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Scotty McCreery "Can't wait to Go to Raleigh NC, for Tour!" And what he MUST HAVE from home on tour with him

American idol site is being annoying, and I can't post the video.. So head on over and check out the exclusive Scotty video!

Scotty McCreery Reviews Top 9 Week, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

And here they come :D

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol tonight proved Paul McDonald and Pia Toscano are in to win. American Idol tonight April 6, 2011 produced impressive results for Paul McDonald and Pia Toscano while last week’s beloved competitor, Scotty McCreery, again delivered a jaw dropping performance. In fact, making tonight equally more surprising, and entertaining, was the mere absence of any blunders. There wasn’t a single performance tonight that left any competitor in trouble for Thursday night elimination. Hence, as the competition improved tonight, so did the inability of spoilers to predict which Idol contestant is heading home tomorrow.

Scotty McCreery finally got to take on some Elvis for "American Idol" Top 9 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame theme week and it was a very fun performance. The judges loved it, though Randy pointed out that this showed Scotty isn't just a "one-trick pony." We'd argue it was still pretty country, but that's what Scotty does and he does it well, so that's OK.

 Judge Jennifer Lopez asked the teen if he listens to hip-hop at all, because she felt some “flavor” in his Elvis!
“Scotty is in it to win it,” Randy Jackson declares. “If anyone thought you were a one trick pony and that all you can do is the country thing? This was a new Scotty. We’ve never seen this side!” Steven Tyler notes that he thought McCreery was “all hat, no cattle” but that he could take a 57-year-old hit, give it a twist, and have the teenage girls screaming.
McCreery approached the judge’s table, engaged the crowd, all the while dressed in jeans and a denim shirt like a true country boy. It was his most impressive performance in a series of impressive performances.
A bunch of girls even bumrushed the stage to get a piece of the singer, who clearly has that somethin’ somethin’, just like Presley himself.

He's got that home boy rockin country flav, Scotty McCreery American Idol top 9 ELVIS Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ahhhhhhhhh this was good! It's allrighhhttttt maammaaaaaaaaaa anyway you dooo... badadeee dooo daaa HAHAHAHA... IDK this had me cracking up, but in a good way..Loved the vocals, loved the Homeboy Country Flav! LOLOLOZZ loved it .....


As of right now, no song spoilers are up, but we'll keep this updated as spoilers come in.  As usual they are hidden for those that don't want to see them.

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

EW News Exclusive Video, American Idols, Scotty McCreery

'American Idol': The contestants spill the beans at our photo shoot -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

What did Scotty sound like before puberty?   Did they really just ask him this? lol Do they think he was born with a bariton voice.. Is Scotty un human?

No embedding the video so go here to check it out :),,20312226,00.html    Click Idols top 11 tell all... Even though they didn't tell all :/  nice title grabber though.

My personal rant about TMZ, lol


This annoys me, lol.. In my search this AM to find anything Scotty related I came across this. The Idols went and Visited TMZ to learn proper Paparazzi etiquette..WHAT THE..TMZ and the word etiquette don't belong in the same sentence.  Learning etiquette from TMZ is like learning restraint from Charlie Sheen.  I'm annoyed.  Personally, I can't stand TMZ.  TMZ is the first news source to LEAK anything about American Idol. They're also the first news source to post any "RUMORS" about American Idol, many which in the past, have had a devastating blow to that person's personal life or American Idol dream. WHY IS IT TMZ KNOWS SO MUCH? Hmmm well, it doesn't take rocket science.  American Idol THEMSELVES leak things to TMZ.  What exactly does that mean?  American Idol leaks things they want the public to know about directly to TMZ. SHOCKINGGG?? :/  Nope.  Annoying? Yup.   What annoys me most is after an idol is voted off they begin their journey around the media.  Who is at LAX airport shoving a wide angle lens up their face? TMZ <-- Soo who better to bring the idols to than TMZ considering TMZ will be the ones hounding their every foot step since American Idol leaks directly to them the idols exact location and flight information.  The idols coulda just come to me for proper etiquette.. I'd have told them mess your hair all up, grab a cigarette and scream YOUR A TROLL AND IM WINNING!! DUH!! into the camera, because apparently that will get you lots and lots of press, and any press is good press right?? 

I don't advise you to go to TMZ and  read more, but do so if you want. This link is to the examiner, No way im linking to TMZ, they don't deserve the hits :/

This picture is of the American Idols along with TMZ #$%@ head Harvey Levin. I refuse to put his face on my site bad enough I allowed his name here..

Information about Purchasing a Scotty McCreery Bracelet.

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Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Song Spoilers for 4/6/2011 American Idol

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Song Spoilers for 4/6/2011 American Idol

I will reserve this spot for song spoilers. I love Wednesdays.  As usual they'll be hidden for those that don't want to see.
8 AM - No spoilers as of yet