Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scotty with a little boy in DR and tweets

EDIT BY HAILEY:  Scotty tweeted this picture! So sweet. I'm not 100% sure what Scotty means when he said on twitter that he'll tell us all about it tonight. Perhaps he's planning a little twitter party? Or just going to update us tonight some other way.. MAYBE A VLOG? I would love that! Either way, we'll just have to wait and see.  See his tweets below the picture.


Scotty McCreery

Here's a pic of me and a little boy I gave a shoebox present too today!

Scotty McCreery
Found some wifi at lunch.. Haha. Such an incredible time already today! Gave out boxes n had the chance to donate a guitar to the church!
Scotty McCreery
Time for another great day w/ some cool kids here in the DR! I'll tell you abou it tonight!


  1. There is a group picture on of the people who went to DR. They are doing an incredible job and I am sure these kids are extremely happy.

  2. How anyone could not love this Scotty just to know there is a young out there that is such a role model as Scotty he is so down to earth I know I am proud to be able to follow this unreal young man. Thanks to you Donna and your staff to keep FAN of Scotty up to date. I sure hope that Scotty and Family know about this site. IT IS THE BEST WEB SITE TO GO TO KEEP UP WITH SCOTTY McCREERY

  3. @1:46 We're aware of the photo, but since there is a chance it wasn't publically released we don't feel comfortable (at this time) putting it up on the site. If we find out that it's ok for public release we will post it <3

    Back in March when I started this site I had posted about our views of private pictures being posted here. Tarah, Donna and I all agree that Scotty's family and their lives have been forever changed, and their privacy somewhat taken from them. This is part of the price of fame, and we choose to always respect their privacy. I hope you understand as a fan site, and not only Scotty supporters, but supporters to his family we will refrain from posting certain pictures until we're sure it's ok.

  4. I can understand that the McCreery family deserve their privacy. It must be very difficult at times for them. I know Scotty is having the time of his life, as is his family. I love Scotty like he was my own grandson. Thanks for this great Fan Site!

    Grandmom Vera

  5. @1:46
    We did get permission yesterday to post the group picture on the site. It has been included with the other pictures I posted last night. Thank you all for understanding our views on publishing things on this site. :)

  6. Thank you beyond words, Scotty and family for sharing your "Mission-Vacation" with all of us!!! You have added many more stars to your Heavenly crowns!!!...And many more friends to the millions who already love you!!!

    And thank you Donna and girls for posting these wonderful pix!!!...A Most Blessed New year to all!!!

    Gramma S.


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