Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scotty McCreery picks up first country music award at ACAs, acknowledges faith

There are many articles out there about Scotty winning New Artist of the Year at the ACAs that somewhat say the same thing. But this one below is one I thought had a lot of good insight on Scotty's win. I think the win says a lot not only about Scotty but about how the fans have received him and how they now appreciate him. As this article points out, it was a great achievement for Scotty along with all of us fans. I definitely don't think it will be too long before the industry starts to take notice of Scotty and awards him with other trophies to accompany the 'dad-gum telecaster'. :)

By Jaelyn Jamik

Reigning American Idol, Scotty McCreery has had a non-stop year of performances, greeting fans and promoting his new album Clear As Day. On December 5, 2011 at the American Country Awards , all Scotty McCreery's hard work finally culminated in one exciting moment, his first-ever country music award for New Artist of the Year.

Except for honorary awards chosen by the producers, The American Country Awards are completely fan-voted. So, for the American Country Award to be Scotty McCreery's first honor is a high compliment indeed. Scotty McCreery edged out a victory over popular artists, The Band Perry and Thompson Square as well as more recent newcomers Jerrod Niemann and Pistol Annies.

Upon the announcement of Scotty McCreery's win for New Artist of the Year, the show segued into Scotty singing his latest release The Trouble With Girls. At the completion of the song, he was presented with the ACA standard, a custom Fender Telecaster guitar, rather than a trophy.

Scotty McCreery gladly accepted the guitar and said, "This is my first award and it's a dad-gum Telecaster! I gotta thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He's the one that got me here." Scotty went on to thank American Idol and his record label associates before addressing the fans with, "I owe it all to you." At the end of his speech, in a sweet gesture, Scotty McCreery gave a shout out to his mom for her birthday.

The American Country Awards were definitely a great night for Scotty McCreery (not to mention a nice birthday present for his mom). It's hard to believe that American Idol will soon usher in its 11th season and crown a new Idol, but it seems that Scotty McCreery has made good use of his time in the Idol spotlight. If fans have anything to say about it, The American Country Awards win is just the beginning for this rising star.


  1. I live in the Midwest and last night the hair salon I visited had on a local country radio station, so I steered the conversation toward country music. We talked about country artists (old & new) and about the award shows. Two 20-something hair stylists had watched both the CMAs & the ACAs. When I casually asked what they thought of Scotty McCreery, they gushed at how cute he is and how they love his voice. Cue a Scotty song on the radio. NOT! Woulda been a perfect time to hear one though.

    It seems there are many country music fans outside the Idol bubble who appreciate Scotty's voice, but unfortunately only hear him on the radio occasionally, if at all. They can't request his songs if they don't hear them. When radio starts to embrace his music, Scotty's star will shine even brighter.

  2. So agree with 6 PM. It's just a matter of time before millions of others discover Scotty's music and his magic.

    Thanks for posting this article. It's spot on!! How proud are we of Scotty!!

  3. I AGREE WITH FORMER POSTINGS. I have tried several
    times to request Scotty's songs here in Western
    Michigan. They say they would, but then they don't. My friend said she heard Scotty before. To
    my Great Dismay, I have never had the pleasure of
    needs Scotty's songs up here in the north country.

  4. I don't understand why radio stations are not giving him airplay? How are people/listeners supposed to know a singer if radio won't play his/her music!?

  5. Need to request on the stations mediabases,too.

  6. Country radio sucks. They have decided for now Scotty hasn't paid his dues and they aren't playing him. God has different plans, so let's just all keep supporting him in every way we can and radio will eventually come around.

  7. It does seem that country radio gives new artists a hard time, especially young artists -- but they will give biebs airplay!? and he can't even sing!

  8. Scotty is by far better than Justin - in looks and talent. I could listen to him all day. I just don't get Justin's appeal. When I see him, I just want to tell him to pull up his pants.

  9. @12:55 PM -- HAHAHAHAHA! In the pop/hiphop/rap genre, it's all marketing promotions/packaging -- I just don't know why country radio gives new country artists such a hard time! -- and not just with Scotty, they do this to all the new, struggling country artists/singers! -- and yet they have no problem giving crossover pop airplay! -- I cannot wait for Scotty's next single and album to shoot to the top!


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