Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina American Idol Top 8 Results Show, : American Honey

This is lovely, Scotty and Lauren should duet every week.. I just love how their voices go together!  Tonight we said Goodbye to Paul McDonald. 

MasterClass Ladys Scotty Review for Movie Night

You all know I adore and love MasterClass Lady's insightful reviews! Here is this weeks, and SHE HAS SO MANY POSITIVE things to say <3  I love that she always also discusses what needs to be worked on, but in such a positive manner!!

 SCOTT McCREERY: “I Crossed My Heart” from Big Country 
Strengths: Scotty – was it just me or was your posture more aligned this week? Your mike technique was better also. Good for you, buddy.  And, because of this, you looked more confident and professional on stage.
And, for the very first week, I finally got you. The song worked, your voice worked and your phrasing was very musical and sincere because you loved the song choice so much.
Your voice was strong and resonant and pure and you absolutely nailed those upper notes. You approached your upper register cleanly and added just the right amount of head voice to the stronger dynamic passages in this song.
And, big surprise, your mouth was noticeably rounder and your jaw relaxed when you sustained those upper notes.  This is why your posture is so important- it assists your technical skills. If you do not have elevated posture when performing as a vocalist, you cannot take full advantage of the diaphragmatic breath support.  Your rib cage plummets and, therefore, inhibits the full complement of your diaphragmatic breath control.
Therefore, overall, I thought this was a wonderful performance this week with great improvement in your vocal delivery. Now, keep the ball rolling in this direction and all will be well.
Excellent work, Scotty!  Kudos!
Critique: Scotty – you stIll need to refine your posture and make absolutely certain that you continue to align your body vertically, moving it forward toward your audience and never away. Bend those knees but never the upper body. You must always and forever keep your rib cage expanded and elevated.
Also, make sure that you continue working on your mike technique. At least, this week, it wasn’t continually hanging out of the side of your mouth so it was nice to see such a vast improvement in this area. 
And, like Lauren, you need to explore your ability to sing with pure head voice (falsetto) and become comfortable doing so. This would add so much depth and dimension to your singing range and increase the level of nuance throughout your performance.
However, at least you have dropped that “low note” ending. Very good move. Now, I am waiting for a soft upper note ending from you. Can you imagine? What a contrast to the rich depth of your low bass/baritone voice.  The audience would go wild!
Bravo Scotty! Very fine singing indeed!

"Teach Me How to Scotty" twitter Scotty McCreery Amercian Idol 4/14/11

The last few weeks the fans on twitter have come up with hashtag of "TeachMeHowToScotty"  If your not aware of the "Teach Me How To Dougie" craze, well then, google it :D - Ive tried to dougie, I suck at it! lol, but apparently I could learn ToScotty, since when asked by @ScottySwag  he responded with

Scotty McCreery
@ apparently all you gotta do is hold your microphone like a flute and move your eyebrows a little! hahaha.
<--That picture is  how to Scotty apparently, lol

Also when questioned about song choice Scotty enlightened us with this:

Scotty McCreery

@ I didn't like the movie it was from. I loved the song! But since it was movie week I really wasn't feeling it..
The Movie he's referring to is "Midnight Cowboy" The film follows the story of a young Texan named Joe Buck (Jon Voight), who works as a dishwasher in a diner. As the film opens, Joe dresses himself like a rodeo cowboy, packs a suitcase, and quits his job. He heads to New York City in the hope of leading the life of a hustler. The movie goes on with a lot of VERY VERY sexual content, so much so that I can't post it.  I believe he made the right choice if he felt the song would reflect upon a movie that doesn't fit his values.
 Scotty seems to always be thinking about how he'll come across to the fans and I adore him for that. 

American Idol Scotty McCreery Reviews from 4/13/11 Cross My Heart


 I will update this with new reviews that give us something new to read. After scouring the Internet this AM, I'm just not finding anything that's new or exciting so far.  The run down of most reviews this AM goes as follows

Scotty McCreery, sang country, he sang it well.  He'll have pleased his fans (like this is a bad thing) blahblah. 

Something that's getting to me this AM, is the typical "Front Runner, let me down play them theme" going on by typical blogger, or news sites.  It happens every year folks, the one deemed the front runner, becomes the one to pick on.  Moving forward I suggest we all get a thick skin, blogger want hits to their sites, same with news agents.. They get that by putting down, bashing or giving something for the fans to react to.  We have 7 weeks to go, and I only see this getting worse from here on out.  Stay strong, VOTE HARD, and IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE.  One thing Scotty's fans DON'T want to be labeled as is INSANE and Rabid. People always want to knock somebody off their pedestal.  I can't predict the future, but I see it beginning, and I will keep this site A POSITIVE place for Scotty fans to go.  At times I may post a review that is "less than" positive, but if it gives constructive criticism I will post it.