Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scotty McCreery "The Trouble With Girls" Is 28 on the Country Charts.

Scotty's TTWG Reached a new milestone this week, making it to #28 on the BB top Country songs. Two songs moved down the chart allowing TTWG to pass them up.

With the holidays approaching Scotty's appearances are now down to a minimum, and I'm not aware of any radio promotion's taking place. Unless he does some call in interviews. I suspect after the holidays for single number 3 to be announced. TTWG has fared well, and Scotty has done an amazing job moving this song along.

Personally, I'm hoping for an uptempo song next. Either way Scotty is still moving up the country charts, and with tour starting up in January, I hope he really enjoys his time off, he's going to need it in order to keep up with Brad Paisley's antics.


  1. I read somewhere awhile back that he is supposed to go to the Dominican Republic to deliver shoeboxes. And I heard it was supposed to be 2 days after christmas with a fellow member of his church.Haven't heard anything since, so maybe its changed. Have you heard anything about this?

  2. Maybe it's just me...but it doesn't seem that
    TTWG's didn't get near the hype as ILYTB. Thinking
    they could have done a better job promo'n it.

  3. I think Scotty has had a real hectic year, plus school, appearances, performances, etc., and the Paisley tour Jan-Apr 2012 -- he did say that they were just going to let TTWG "breathe" for a while -- I think the song is doing well and moving up the charts -- in the short time this song has been out, the music video already has more hits on YouTube than ILYTB --


    TASTE OF COUNTRY POLL, 6 days ago --

    Cover Performance of the Year Nominees

    Blake Shelton, 28.89%
    Lady Antebellum, 9.25%
    Scotty McCreery, 39.85% ***
    Steel Magnolia, 2.86%
    Taylor Swift, 19.14%

    Best New Artist Nominees

    Brantley Gilbert, 17.14%
    Lauren Alaina, 16.59%
    Pistol Annies, 8.6%
    Scotty McCreery, 46.78% ***
    Thompson Square, 10.89%


    2011 Taste of Country Awards – Vote Now!

  6. The Billboard Poll ends at midnight, Dec. 8!

    Taste of Country ends at 11:59 PM ET, Jan. 1, 2012! VOTE HERE!!!!

  7. The best version of TTWG that I've heard was at the ACAs. The Band seemed to pick up the tempo when Scotty walked out on the platform and I loved it. I think the video for TTWG is way better than the one for ILYTB, but ILYTB is still one of my favorites of his.

  8. TTWG slide video of Scotty and Haley is really good, where at the end he sings YMTLG!

  9. I've always loved TTWG, so I'm glad to see it hanging in there. I've been really impressed with the promotion Scotty's been given to date and Scotty's done a great job running with it. He put out an impressive debut album and his performance skills have improved (although IMO they weren't too shabby before). Now I hope he can really chill & enjoy the holidays with family & friends 'cause he's gonna be a very busy guy again next year.

  10. I really love the music video TTWG -- I love the song, love the video -- it's sweet, charming, innocent, just so clean and smooth! I like ILYTB also, but I think that was done rush rush just before the AI 10 summer tour and I believe that if there was more time, they probably would have filmed that somewhere in Nashville or in real country location -- both songs and videos are great! And, Scotty always sings great LIVE! -- At the ACAs they picked it up but that was really intentional for that event -- Scotty singing this song at the ACAs with the music video in the background was really nice and really showcased Scotty! @1:12 PM -- I saw that fan-posted video also...

  11. I also really love the song, TTWG -- if got more radio airplay I'm sure that would've shot to GOLD! Still happy that it's climbing the charts and I've noticed that people who view the music video on YouTube end up going to iTunes to buy/download the song.

  12. Can someone post a link to that video with haley..somehow I must have missed that one..thanks

  13. @Lexi -- it's just a video of pictures of Scotty & Haley during AI 10 that a Scotty-Haley fan made with TTWG playing and at the end of the video YMTLG plays -- here's the link --

  14. You can reach the slide video of TTWG by accessing "Utube Scotty Mccreery and Haley Reinhart "The Trouble With Girls" video

  15. I haven't heard anything more about his trip for "OCC", if we hear anything we'll make sure to put it right up on the site. Also, we're still trying to find out about Meet & Greets, or VIP's for Scotty during the Brad tour. As soon as we hear anything that will go up on this site :)

  16. Does anyone know if Scotty has kept in touch with Kayley, the Make A Wish girl?


  18. Re 11:32am I just checked YouTube videos and see that ILYTB has 5,609,758 hits, TTWG has 2,671,753 so TTWG still has some catching up to do.

    This was at 4:08pm PST


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