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Scotty McCreery KR Highway106 10/31/11 interview

Scotty didn't have school today so he did some radio interviews
In this interview he talks about Operation Christmas Child He is really excited about being able to pass out the shoe boxes this year. He also says that he will be doing a Christmas thing at Disney too.

Scotty McCreery & KR Highway106 Oct 31,2011 by KAR Productions

The trouble with girls (From the backyard BBQ)

I tried to post this several weeks ago but it was not working from the actual site so thankfully someone posted it on youtube!

Scotty McCreery & Season 10 Idols Refuse Campign Video

Scotty McCreery vs. Chris Young – The Showdown

Scotty McCreery vs. Chris Young – The Showdown

Scotty McCreery, Chris Young

Mike Coppola/Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Scotty McCreery fans are used to working together to help the 18-year-old singer win big competitions, so perhaps it was no surprise that his new hit song ‘The Trouble With Girls’ became the first ever Taste of Country Showdown winner last week. The ‘American Idol’ champion topped Jason Aldean‘s ‘Tattoos on This Town’ in our previous battle, with 67.25% of the votes (that means Aldean pulled in 38.75%). Up against reigning winner McCreery this week: Another country singer who caught his big break after success on a reality television program.

Chris Young won ‘Nashville Star’ in 2006, but his career didn’t really take off until the slow and sexy ‘Gettin’ You Home’ hit radio in 2009. His new single, ‘You,’ is similarly sensual, but can this mid-tempo mood setter heat up enough fans to top the adorable Scotty McCreery and ‘The Trouble With Girls’? Listen to both hits, and then place your vote before telling all your friends and fellow fans to do likewise. This week’s competition will end on Sunday, Nov. 6 at Midnight ET, with the champion going on to face a new challenger next week.

Tour Tickets for Feb 25th Scotty McCreery

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Missouri State University says tickets will go on sale Nov. 4 at 10 a.m. for Brad Paisley 's concert at JQH Arena at 7:30 on Feb. 25. Paisley's concert will include the band Perry and "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery.
 Is Scott McCreery’s Success The Proof Of Youth?

Looks like Scott McCreery is the next pop-country super star.

The American Idol alum seems to fit the bill pretty well. A clean cut crooner with faith to spare, a couple of singles under his belt and a charming “golly, gee shucks” attitude. No surprise that his debut record moved a ton of units in the first week and made chart history. The 200,000 copies of Clear As Day sold in the first week was good enough to net McCreery the second best debut of the year. Now the question is what makes this young kid so unique, aside from his success?

It’s exactly that. In a field that doesn’t have that many youthful stars, McCreery is young—he really was a kid, for all intensive purposes, until his eighteenth birthday on October 7th. Sure, there’s the likes of Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum but can you think of any other established country music stars that aren’t old enough to drink? There’s a reason why his newest video takes place in chem class (and it’s just an honors course too, it won’t even count for college credit).

Look at Billboard’s Top Country Songs chart. Yeah, there’s a handful of youngsters mixed in, but these artists are mostly ’70s babies and George Strait is pushing sixty!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scotty McCreery This Weeks Best Tweets

Scotty McCreery to Release Christmas Songs? – This Week’s Best Tweets

Scotty McCreery is #1 again!

Loretta Lynn’s Health Scare, Scotty McCreery vs. Jason Aldean’s Showdown + More – This Week’s Hottest Posts

#1 - Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery – The Showdown

The first ever Taste of Country Showdown proved to be quite the hot topic this week. New songs from Jason Aldean and Scotty McCreery were matched against each other, and it was up to fans of each to decide which artist would move on to face next week's competitor. As of now McCreery has a healthy lead on Aldean, but fans still have the weekend to vote.

I've only posted the portion that pertains to Scotty. You can click on the link below to read the full article.

Scotty McCreery Slideshow: Garner Blue Crew wins Student Section Showdown

Tarah posted the entry that was submitted to the by the Blue Crew, so I just wanted to share a slide show of pictures from last night showing them receiving their trophy. Scotty couldn't look happier - it's great to see him being a part of all this with his friends.
Just click on the link below to view all 13 photos - ENJOY!

Scotty McCreery Earned 2 #1 spots this week

Just wanted to post this so everyone can see that due to your voting Scotty had two #1 spots this past week and even took the #1 & #2 spot on GAC - so keep VOTING!

CMT Top 20 10.28.2011:
#11 “I Love You This Big” Scotty McCreery

CMT Pure 12-Pack 10.28.2011:
#01 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery
#02 “I Love You This Big” Scotty McCreery

GAC Top 20 Country 10.28.2011:
#01 “I Love You This Big” Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery AI Inducted Into BC Hall of Fame

This isn't exclusively about Scotty - but he got a lot of airtime in this video!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Congrats to Garner High's Blue Crew! held a contest to determine the 2011 High School winner for the Student Section Showdown. Scotty tweeted about voting and Garner took home the crown!

