Friday, March 11, 2011

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Taste of Country loves them some Scotty :)  Read the reasons they think Scotty win take it all!


Lowes is tweeting Scotty's t-shirts sales are going to his Church and High School!!. <-- Click here to find out more!

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For those young enough :D

This excludes me folks, I am just here for the voice!  Which at times can make me stupid, but I am toooo old for him, haha!!

McCreery, who currently works at Lowes Food on Aversboro Road, said he often gets asked for his autograph when he’s out and about.
He also answered a question on the minds of many young ladies.
“I am single. I do not have a girlfriend,” McCreery said.
After the interview, anchor Debra Morgan said McCreery felt bad that he had identified himself as being from Raleigh during his first Hollywood performance. “‘I’m a Garner boy through and through,’” Morgan recalled McCreery saying.

Source  <-- click link for source and shout out to for finding this!! :D  They are also doing a card for Scotty so head over  and sign the card  :)     


Scotty wears I am Second Braclets, If you're interested in learning more about this or getting involved head on over to their website at to learn more, or to purchase a braclet. :)

Scotty McCreery interview

Scotty answers some important questions!