Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aww FF to 1:29 Scotty's sister learns scotty will move onto top 24, or watch the whole thing! lol "Scotty is good peoples" I agree with you YO!

Twitter party!! :D Glad you got some rest scotty!!

HAHA Fangirl in action, In a non creepy way of course!

OMG ROFL!! I love her, I adore him (in a non creepy way)

Riley sings, lol

Ideky this made me laugh

MasterClass Lady Reviews

I love MasterClass Lady, and how she explains their vocal strengths and weaknesses. Here is this weeks review of Scotty, and I highly recommend you check out her blog!! She has been reviewing Idol contestants for years now.

Under her supervision and guidance, Rosanne Simunovic has witnessed over 40 singers achieve membership in the Ontario Youth Choir between 1978 and 2001; in addition, three have gone on to attain placement in the National Youth Choir. In addition, many of Rosanne Simunovic’s private students have gone on to establish exciting artistic careers in music performance or music education, winning additional provincial and national recognition in solo and choral achievement.

This week she says about Scotty:

 SCOTT McCREERY: “The River ” by Garth Brooks 
Strengths: Scotty – great song. Perfect song! Years ago, I actually performed this song with my choir and a local country artist. It has a wonderful message and a soaring melody. You told the story so well and you phrased your musical line better than in previous performances. Good work, Scotty 
Critique: Scotty – you need to stage an emergency meeting with your vocal coach and figure out how to breathe properly. I still find your phrasing so fragmented and you barely take risks with your melodic line. You also need to incorporate more nuance within your song performances. This week was no exception. Everything was sung at the same level and intensity. 
Additionally, you were straining for those upper notes at the end of some of your phrases, another indication why you need to strengthen and solidify your voice through the correct technical process. I really could go on and on here, but will do so in future Vocal Masteclass articles. Let’s see what next week brings!