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This is a great story IMO
They used this picture for the story, Umm HELLO THERE DAVID'S! YOU TWO KINDA RULED <3

Scotty McCreery - Twitter followers: 91,833 - FB 67,168 - Klout Score 80

I am still convinced that Scotty McCreery will win and that the only one positioned to upset him is James Durbin. There are seven contestants left in the season described by the judges as the most talented ever.

Scotty McCreery has town support back in Garner, North Carolina. Unfortunately this area was hit by storms this week and may need some help from the rest of us. This same area produced Anoop Desai and Kellie Pickler, but seems going all out in support for Scotty. They are having "Fan of the Week" contest, "encouraging residents and businesses in the area to show their support for our hometown "American Idol" finalist by creating and publicly displaying their own Scotty decorations, artwork or banners."

An interesting observation is that Chick-fil-A is at Scotty's Watch Parties. It is nothing similar to their presence at Kris Allen's parties where they gave away free food for a year to the highest voters. Scotty does not have sixty 10 man voting teams pledging to power text for two or four hours. Scotty's parties are being held on Thursdays rather than Wednesday and Thursdays like Allen's. If Scotty wins it will be a clean win. Prizes, free phones and free food will not prompt the vote. James Durbin's phone lines will not be blocked. The voting will not be assisted by AT&T. Besides that, Scotty is the most popular remaining contestant and should win. Garner, North Carolina is playing fair under the American Idol rules of unlimited voting.

To read more click the link, also has some stats on the other contestants, It's an interesting read!



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Sara can chime in later to introduce herself! She's a huge fan, she's great, we're thrilled!! Sooo bring out the monkey

Scotty does his thing!

Period that's my 2 cents! Idk about you guys, but I don't suddenly expect Scotty to run on stage pimping in chains and rapping out a song, nor do I expect him to throw on a long black leather jacket, and black guy liner and see Scarlet have fire coming out of her guitar strings.  (Although I would laugh my a$$ off) I do get what the judges meant about safe, and at this stage it's time to throw down the gauntlet, and go all in.  I think 2 things, one singing first is considered the death spot, and a few negative comments more than likely just motivated the fans to vote harder.  So, for next week Scotty I would like to see you in skin tight skinny jeans, a black T-shirt, singing Born To Be Wild  by Steppenwolf  

Scotty, at this point the fan bases are fairly locked in, but with 4 weeks to go nothings ever certain.  Performances like last night were fun, and I enjoyed it, and I'm a fan, so everybody else can ______  _____ _____ .   That is all from me about it!  <3


Full video with contestants package is on the video page. Click the tab above to see it there.  This is Scotty "Swingin" 

Scotty McCreery Serenades ‘Idol’ Viewers With LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Swingin”

First though I would like to point out Dial Idols predictions for last night 

The Following is from Dial Idol, it is their thoughts and predictions.  Apparently there was low call volume, so they can't totally call it, but it's good to see Scotty holding at number one with a high call volume.

Just thought I'd follow up and let you know that Stefano's prediction of being the bottom vote getter is NOT definitive however he should make an appearance in the bottom three as should Casey. According to the predictions page Jacob and Scotty should not even be in the bottom three though I am not as confident in Jacob's prediction because of the low call volume.
Should be an interesting night!

Scotty McCreery Serenades ‘Idol’ Viewers With LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Swingin”

Following a funny segment called 'The Scotty McCreery Guide to Holding the Microphone,' (where his peers poked fun at the fact that he holds the mic like a flute), country's favorite 'American Idol' contestant sang LeAnn Rimes' 2010 cover of John Anderson's 1983 hit 'Swingin'.' But with only seven hopefuls left in the competition, the judges seemed less than impressed by McCreery's performance and song pick.

OH WHAT A NIGHT .. Some American Idol tour tid bits

Dang, I just got home! I'm exhausted... We wound up with a flat tire tonight, and some other car issues! lol, and I was unable to update the blog, or do anything tonight! I feel bad, but sometimes things are just out of our control.  I'm so tired, it's gonna have to wait till AM.  But From MJ's The American Idol Live! Tour will begin on July 6 in West Valley UT according to Entertainment Weekly, and on July 11 and 12 Idol hits the Bay area. The tour will hit New England at the end of August with a date in Portland ME on August 31. The full list of dates will be released sometime next week

I will update more tomorrow morning. Sorry everybody.