Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Tonight I just felt proud! As I watched Scotty on stage tonight sing with such heart and joy, I felt what we could all see in his momma's eyes. PRIDE... Tonight for me Scotty didn't just make me love country music, he made me proud to be his fan. Tonight for me Scotty grew up on that stage into a performer, a man, a Star.  I don't know what will happen with American Idol, but I know this. I will be there when the first single drops to buy it. I will buy the album, I will support him, and be here.  It's truly an honor to be his fan!

                                                             Proud Grandma and Mom <3

Country Comfort

Goodbye to JLo??


Jennifer Lopez called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today to reveal a Season 11 shocker. As in, she might not be coming back for next season of American Idol! OMG, say it ain’t so!

Scotty McCreery In 60 Seconds, American Idols in 60 Seconds Biggest pet peves and more!

Don't forget to tell Scotty Thank You!! Soo Thank You Scotty for Trying out for Idol this year, Thank you for making me LOVE country music again, Thank you for singing, Thank You Thank You Thank You <3

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Song Spoilers!!!! American Idol, Elton John Week 3/30/11


 As usual, I'm inserting a page break to hide spoilers from readers who don't want to know  :)  I love Wednesdays <3  That is, if we get them.  Let's hope!!