Monday, March 21, 2011

Well hello there Chunky Monkey

Order Scotty T-shirts and proceeds will help non-profit groups.

Please visit to read more, and see how to order :)

Proceeds from shirt sales are being donated to non-profit groups in which Scotty is involved, such as the Garner High School Trojan Baseball Team, Garner High School Choral Boosters, and the First Baptist of Garner youth group.


VIDEO: American Idols on the Red Carpet Celebrity Fight Night, Scotty McCreery

We've miss you Mr. Twitter Tweedeleet tweet tweet

Scotty answered some fans last night.. Now we know what his guitar is named :)~ Fans Questions in Red, Scotty answers in  Blue

southern life. =)
@ I thought it was really cool that you and I have the same favorite Bible verse. =)
@ I love it. thats great!    
Dwen-Hein Heiberg
@ - you're the man!! We suppporting you all the way from South Africa! - keep up the good work!
@ wow! thank you so much, I appreciate it!       <-- Sent
Dwen-Hein Heiberg
Nicole Fischer
@, thought you didn't know how to play?
@ nahh, I can play. remember when I played my other guitar when I sang long black train?
Nicole Fischer
@ OH YEAH! Wow that just made you 20 times hotter! ;)
 @ ur new guitar is really nice
Scotty McCreery
@ thank ya. I named her scarlet. you like the name?
Scotty McCreery
Gibson just came to the house and gave us all brand new guitars! here's mine!   <--- Click to meet Scarlet

Celebrity Fight Night, Scotty McCreery American Idol sing "Man In The Mirror" FINALLY!! It took long enough!!!!

Like some sort of drug addict I have gone to youtube over and over hoping for a snippet, a taste, a something, ANYTHING!! Tell me what they sang at Celebrity Fight Night , show me something ANYTHING!!!!! I've received emails, DM's, tweets asking ... FINALLY And low and behold,  we have it ...this is when you imagine clouds parting ways and Angels singing "Ahhhhhhhh"  BEHOLD

Warning about "The Capt'n"

The Captain may or may not be back to post! lol - Their humor may not be appreciated by everybody! lol, but most likely will make occasional posts as there are times they can't contain them self. :)  If that type of humor is not for you please skip their post.  So far it's the one and only post by "The Captain"

So, you want Scotty to tweet you? The Capt'n has some advice!

This is your Captain Speaking!

1. Tell him your Travis Tritt

2. Tell him you trained your dog to turn the lights off whenever he hears "Baby turn them lights down low"

3. Ask him if you can have his CowBoy hat.

4. Tweet him the lyrics to "I hope you dance."

5. Tell him you've been wondering about his "Nuts"

6. Tell him you dyed you hair blue in honor of "The Blue Crew"

I'm sure I will think of more later. Now if this doesn't work, then just assume you're to Creepy for him to respond to.!

p.s. The Captain merely suggests these things, but in no way endorses, or thinks you should actually follow through with this. Now I will be back at a later time, if I there isn't a mutiny, and I'm not forced to walk to the plank. This is an ornery crew!

The Capt'n