Friday, April 22, 2011

Fans Cheer on Scotty McCreery, Bring Relief to Storm Victims

Fans Cheer on Scotty McCreery, Bring Relief to Storm Victims

Fans Cheer on Hometown Boy Scotty McCreery While Helping Storm Relief Victims

The weekly ‘American Idol‘ viewing party in Garner, N.C. turned into a massive relief effort last night. Over 700 fans, friends, family members, and neighbors stuffed the Garner Historic Auditorium to cheer on Scotty McCreery, but they didn’t come empty handed. Local grocer Lowe’s Foods organized a collection of canned goods and personal items to help families affected by the tornadoes that devastated the area last weekend.

Scotty McCreery Home Town Vist

Scotty McCreery Home Town Visit!!!

Can you feel it?? I can! There are 6 left and 3wks until Top 3!! When the idols go home for that AMAZINGGGGGG home town visit!!  I want this for Scotty :D  He can have "Sweet Tea" and a ButterScotty Cookie, wait what was it called? ScottyButter.. hmm I forget! lol.  Will you go and support him when he's there? Will you take endless video, follow him all over?? Lets look back at some amazing home town visits from past idols, and use this as MOTIVATION TO VOTE HARD!! <3

"Butterscotch Scotty" is a butterscotch chip cupcake with butterscotch butter cream frosting,

Up first Awww Archie.. man this place went nuts when he was there!! lol "Where'd they all park"  "It's 6:15 AM In the morning"  This is so full of WIN!

Lee Dewyze, 50,000 showed up for his hometown visit!! WHOA!

Anyways, this is a little motivation to get you started... I shall post more as the weeks go by!!!  VOTE VOTE VOTE.. NEXT WEEK!! WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


Scotty McCreery Pictures!

Scotty McCreery Pictures 4/21/11

Is Scotty coloring?? Rofl! looks like he's coloring in pictures. lmao!


YOU THERE SCOTTY, put down the ball and clean up the mess. What the heck happened there, where are the AI maids, do they have those? They're slacking if they do, that place is a mess!

Adorbs! <3 Credit Tumblr

MASTERCLASS LADY Reviews Scotty McCreery Swingin

MASTERCLASS LADY Reviews Scotty McCreery Swingin

 As usual MasterClass Lady gives her excellent critique on Scotty this week, I just really can't say enough about how much I enjoy reading her review of  Scotty's performances.  She points out such wonderful things about Scotty's voice!! <3 

SCOTT McCREERY: “Swingin’” by Lee Ann Rimes
Strengths: Scotty – the nature of this song was very low-key and, yet, it allowed you to add a sophisticated twist to your performing ability.  I found that, throughout this song, you were not only having fun, but also were moving on and off the stage like a pro, brimming with confidence and composure.
Therefore, visually, it made for great entertainment and a truly enjoyable way to begin this week’s show. The song may not have challenged you vocally as did last week’s selection, but performance-wise, this was a huge improvement 
I loved how you sang down the octave at the beginning of the second verse. I don’t think you were given enough credit for this and it showed that you have extensive breadth in your vocal range. And kudos to you for choosing  the perfect key selection to demonstrate the expansion of your singing range.   
However, in the end, the visual dimension to this performance is what impressed me. You moved with youthful ease and abandon about the stage. 
And, although the microphone was tilting back and forth once again, it added a little visual aid in the story-telling process.  I guess this is your signature, Scotty, but I still would prefer that you adopt a purely vertical alignment  in your posture.
Vocally, you were demonstrating some of the ”bel canto” spark and style this week – not as much as last because the song was more laid back in nature, but definitely there.
All in all a very entertaining and musical performance. Standing “O” from Masterclass Lady.

Critique: Scotty – because you were busy moving out and about the stage, I felt that your technical skills took a few steps backwards this week.    Your mouth was back to the horizontal position and so your voice didn’t quite have the presence and charisma I so enjoyed hearing last week.   Even though the nature of the song was relaxed and carefree, you still needed to apply a more cohesive approach to your vowels.
Therefore, the vocal line never moved forward;  it lost momentum.  I think the relaxed nature of this song really didn’t challenge you to build on the technical skills that you adopted during last week’s performance.  The song, although very entertaining, was melodically repetitive and this is always a danger zone for every singer. You need to keep the song vocally interesting, adding nuance and inflection.
The lower octave vocalizing was an excellent idea and it did help, but, you must remember not to allow your vocal sound to get lost in the lower end of your range.  You have to remember to support and articulate your lyrics so that the melodic and lyrical line  maintain clarity and momentum . 
I think your diaphragmatic muscles basically collapsed and you were using just your natural voice, which, for me wasn’t quite enough.  The diaphragm and the strong articulation skills would have added energy and momentum to your vocal cause, increasing the vocal spirit and essence of the song.
Always remember Low doesn’t mean Lazy when you sing.  Those lower notes have to cut through the instrumental background and reach the audience with strength and purpose.
Good luck next week, Scotty!

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I'm so glad Crystal will be on next week. I've loved her Farmers Daughter song, and think the video is really powerful! If you haven't seen it .. here ya go