Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Guitar, Scotty Tweets, Gibson Guitar

Dat is fancy! It has a bird on it :D  Tweet tweet...
Scotty McCreery
Gibson just came to the house and gave us all brand new guitars! here's mine!
Scotty McCreery
Big dinner tonight. served up by Stefano's mother.
I bet she is a great cook!! :D Enjoy!!

LA News, Another good Scotty Review

He's winning people over left and right!!! <3

Scott McCreery: Clouding my thoughts about Scotty is the fact that my very own 7-year-old son dressed as Elvis Presley this Halloween, practiced curling his lip and said to those who gave him candy while he was trick-or-treating, "Thank you, thank you very much" -– just like Scotty. Couple that with the endearing fact that Scotty's parents gamely sang his  "Baby lock them doors …" refrain, and add in Scotty's range-expanding performance of Travis Tritt's "Can I Trust You With My Heart" (1993), in which he hit (and held) notes we haven't heard him hit before, and I'm resold on this country boy.

Portion of this weeks idol songs proceeds donated to Japan

I missed this.....

 This week's American Idol saw the Top 12 contestants attempting tracks that were released in the year they were born. Full studio performances are now available as single downloads or on a compilation album on iTunes, with proceeds going towards the American Red Cross's ongoing aid work in Japan.

American Idol said that a portion of the profits from all Idol downloads on iTunes would be donated to Japan, while Katy Perry is giving over all the proceeds from the sale of glow sticks at her upcoming concerts

Video from Celebrity Fight night

FF to 1:10 to see the American Idols :)

Celebrity Fight Night in the Valley:

Celebrity Fight Night, Eagle Video, Scotty McCreery

Must have been amazing hearing God Bless the USA, and seeing this Eagle fly over head!! <3

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