Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Scotty McCreery still leads the charts. Stats and Numbers

American Idol Scotty McCreery is in the lead.. Well Duh...

Found this great person on twitter who's gone through a lot of work to compile some interesting numbers, with their permission I am posting it. I found it really interesting,  :D  They do a great job at showing who is gaining the most as far as twitter, facebook etc.  Scotty McCreery is in the lead  :) Go Follow them. @idolspeculation <--- go here to see it better

  Thanks again to @idolspeculation for allowing me to use your chart! Great job! You all should follow them on twitter :D

American Idol Making of the Ford Music Video, Scotty McCreery


The Theme For Top 8 American Idol 4/13/11 Is Songs From The Movies

Next weeks American Idol theme top 8  for 4/13/2011 is Songs from the Movies

Kelly Clarkson along with Jason Aldean will sing their hit "I Don’t Wanna Stay" on American Idol Next Thursday.  Rihanna will also be in the idol house for a performance!! Sounds like a great musical guest night!

I love Kelly, I'm excited she'll be on. ( I shall still miss Pia)