Monday, December 12, 2011

Scotty McCreery Interview at State Championship

Credit Ella M on twitter


  1. Thanks for this video. He looks so young here. I love it.

    By the way fans, Scotty needs your votes at TASTE OF COUNTRY Vote for Best Cover of the Year, Your Man for Scotty. Though leading he is merely 5.83 points away from the other singer closest to him. Let's get more votes for Scotty so he can be in a more comfortable lead. Voting ends in January. ILYTB.

  2. Please check out and post Uhstings top 50 chart, as Scotty moved up to #12 this week with song "Clear as Day" against top of Japan, UK ,US,Australia , etc.

  3. I vote everyday.

    Best Cover Performance - Scotty! (we need heavy voting in this category)

    Best New Artist - Scotty!

    I also vote for Brad Paisley just because he asked Scotty to tour with him :)

    I vote for Tim McGraw/K.Chesney for headline of the year, just to bring down Scotty's bar (I just cannot stand that headline TOC assigned to him! They could have chosen a better one!) & the thought of that being #2 after Blake/Miranda!:( So I am voting for McGraw/Chesney in this category.


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