Friday, December 30, 2011

Scotty , Mike & Ashley's view today

MikeMGarnerMy view right now...and yes it is going to be 80+ today
Ashley McCreery
My view for the day:)
Scotty McCreery


  1. Scotty was right, when he said,"Paradise!" I can only imagine, the memories that will be stored in the hearts of McCreery's family, and friends. God Bless You All! I pray for traveling
    mercies, as you leave for home tomorrow.

    Grandmom Vera

  2. Now picture This

    Our House
    Scotty playing in every Room
    Me: Looking at Best FAN SITE IN THE WORLD,this one
    Me: Clicking over to BILLBOARD 200
    SCOTTY CLEAR AS DAY IS No. 2!!!!!!!!!!
    TEARS TEARS TEARS of Thankfulness and Happiness


  4. Pictures are really beautiful, but the most important thing is all the work that has been put into this project to help those less fortunate. I am so proud of Scotty and his family, as well as others for being a part of this. I'm sure they all were blessed. Scotty really proud of you.

  5. Wishing everyone blessings of the new year - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!

  6. I know this is an odd place to put this but to all Scotty fans, if you haven't been there before, I do recommend going to the website. When you're there type in Scotty in the search box...there are a lot of great videos there, including full local coverage of his hometown visit ( almost 2 hrs worth ) plus all kinds of interviews of family and friends...his guitar teacher playing a recording of Scotty singing a song that his teacher wrote for him.....great stuff. WRAL is the local news affiliate. Everybody may have known about this already but I wanted to make sure. Happy New Year, Scotty fans all.

  7. Thank you everyone for sending in news and for this fan site. Hearing about Scotty and his family means so much to me. Am looking forward to the next album which I imagine will not come any time soon---maybe 2013. Can only pray Scotty stays well and is not overcome with so much to do. Another Grandma

  8. 2013!? Oh my goodness...too far away! Hope at least a Christmas album this year. :D

  9. I want Scotty to put out another CD. I do not want people to forget him so please put out another cd soon. I agree you should go to school but keeping you in the mine of your fans will help you go far in the musice business so please don't foreget Scotty


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