Monday, April 18, 2011

American Idol Voting System, Vote for Scotty McCreery

American Idol Voting System Vote For Scotty McCreery

I want to touch on the voting system of American Idol, and as a fan for 10 years of the show.  I've never had a blog before this, so I'm using it right now to voice my opinion. Everybody's got one right!  IMO the voting Sucks, not just because it's more females voting for male contestants, and good singers are being thrown to the curb long before they should be.  But, additionally the vote for 2 hours thing is ANNOYING AS HECK!! Do you really think all Scotty's teen fans (if he makes it the finale) When voting is until 1AM will be allowed to stay up and vote? Heck NO! They'll be sent to bed way way before voting ends.  Dedication doesn't equate fan base size. Votes don't equal people purchasing the songs after the show, or even the winner's single after the finale.  I hope American Idol does change the voting system, and I can vote and feel I've actually helped without having to hit speed dial for 2 hours. Honestly  I adore Scotty, but I'm just not capable of voting for 2 hours straight.  Problem is, this season I'm worried, so I will vote more than ever, but I truly hope they change things in the future.  So, if your somebody who goes to sleep early, or a teen who has to shut of the phone at a certain time, you may want to make plans now, or start hinting to your parents that if Scotty makes it to the finale you'd like to vote till 1 AM....umm Good luck with that! I haven't seen any "Cougars for James" or "Cougars for Casey" signs up, so we might all be in the clear.  During season 7, "Cougars for Cook" did a huge campaign and purchased tons of AT&T Go Phones.. They stayed up till 1AM voting like mad! Especially after Simon called it a Knock out by David Archuleta, whose fans assumed he won, and quit voting after a few hours. If you don't remember why, allow me to show you Archie at his finest. As a total ArchuCook fan, I totally thought Archie slayed it that night.  This is a repeat on the blog, but its my favorite of season 7!

So, will you vote for 4 hours? Will you stay up and hit redial non stop?  How will you manage?? I say either line up the java or pixi sticks!  Better yet, just sit with the sugar bowl.. I'm a little ahead of myself here, but I can't help but worry, if it drives me insane to vote for 2 hours how on earth will I manage 4 UGH! lol  <3

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In the wake of all the what-went-wrong, post-Pia Toscano hand-wringing (not to mention the Casey Abrams near ouster) in recent weeks, there's been a lot of talk about a need to revisit the way voting works on "American Idol." And the people doing the talking aren't just fans bereft of their favorite singers.

"Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe
recently said the show might consider adopting a system in which "Idol" voters determined the bottom three and then the judges decided which contestant would be sent home.

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Scotty McCreery 4/18/2011 Picture, Tweets

Scotty already has a good one picked out for this week. A bit older song but still a classic. This was tweeted this weekend about Scotty's Song choice for this week, but I have no clue what that could be.

Also we got a nice picture with James!!