Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scotty McCreery, Covers George Strait, US 99 Country Music Station

Scotty McCreery Covers George Strait

On the April 14 broadcast of American Idol, country music favorite  Scotty McCreery covered the 1992 George Strait hit I Cross My Heart from the movie Pure Country.
What do you think? Would Dusty be proud?

There is a poll, head over and vote Yeah! He's Great.. I don't usually like polls, I feel they are a way to get people to just visit a blog site, and the site owners don't really care about the results, but this is a music station, and they might be paying more attention, and it's good for others visiting the stations site to see Scotty doing well in a poll.

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Weekends are always slow, Scotty McCreery littlest fans

Slow weekends, babies are too cute

Weekends are usually slow with any news, or updates, so I am posting some of the youngest Scotty fan videos! First up is the CUTEST LITTLE SCOTTY FAN! He's get so upset when Scotty stops singing! Rofl!

Next up is this adorable little girl!! <3

Next this little girl "Loves Scotty"  ROFL!