Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scotty McCreery 12/15/11 Best Buy

Best Buy about 1 hour ago via @lovescarrieu - I asked them for a picture and they sent it! Thanks so much you guys! Stay warm out there today!

Click link to see it LARGER!  Or click the picture to view it larger


The line early this AM out side of Best Buy


  1. Please get this up. Blake is only 4 points behind scotty for best cover song..please vote:

  2. Lexi, I'm voting like crazy!

    I just want to say that I am really amazed how Scotty has gone from literally being an unknown teenager still in high school to become quite the star! To think that he has been singing all his young life in his hometown and it took AI to make it happen. Talk about destiny! When someone has a talent, studying and honing one's skill with the right people, the professionals, really does make a difference. We watched Scotty grow as a performer throughout the entire AI season 10, and we are continuing to watch him grow even more. This is special. He is still young and has years ahead of him. I really hope I am still around to see him become the superstar in country music. I am so anxious to hear what his next album will be.

  3. I told you early on you were going to be bigger tha ELVIS... You ARE great Scotty.

  4. People with wristbands started lining up to see Scotty at 3pm. Being a Garner native, I love to see the support and pride that all the locals and beyond have for Scotty!! We are very proud of out hometown Super Star!


  6. OMG!!! Look at these numbers for Scotty for this week so far! Looks like he's lost the #1 spot to LA again, but that's ok. We're going for Platinum!

    Michael Buble easily holds on to the #1 spot as he prepares for this weekend's SNL appearance. Adele will land her 40th non-consecutive week in the Top 3, just six weeks shy of tying the record set by Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill." Lady Antebellum gets an early Christmas present as Own the Night re-enters the Top 5. Here's how it looks headed into the weekend:

    Michael Buble (Reprise) 440-460k
    Adele (XL/Columbia) 260-280k
    Justin Bieber (Island/IDJ) 150-170k
    Andrea Bocelli Concerto (Decca) 90-100k
    Lady Antebellum (Capitol Nashville/EMI) 75-80k
    Nickelback (Roadrunner) 70-75k
    Drake (YM/CM/Universal Republic) 70-75k
    Black Keys (Nonesuch/Warner Bros.) 65-70k
    Scotty McCreery (Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope) 60-65k
    Amy Winehouse (Universal Republic) 60-65k
    Susan Boyle Someone (Syco/Columbia) 60-65k
    Jackie Evancho Heavenly Christmas (Syco/Columbia) 55-60k
    Now 40 (Capitol/EMI) 55-60k
    *Anthony Hamilton (RCA) 55-60k
    Glee Cast Christmas, Vol. 2 (Columbia) 55-60k
    Andrea Bocelli My Christmas (Decca) 55-60k

    *Debuts (12/15p)


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