Tuesday, March 29, 2011

USA Today, OH I like this! Scotty McCreery, American Idols , great review!

This review is full of win !! "With a sly wit behind the aw-shucks charm."  McSly  <3

Scotty McCreery: The deep one
It's easy to underestimate Scotty. His rumble of a voice and strict country orientation seem more like the marks of a one-trick pony than a dark-horse winner. But his Nashville covers are accomplished and mature well beyond his years, and you could say the same thing about his general demeanor — he's the best in interviews, with a sly wit behind the aw-shucks charm. And the inspired way he countrified Stevie Wonder last week breeds confidence he can easily do the same with Elton John tonight.

Scotty McCreery: Beware the man in black

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Scotty McCreery Viewing Party Information, Garner N.C.

Two “American Idol” viewing parties will take place this week for Garner’s Scotty McCreery.
McCreery is one of the top 11 contestants left in the singing competition.
The two parties will take place Thursday at the Garner Historic Auditorium at 742 W. Garner Road and at the Avery Street Recreation Center at 125 Avery Street. 
Doors open at 7 p.m.

Scotty McCreery
Credit: American Idol

Simon Fuller to personally manage American Idol Winners and The Runner Ups career

The last Idol Simon Fuller took a hands on approach with was Adam Lambert.  Having Simon manage the careers of Both the winner and runner up is a huge advantage in the music industry! He previously has guided the careers of such former Idols as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, David Cook and Chris Daughtry, but stepped back ,and has only taken on Adam Lambert in the last few years.  As you can see, he has far more success with the artists he guides than other management has. 

Simon Fuller Partners with 19 Entertainment to Guide the Career of the Winner of This Year’s ‘American Idol’
Mar. 29, 2011 (Business Wire) — Simon Fuller in partnership with 19 Entertainment and CKX, Inc., will be managing this year’s winner of “American Idol”.
Simon Fuller - American Idol Creator/Executive Producer and Founder/CEO of XIX Entertainment (Photo: ...
Simon Fuller – American Idol Creator/Executive Producer and Founder/CEO of XIX Entertainment (Photo: Business Wire)
“American Idol” is currently the No.1 show in America. It was created and is executive produced by Simon Fuller.
This new arrangement will be the first time that Simon Fuller has personally managed an act from the show since he launched Adam Lambert’s career in 2009. Over the last eight years, Simon Fuller has guided the multi-platinum careers of a select handful of award-winning Idol singers, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, David Cook and Chris Daughtry.
Currently in its tenth season, “American Idol” remains a ratings smash and a critical hit. Working closely with 19 Entertainment and

Who is the front runner Popwatch - EW News, Scotty McCreery, American Idol

There is a poll on the POPWATCH site, please follow the link and go and vote for Scotty

    Mar 26 2011 12:01 AM ET

    'American Idol': Who exactly IS the frontrunner?

    Image Credit: Michael Becker/Fox(4); Frank Micelotta/Fox/Pictur
    The most exciting development to come out of this week’s American Idol? No, not Naima’s pants. Or Casey’s save. Or even Paul’s sensual back massage for Ryan. Nope — it’s that for the first time in Idol history, it’s clear there is no obvious frontrunner. Think about it: Back in season 1, before she was unceremoniously booted far too soon, Tamyra Gray appeared unstoppable. In season 2, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard jockeyed for frontrunner status throughout the entire season. In season 3, Fantasia rode her audition-day success all the way to the finish. Same with Carrie Underwood in season 4. In season 5, Daughtry rocked Idol voters’ hearts before having to settle for finishing fourth. In season 6, Melinda Doolittle appeared to have the win in the bag before Jordin Sparks found momentum with “I (Who Have Nothing)” on British Invasion night. Season 7 was all about the battle of the Davids.

    Read More http://popwatch.ew.com/2011/03/26/american-idol-who-is-the-frontrunner/

    Radio Requesting Do's and Don't

    This is a VERY important topic, and one I will (I'M SURE) need to whip out again at a later date. 

    Welcoming A New Blogger

    I am so happy to welcome Miranda or @McCreeryfans on twitter as our NEWEST BLOGGER!! She is super sweet and is going to be helping me keep you guys updated on all the latest Scotty news!! So Welcome to FANS OF SCOTTY!!!!!!