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Review, and a poll - please go give Scotty an A :D

:D myfox8 on Scotty's performance

Scotty McCreery sang "Can I Trust You With My Heart" by Travis Tritt, leading to another round of praise from the judges,0,3571064.story?track=rss

Pop Watch post about the Idols

While the Wednesday night performances account for a huge fraction of the music downloaded Thursday morning, "American Idol" has always prevented contestant songs from factoring into iTunes' Top Singles Charts in an attempt to maintain an air of equality -- for example, the Season 10 Compilation CD is currently 26 on their Album Charts, yet none of the individual tracks appear on the solo list.
But the introduction of personal Twitter accounts for the contestants this season has revealed exactly how popular each one actually is, since their individual tallies seem pretty indicative of how they're doing thus far in this competition.
For example, front-runner Casey Abrams also has the most Twitter followers (30,126 as of 8:30am this morning) while Naima Adedapo has the fewest (9,830) meaning she's got to seriously bring the thunder tonight to stick around -- and no, I am not referring to the faux lightning her Umbrell-ugh performance served up last week.
For the record, eliminated Ashthon Jones only has 6,686 followers, which lends credence to this theory.
Take a gander at how all the "Idol"ettes break down in terms of Twitter followers and click on their names to add them to your collection like the adorable Pound Puppies they are!
Casey Abrams - 30, 126 (make that 30, 127 since I just added him)
Scotty McCreery - 29,120
Paul McDonald - 24,814
Lauren Alaina - 21, 190
Thia Megia - 20,949
Pia Toscano - 19,880
James Durbin - 19,218
Stefano Langone - 17,297
Jacob Lusk - 11,528
Karen Rodriguez - 10,807
Haley Reinhart - 10,588
Naima Adedapo - 9,830

Song spoilers for Casey and Thia, Possible Scotty Spoiler but...

DO NOT QUOTE ME, IT'S JUST SOMETHING I SAW ON TWITTER I've hidden song spoilers for those that don't want to look

ROFL! Scotty McCreery's most tweeted words

ROFL! I'm shocked lucky charms is more popular than Capt Crunch! but we all had to know "Brother" would be in there, yet I find this lacking some more familiar words, but Twitter says it's what he says most, sooo it must be! :D

Scotty Watch Garner :D

Garner loves Scotty, and they should!! I love the song suggestions here.  Crying by Areosmith would be amazingI agree YO!

Who has what it takes to win it all on 'Idol'?


 It's a positive and negative read. I'll paste the positive, read the article if you want the negative. For me, I choose to pretend the 2nd half of Scotty's section DIDN'T EXISTS! :P

**From the article** Baby, lock them doors and dim the lights: Scotty McCreery has become a contender. Who cares that he couldn’t find a group to audition with for a long time in Hollywood, or that he sounds like a 40-year-old singing in a kid’s body? He’s more than a gimmick — he’s one of the best male country voices this competition has ever seen.
Hailey's opinion (cause everybody's got one right :D )--->
I do know what is written in the article about Country and Idol is a reality. I also know that MORE MALE contestants have had  success after going home than those that have won. (Daughtry, Archie, Lambert) Cook saw a lot of success post idol, but his 2nd album will be telling. So, here's my feeling, should Scotty win  I will be thrilled, but should he go home, I will remain positive, supportive, and hopeful.  Winning idol creates a severely high expectation for the artist, and IF their first album is only moderately received, as many first time artist are, the artist is criticized beyond belief.   There is no way Scotty  will not get signed, and have a shot at country music, and I will be here supporting him no matter what! Win or not, I am in for the long haul!

Read full article, click link

I am psychic

Or, Scotty is predictable. I prefer that I have psychic abilities <3    Yesterday I blogged this, I will highlight my psychic abilities

American Idol 10: Odds and Predictions

I'm not a betting women, but I love what they say about Scotty.  I know that these sites are a good indicator of whats going on.  So are THE FANS, and Scotty has a lot!  If I had to make a bet though, I'd say Scotty will tweet something tonight about his buddies being there.  There is a 50/50 chance of mentioning Sweet tea, Capt Crunch, or food in some way!  A good bet too, is that he might say "Brother" or "I appreciate that"  :D

Click for the odds and predictions according to.. IDK ROFLMAO! Somebody who apparently makes money off people betting on idol! haha!

SMcCreeryAI10 profile
SMcCreeryAI10Eating with my brothers from Garner. I've missed them. 8 hours ago · reply

Who knew that in a 9 word tweet he'd  manage to mention, his buddies, food, and the word brother! haha!

Scotty is out and about with the boys in blue

Scotty's friends were tweeting pictures of themselves out with Scotty. Ummm Scotty your totally LA chic there! ROFL! <3 He's smart, he knows fans, or stalker media might be out there  He's got to rock it... OR, he just left a photo shoot. Maybe he was trying on clothes for tomorrow nights show, and the store was robbed, so they all ran outside and snapped this pic LOL!! Idk either way it's full of win!

I guess after the store was robbed, and they snapped their pic  Scotty's friends found him some clothes that he didn't stand out like a sore thumb in LA, and they took off!! LOLOL Idk what this is or where, again his friends were sharing on twitter, it was re tweeted so many times, idk who to credit this too, soo whoever you are!! Hey Thanks!