Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery Reviews, Motown Week, Top 11, American Idol

There are a lot of reviews coming in, so I've inserted a page break, click to read the reviews. I wil keep them all on this page, and update it regularly.  Keeping the newest reviews at the top.

Scotty McCreery Motown, For Once In My Life

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Possible Song spoilers For Scotty McCreery, American Idols


This is all the info I have for tonight

He's putting a "Scotty twist" on his song and he's "kinda pumped" about it.  That's all I know  :D 

Hmmmmm.... this is basically NOTHING lololol.... But I'm glad he's pumped, and I can't wait to see the Scotty Twist.... hmmmmmm I wonder if it's anything like the Scotty Sprinkler, or as most saw on twitter the other night... #TeachmetoScotty   :)  If anything else comes up I'll post it here, but I'm not counting on it. 

This came from AI forums <3

Will we be able to meet Scotty on the American Idols tour this summer?


Tonight is Motown night, and also decides which 10 Idols make the American Idol 2011 Summer Tour.  A little information about the summer tour.  Every year the American Idols head off on a whirl wind tour. Performing somewhere between 30-50 times across America.  The fun of it for the fans, and the idols (aside from the obvious of hearing them perform live) is also THEY COME OUT BEFORE EACH SHOW AND MEET FANS.  Fans generally get to  the venues early in the afternoon and begin the frantic "Bus Search".  The Idol buses usually roll in around 3-4pm, at which time the Idols head inside for a few minutes, and then return outside to sign autographs, accept gifts, talk with fans etc. If your not familiar with this process here is a quick video from past idol tours, and a fan favorite moment from Season 7 Idol Tour

And one more Cause season 7 kinda ruled :D

Don't you want to meet Scotty?!!?!?! Get a hug from him???? Give him a gift???? Even if it's just a letter???? THEN TONIGHT VOTE!! Don't you want to see him appear on that huge stage in front of thousands of people??? Do you want endless tour videos, and interaction of him at the buses video???? Don't you want his autograph???  Let's make sure he makes it into the top 10!!  :D 

Also, after each show the idols come out again to sign autographs, this is usually A LOT more crazy, and they usually just run down the line signing their initials. 

I have a family function tonight, so please throw in some  extra votes because I don't know what time I will be back.

**I kinda liked season 7 A LOT !**