Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top 13: Scotty McCreery Interview, and who he compare himself to!

Top 13: Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery recalls what it was like to be the first contestant to make the finals. Watch this clip to see which two former Idol finalists Scotty compares himself to.


Adorbs fan vid!

She changes up the words, read along!! Kudos to you!! **clap clap** 

Scotty Fox pic! lol's

This is funny! I especially like how FOX is in the right bottom corner! lol I find this funny, but I don't find him foxy! I like him in a little brother type of way! lol  <3

Scotty McCreery Chat

On the right side of the page you will see a link for a Chat room, Idk if I will keep it, but it's there for now.  If your interested, you can tweet the link when your in the chat room, for your friends to come chat.  I'm not a big fan of chat rooms! lol  So, chances are I wont be in there. But, you can always tweet me, and if I'm around I'l pop in!  Chat rooms are creepy to me! LMAO! 

American Idol 10: Odds and Predictions

I'm not a betting women, but I love what they say about Scotty.  I know that these sites are a good indicator of whats going on.  So are THE FANS, and Scotty has a lot!  If I had to make a bet though, I'd say Scotty will tweet something tonight about his buddies being there.  There is a 50/50 chance of mentioning Sweet tea, Capt Crunch, or food in some way!  A good bet too, is that he might say "Brother", or "I appreciate that"  :D

Click for the odds and predictions according to.. IDK ROFLMAO! Somebody who apparently makes money off people betting on idol! haha!


He's Single! I think we knew, but Taste of Country also wanted you to know!

Given that he is an ‘Idol’ favorite, McCreery remains as grounded as ever, saying, “I just feel like the same old Scotty. I am loving America’s support.” Success isn’t going to his head, as he is pulling double duty and tackling up to five and six hours of schoolwork a day amidst the heat of the competition, saying that his focus in on English and science.

http://tasteofcountry.com/american-idol-scotty-mccreery-is-single/    Read more here!

12 Scotty pictures

http://www.kenhallphotography.com/Portraits/Scotty/10198314_VAiTh#702539435_zeGFA   Due to copywrite I cannot post the pictures here, but head on over to Kenhallphotography!