Thursday, March 10, 2011


I kept seeing referrals from associated content, and LOOKIE they mentioned us! So, thank you AssociatedContent!! <3  Here have a picture, Click link below for their article about Scotty, and why they think he will win American Idol ♥ blog got mentioned in associatedcontent

Buzzzzz Media "For Sure"

Zeibiz has a poll WHO WILL WIN AMERICAN IDOL? Click this and go and vote  

I'll keep updating as more articles become available, Lets start off with BILLBOARD!! I love them reviewing him!! And he got first bill on their review! ♥

Taste Of Country!! ♥♥     
Most importantly, though, was how McCreery engaged the audience with this performance. Read more click the link

Zap2It ♥ If the other Idols aren't careful, Scotty McCreery is going to ride his country train right to the "American Idol" finale without changing a thing. He is likable, he is charming, he's kinda cute and the country music is going to play very well with the "Idol" audience