Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scotty McCreery Whats he up to this week.

Scotty McCreery, American Idol Winner is heading away from home this holiday week, to share his heart with children of the Dominican Republic. Scotty will pass out shoe boxes to bring smiles to the children's faces. Upon returning from the Dominican Republic, it will be rehearsals for his upcoming tour with Country super star Brad Paisley.

Scotty recently tweeted that he has named his Idol winning truck, Loretta. We will say it's safe to assume the name was chosen from one of his own idols. Ms. Loretta Lynn. Scotty tweeted "Loretta is at the spa, getting washed"

From Twitter
Scotty McCreery

Loretta just took a trip to the spa and now she's all cleaned cleaned up n pretty..

Scotty McCreery

loretta is my truck, for those of yall that don't know.. haha.


Additionaly, Scotty almost missed his flight this morning HAHA.. From Twitter
Scotty McCreery

Just ran from one side of the airport to the other to make this flight..

Phew, Glad you made it Scotty!  I'm really excited about Scotty making this trip! Scotty we all wish you safe travels, and a amazing experience! Hope he tweets us some amazing pictures during the week, but also understand if this is more personal to him, and if he feel it's not something he's going to share with the fans.  Either way, I do hope he throws us a bone.  haha!

EDIT:  Scotty is joined on this trip by good friend Kyle Tobin:

Kyle Tobin
Wheels up to Santo Domingo!
Retweeted by
Will Norris
Prayers to my brothers and as they head to the DR to spread the love of our savior.


  1. We may not get. To much from DR as the. Internet is very poor or in some places none at all hope this works first. My new. IPad

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  3. Whoopee! MAC has an IPad! Hope it works in the DR! I'm feeling a bit anxious about our Scotty going away and I pray he comes back to us safely. That he is with his church group, friends and family is assuring. But still....can't help it.

  4. Godspeed to Scotty, family & friends.

    Your fans love ya, Scotty, and we'll be here waiting for your safe return,

  5. PRAYING right this moment that you have a safe trip, a successful mission and a that you and everyone in your group and people with you on board and your plane come back to US soil safely. We LYTB.

    Carrollton, TX


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