Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Christmas Card from the McCreery's

Scotty & Mrs. McCreery just tweeted this a few minutes ago. If you haven't already signed up head on over to and get registered. Hopefully, someone that post on this site will be one of the lucky ones!

Scotty McCreery
if you havent yet, go ahead n register at my fansite Were selecting 2000 random members to receive our family christmas card!

Judy Cooke McCreery
Join the fan club at ! We will be mailing our family Christmas card to 2000 random names very soon!


  1. I sure hope someone from Maine get a Christmas card!!!!!
    This is such a great way to keep your FAN base but if I don’t get a card may be a getaway VIP trip for 2 people to see Scotty McCreery
    in concert in 2012.!!!!!! MY big wish is to meet Scotty in my life time. God will. He has given me so much joy in his music and what is
    Stand for. Amazing young man.

    1. Hey! I'm actually from Maine, and I got one of the McCreery's Christmas cards! :)

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  3. Gayle here, I registered on the site. Does that
    mean I am automatically in the running to possibly get chosen to get Scottys Family Christmas Card. If I receive one, I will just pass out! Then I will frame card and put it above
    my couch along with letter and picture from Scotty
    that are now framed and on the wall also.
    Am I Too Fanatic about Scotty? Somebody Stop me/// Gayle

  4. Gayle,

    You are not to fanatic about Scotty - I think a lot of his fans feel the same way you do! haha
    Yes, if you have registered on the site you are in the running to be chosen! Good Luck


    I'm sure hoping someone in Maine gets a Christmas card from the McCreery's. I know that would just make your day!

  5. Thank-You Very Much Dear Donna for Understanding
    how I feel about our SWEET SCOTTY.

    I know you are crazy busy.
    But one quick quick question for you Dear:
    My Husband & I have Tickets on the FLOOR!!!!
    For Scotty's Concert! Because of my Knee-Replacements: HOW DOES ONE GET A MEET AND

  6. Donna, I am having periodic trouble loading and voting on the TOC sites and I've noticed as I struggle through that Scotty's totals go DOWN
    No other site (like CMT) gives me any problems...?
    Is this happening to other fans? Thank you for all of your great efforts and help.

  7. Gayle, You gave me my laugh for the day! "Meet and Pass-out". But you hit it right! I know I would do that if I EVER had a chance to meet Scotty!

    Gramma S.

  8. Meet and PAss out, HAHAHA - thats some funny stuff!!

  9. Gayle and Gramma S - many a moment you two have made me chuckle on your comments. You two are hilarious and I look out for your write ins as they bring smiles on my face, too.

    Carrollton, TX

  10. I got a message that there was a glitch with the computer for this scotty's fan website and to re-register my information to win the random christmas card and when I filled it all out, it said there was already a user with that name. OF COURSE there is, I was asked to RE-REGISTER before that so that was what I was doing and then they won't let me do it. What am I suppose to do, CHANGE MY NAME?? So now I am not able to win anything since it won't work?? How can I know that I am registered? It was the 2nd time I got the message in my inbox and the I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I tried to re-register. Please HELP me, someone who is in charge of this fan base. I would like a fair chance to win but if the registering isn't working I DON'T have a FAIR chance of winning. Thankyou! Kathy Olmstead

  11. @10:20 am We don't have any affiliation with the website. Maybe tweet the family, and see if they respond. Do you have a twitter?

  12. i got one !!!!!!!! :)

  13. i got mine today <3

  14. I'm from Maine and I got mine!! I was soooo excited <3

  15. I sure hope some one in pittsford,Vt gets one andI love Scotty hes my inspiration.


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