are sister group Destinee & Paris, who used to be part of the girl group Clique Girlz. Destinee and Paris are signed to Interscope Records and were chosen by the show's producers and Jimmy Iovine to provide back-up vocals. The sisters, 15 and 16, sang back-up on Haley Reinhart's "Rolling In The Deep" a few weeks back.

Destinee & Paris' mother was seated next to us during the show and told us that the girls think Scotty is "so cute." After the performance, she was sure a lot of the girls watching were going to be jealous of the blonde sisters who shared some screen-time with "Idol's" resident Country boy. We wouldn't be shocked.

-- While watching clips of their performances back at the end of the show, Scotty bust out laughing when the jumbo-screen showed him jumping from the stage. When the clip of his second performance came up, Scotty pointed out that his ear piece wire was sticking out and said, "Oh, man!"

I will add more as they come in!