Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scotty McCreery

Several people have asked me for the address to send cards to Jenna and how she is doing. So, I thought I'd take the time to post her address again and what I have found out about how she is doing right now. If you are new to this site or just didn't see the previous post that Hailey and I have posted about Jenna, she is a young girl from Scotty's church that is battling cancer. Her mom tweeted yesterday that she is back in the hospital running a fever and they are waiting for the results of some test to come back to find out what is going on.
Some people have also asked me if they could purchase a JennaWarriors shirt, like the one Scotty wore at the QDR Concert for Kids. So, I asked Jenna's mom and she said they are completely sold out at this time but they are planning on placing another order and she would keep me posted. I will let everyone know when they are going to place an order just in case someone is interested in ordering one.

Here is the address for anyone that is interested in sending cards to Jenna and her family.

Mail Cards to:
c/o Jennifer Watkins
P.O.Box 1143
Garner, NC 27529

Below are the links to her FaceBook page and the CaringBridge Page. When you have a moment take time join the Caring Bridge Page and let them know Scotty's fans are praying for them.



  1. Thanks Donna I have been following and it is sad
    I hope all FANs of Scotty send a card please it is so important to let
    her know we all care as does Scotty and his family..

  2. Your welcome Mac - It is very sad, I cry when I see her tweets that Jenna is sick again. I hope Scotty's fans send cards too. I seen some fans asking for her address on twitter this past week. I also posted this on idol forum and people said they have sent cards to her.

    Mac you need to follow me on twitter - dkm0925 :)

  3. Thanks Donna yes I am following you on twitter (FanofScotty) I told all my friends on Cliff Island and Portland ME to send cards this weekend.
    My last twitter to you was about how beautiful it is is on Cliff the gound is cover in snow. I did as Scotty if he would like some in Garner NC
    Thanks Donna for this site


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