Sunday, March 13, 2011

Exciting Fan Contest information for Scotty McCreery fans coming tomorrow!!


Here's a little information about tomorrows announcement!

It will be fun, and help promote Scotty! If you win you'll be able to customize your own bracelet to anything you want, as long as it includes Scotty in some way!  You'll be able to be creative, and get friends, and family involved!  But there are some rules.

1.  You must live within the US
2.  You must get your parents permission
3.  You can be any age, as long as you have your parents permission to participate.
4. You'll need a Twitter account to participate.
5. You'll be able to send your entry via email, or twitter.
We will not ask any personal information from you, other than your email address, since you will have to email us to participate, but you'll have the option to enter via twitter.  And, if you win, you can order your bracelet directly from the vendor, and it will be prepaid for.
4. The 4wks of itunes singles can be any song, but we hope it's Scottys!! You will get one song per week, for 4 weeks. To win this you WILL need a valid Email address to receive your single.
Your safety and privacy is a top priority to me, so please do not send me any personal information.

I hope that everybody has fun with it!! :)

Any questions you can email me at

Scotty McCreery Fan Contest to be announced Monday.

The winners of this will receive 4wks of Scotty's itunes songs! Along with a Scotty McCreery Camo bracelet that you will be able to decide what you want to inscribed on it!!! More to come :)