Friday, December 23, 2011

Taste of Country: Picture of the Week: Scotty McCreery Dons Ugly Christmas Sweater

By Billy Dukes

Scotty McCreery tweeted for everyone to wear an ugly Christmas sweater on Wednesday, and it looks like he followed through with his own request. A fan tweeted this photo of the ‘American Idol‘ winner. More shocking than the outdated threads is whose closet he raided to find it — his mother’s — all in good fun, though. McCreery will surely be back to blue jeans and cowboy dress shirts in time for the his 2012 tour with Brad Paisley.


  1. Need Help!!!!!!!on WPOC.

  2. While I've been busy wasting my time with multiple voting on TOC AND the CMT Pure Pak Countdown for Scotty, the votes don't seem to matter as the CMT results today had Scotty down to 3rd and 4th and only 3 other Country Stars that I recognized out of the group....I am going to limit my voting efforts to sites that show vote totals as something is very strange with the status quo... Merry Christmas to all of the Scotty fans!!

  3. Wow, that pic even made Pic Of The Week on TOC. I wonder what Mom McCreery thinks about her sweater being called ugly? LOL

    Hey Scotty, you make that sweater look good!

  4. I wish for everyone a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS.
    Thank-You Donna, Hailey and Tarah for your
    painstakingly Hard Work you do for us!
    You are ALL, THE GREATEST. gayle

  5. scotty, as i was viewing your ugly sweater phto you look really cute but i do believe that you can be maybe a little mischievous,i totally understand i'm alot older but still have alot of that in me,so enjoy life you have a wonderful blessed future so go get it and keep the music coming love the whole scotty package.MJ IN TX

  6. A Bavarian hat would complete this look! Hahahaha. Scotty makes everything look good! Merry Christmas to everyone here!

  7. To Anon 6:12 PM - I feel the same way. I have stopped voting at TOC out of frustration. From now on, I am choosing only those that seem to give honest results, clear voting rules and not penalizing our choice for our votes.

    The ugly sweater took on a new look on you, Scotty. It's cute.

    Carrollton, TX

  8. I also don't understand the TOC poll count -- it always says "from 3 weeks ago" -- so how are we supposed to know who's really in the lead!? But I still vote anyway. I think (and this is just me) that for every so many votes for an artist, another artist gets something. Like, if so and so gets 10 votes, so and so will get 2-5 votes, something like that. Whatever. :(

    That ugly sweater picture looks too funny! :D

  9. Re the TOC polls -- I'm frustrated too, but I'm not going to sweat over it. Obviously Scotty has shone this year and his fan support have proven themselves a formidable force. :) Now for 2012!


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