Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scotty Safe, PIA TOSCANO out, Me pissed off

Scotty is safe!! *High Fives*   BUTTTTTTTT Ugh, I'm still reeling.  I hate to say this people, but  the judges sugar coating all the performances have left Americana in a state of delusion. I told you I don't trust Idol, but she wasn't sabotaged, or thrown under a bus.  She just got the least amount of votes.  grr And Scotty was so sad at the end.. MAN THIS SUCKS! And Haley looking so happy Pia was going home, wait what???
Would Carrie or Kelly be able to stack up against this season? Would one of them been able to break the Male winning streak.  Either way, I'm annoyed, and irritated.  I didn't vote for her either, so I really only have myself to blame, Apparently so do a lot of others.  I think she'll be signed, but no matter what some TV station or something, someplace will snatch her up.  I think she has a lot more options with what she wants to do going home this early.  I'm still sad though :(

Perhaps wearing this outfit last night would have helped her out.. She looked stunning tonight.. Oh wait it's a vocal competition.. I forgot.. haha.. jk there is a huge twitter debate right now about that..ok anyways.. Anybody else upset??

MTV give Scotty McCreerys perfromance an "Excellent"

Ohh I like MTV therefor you shall your own post! <3 I believe he can win it too!!

Scotty McCreery: He Who Shall Soon Sell Millions of Records promised to transform himself into a rocker for an Elvis Presley cover, but Scotty couldn't ditch his country vibe if he hopped in a Ferrari and floored it. During his honky-tonk take on "That's All Right, Mama," the 17-year-old was loosey-goosey and loving being up on the stage. Oh, and he sounded great, too — like a true country pro. Scotty's starting to believe he might win this thing. He's not wrong.

Scotty McCreery T-Shirts Raise Money

Scotty McCreery T-Shirts Raise Money, Gather Votes

Scotty McCreery T-ShirtKevin Winter, Getty Images / PDK Screen Printing
Fans dressed in Scotty swag are popping up nationwide. A line of T-shirts created by a McCreery family friend is now available for anyone looking to support the ‘American Idol‘ contestant after the voting wraps on Wednesday nights.
Scotty McCreery isn’t involved in selling the T-shirts, but he did tip Paulette Disbrow, owner of PDK Screen Printing in Raleigh, N.C., to a few of his favorite causes. Disbrow tells Taste of Country that she’s not keeping a penny from the Scotty tees. All proceeds will be split between the singer’s high school chorus, high school baseball team  <-- Click to read more

MasterClass Lady's Review of "That's Alright Mamma" and all the American Idols, Scotty McCreery

I'm a huge fan (as a lot of you know by now) of  MasterClass Lady.  Once again, she gives an excellent review along with her critique.

 SCOTT McCREERY: “That’s Alright Mama”
Strengths: Scotty – this was a very neat song choice and a perfect fit  for your distinctive country style of singing.
You had such blast on stage; your youthful energy is contagious and I wish some of the other performers would channel this.  You are not self-conscious in the least and, also, you are very comfortable in your own skin. The latter statement is very unique for someone your age. so kudos to you!
Also, what I have come to appreciate about you is your absolute love for the music. The ease with which you move on stage is wonderful and allows you to fully connect with your very appreciative audience.
I also applaud the fact that you have stayed loyal to your country style. You are a genuine and likeable performer and this alone will carry you very far in the music industry.
Great work, Scotty!
Critique: Scotty – why oh why do you sing out of the side of your mouth and why hasn’t somebody corrected this technical glitch for you.  When you hold the mike sideways , it all just looks a little awkward to me and, even worse,  causes you to adopt a horizontal position with your mouth. 
 As I mentioned last week, circular is the way to go, Scotty.  This round formation on all the pure vowels within your lyrics will naturally expand  the depth,  brilliance and uniformity of your vocal range. 
Additionally, relaxing your jaw and allowing the breathing muscles to direct your vocal projection will expand your phrasing capability, which, for the most part is still quite limited.
Also, that sideways tilt detracts from a visually confident stage presence and impedes the correct application of your technical skills.  I know this will take time to correct, but I just want you to be aware that it is something that does need constant attention. So, hopefully, you are working hard to refine your posture and your alignment when on stage.
However, that being said, at least you eliminated that low note ending that I was ranting about in last week’s performance, so you are learning and growing.
Good work, Scotty!

For the rest of the Idols reviews head on over, and while your there send her some love in the comments!! <3

EW News Weekly behind the scenes American Idol Scotty McCreery

EW NEWS BEHIND THE SCENES  <-- Go here to read more about the other contestants

Viewing Party

Scotty McCreery Viewing Party

Scotty McCreery News and Reviews for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame week

Image credit: Fox
GIRL POWER Hot Scotty brought all the ladies to the stage. Give the security guy responsible for this stunt a raise!

There are some 152 articles this AM with Scotty's name in them.  That great, except I can't read all those! lol I'm dedicated, but I do  have a life.. HAHA!!  So, I will put the most popular or important ones here ie.. EW news, USA today and so on. Those are the ones most of the public will see. But, to sum up a lot of what I've read ..

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