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Celebrity Fight Night My Fox Phoenix Intervie, American Idols, Scotty McCreery, Top 11 Contestants

Edit: There is NOT enough Scotty in this. :/

Rick, Andrea Meet Top 11 'American Idol' Finalists:

Next week CONFIRMED theme for American Idol,

Elton John, this is whats rumored  HAS NOW BEEN CONFIRMED to be next weeks theme.  It will be up soon enough. Also, later on I will have that interview video with The American Idols from Celebrity Fight Night :D

I have a friend who is a huge David fan, In order to keep myself in her good graces, AND because it's amazing.  I'm posting this :D

David Archuleta "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"  I picked this one out of the 2million uploads of it!! WOW! because it's HD :D return to HOME page


Nigel tweeted this about 10 minutes ago:
\Alert: Shocking #AmericanIdol news tonight!!!

Soo who goes?? ...

Dial idol has them listed in this order top to bottom

1 Scotty     
2 James
3 Jacob
4 Pia
5 Setfano
6 Hailey
7 Naima
8 Thia
9 Paul
10 Lauren
11 Casey

Dial idol only has the top 5 placed in the safe zone. Dial Idol has been known to be way off.  Idk if Idol can use their save tonight because it determines the tour. When they use the save, the following week 2 go home, so then the tour would be 9?? Idk how this will play out.  I think if it's Casey they'll use the save.  I'm just not sure how it will all pan out.. yikes!!!!!

American Idol mansion haunted? Idols pack up and move out..... ummm okie dokie

The supernatural drama began after contestants complained about bizarre flickering lights inside the house … followed by a spooky spider infestation.
But the paranormal activity that sent the contestants over the edge happened last week — when several wannabes claim they watched a bed sheet suddenly take on a life of its own and FLOAT down an empty hallway!!!

Idk what to say to this! ROFL!! I think stalkers were running around under those bed sheets, maybe it was Simon Cowell trying to figure out how to sabotage the Idols, maybe it was the dude who told Scotty he couldn't be in his group during Hollywood week trying to sneak back in to apologize for being such an A$$  ...either way, WHAT THE!!


'American Idol' behind the scenes: 'Idol' coaches talk the Top 11 -- EXCLUSIVE

SCOTTY McCREERY — “For Once in My Life” (Stevie Wonder)
MO: Listen, I sit in a room with all 11 of them when they go through all their songs, I’m sitting there playing piano. So I get to hear what they all go through with their song picking, which is awesome. Scotty, I thought, was going to have the hardest week of everybody. But he didn’t. I love how, now, they want the contestants to be who they are as artists every week, so just incorporate whatever style is into whatever theme we’re doing. For him to take that song and turn it into that Harry Nilsson feel, it made it so great for him.
He totally took that second verse and changed the melody himself. It was his idea to do it, to hold that high note at the end. He showed some high notes last week, but he showed some even higher notes this week. He’s already developing his own style, the way he hold the microphone. He has learned how to work the crowd and the camera. That’s like way beyond his years. When he said he wanted to do this, I was like, “What are you going to do? That Stevie Wonder version?” He was like, “No, I want to slow it down.” It just worked for him. I love that he changed the melody up. I loved that little wink at the end.

MTV Jim Cantiello review , Scotty McCreery, American Idol

Because I love Jim over at MTV you shall have your own own post  This review is full of win, and had me at Goat... Yes Goat :D

By: Jim Cantiello in Music

Scotty McCreery
Song: Stevie Wonder's "For Once In My Life"
Verdict: Pimped Ain't Easy
During the night's next Coke "Real" Moment, Ryan Seacrest shared incredible footage of Scotty hurling a basketball from an "Idol" mansion bedroom balcony into a hoop across the driveway. It's like "Idol" was saying, "Even if Scotty's new jack country swing isn't your cup of tea, and even if you don't enjoy his newly-adopted aggressive hand choreography, he's still the most perfect human specimen who has ever walked the Earth, so you better vote for him or else." McCreery pushed his vocals further than we've heard thus far, but was still smart enough to end on his deep-toned money maker (or "lady killer note," as Randy called it). Let's all close our eyes (except you, Stefano) and imagine Scotty singing a low F# causing hundreds of tween girls to fall to the ground like a herd of fainting goats.