Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scotty McCreery" Go Green" Video


Learn more about "GOING GREEN" as the above link :D

American Idol Top 8 4/13/11 Song List from last years Song Choices


Each theme week the idols are given a list of songs, the list is never that long, and usually the list of CLEARED songs is then chopped down to about 12 songs the idols can pick from. I dug up last years list, so this gives you an idea of what they are faced with. Remember though of the list only 12 (or so) are what they can actually pick from.  What cracks me up is the judges say "Song Choice" "Song Choice"  I'm waiting for a contestant to respond with "Well, give me better songs to choose from, and maybe I'd have a chance." If you look at the list below, it's so flipping lame! I feel bad for them.  The show makes it like the idols have hundreds of choices.. err nooo.. they have limited choices. Anyways, so far we have this to go on for this week.

James- Metal. Rock Mafia makes metal with @JDurbinAI10
Paul- a dancing tune.
Stefano- This song is dedicated to my fans!

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