Here is their entry submitted on

We come to represent, we come to win, we come to have fun, we come to dominate, and most importantly we come to: BE LOUD, BE PROUD, AND BE TROJANS !


We always carry in our flags and vuvuzelas (Which was a tradition we started in the area and were so effective they have been banned). We all dress in one color normal black, blue, or white. We always have our face painted or special accessories that we have on us to show our school spirit.

There is never a Friday night home or away game that you do not hear the infamous cheers of the mighty Trojan Blue Crew. No matter what color we wear (Blue, White, Black, Yellow, or Pink) one thing that remains the same through each and every game is that no matter what, Win, Lose, or Draw, the Garner Blue Crew comes to do one thing, and that is to show school pride. Whether its through our chants "I Believe", "OHHHH", "Blue, Gold" or "Let's Go Trojans" we are always rooting for our team. That is what separates Garner's student section from any others, our spirit and pride. No matter what the scoreboard says, we do not stop cheering, we are there to support and celebrate, and you can expect nothing less from us!

Pregame/Postgame Activities:

Before the game we tailgate around three hours before the game starts. We cook good food and play games on our homemade ping pong tables and cornholes. After the game everyone goes to cookout were we celebrate our big win.

Before every home and away football game, our blue crew gets together at 4 pm, and we tailgate! We play music, socialize, practice our new chants and just enjoy each others company. We talk about how pumped we are for each game and we prepare to win! After the game, win or loss, our student section, cheerleaders, and football players ALL go to Cookout to celebrate and enjoy each others company. The Blue Crew is not just our "Student Section", its our Football team and Cheerleaders as well, because we are all working together for ONE thing and that is to bring a victory home for the MIGHTY GARNER TROJANS!

Why is your student section the best?:

Our student section is the most passionate in north carolina. As far as size goes our school is not the biggest and yet we still have hundreds of people at our games to show support for out football team. We should win this hands down.

Our Student Section is the best because we are not just screaming for a good time, or too impress a News Video Camera. We cheer because it means something to us, and we cheer because we love our home team. We cheer because it brings our group together not as friends, but as a family. No matter what happens Monday - Thursday, on Friday night we put our differences aside to cheer and root for our boys - TOGETHER! Garner is a tradition based community, and Garner has had a Student Section for generations! Our job is to continue this legacy with honor and pride and help our Trojan Men bring a victory home each and every week! When you are in the presence of the Blue Crew, you will understand that there is NO other Student Section that is like us.

Follow Scotty's family

If you didn't know yet, all of Scotty's family is on Twitter. You'll definitely want to be following them.

Scotty's dad (@MikeMGarner)
Scotty's mom (@JudyMacGarner)
Scotty's sister Ashley (@ashleymccreery2)

(And yes, these are Scotty verified, actual accounts)

Also make sure to head on over to Twitter and wish Mr. McCreery a happy birthday as it is TODAY. But he is almost 3,000 followers behind his wife and daughter. He tweets often, regularly replies to fans and I don't think he would mind catching up to Mrs. McCreery and Ashley!

Scotty McCreery - Grammy Submission

I didn't post about this, because I felt the leaks leave a lot of confusion, but I see people posting in the comments sections that "Scotty was nominated" for a Grammy and I feel I need to clear this up.

Scotty was SUBMITTED for consideration of a nomination. This is not the same as being nominated. It is the first step, but A LOT OF musicians are submitted.  Thousands and thousands of submissions are made, but few nominated.  Just to clear that up.

I would have a child like FAN GIRL FREAK OUT if Scotty is nominated, but I'm staying level on this one. He's young, he's new to the industry and so on.. Again HE HASN'T BEEN NOMINATED.  Just wanted to clear that up for some who seem a wee bit confused <3

 I foresee it in his future though. OOOOMMMMMM

It's interesting to see the results of the poll on the side bar, us fans have a lot in common but seem very split on what would be a good next single. After 24 hours of voting, You Make That Look Good seems to be in the lead with a close 2nd of Water Tower Town. The top four are..........

SONG                                                    VOTES

1. You Make That Look Good                    303
2. Water Tower Town                                 286
3. Write My Number On You Hand            253
4. Walk In The Country                               223

HDD - Predicts Next Week Sales

I just felt like using Scarlet for this post :)  Hellloo Scarlet!
 Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope Idol winner Scotty McCreery 35 - 45K 

With the holiday season approaching I imagine Scotty will be gold before Christmas! Even if he drops a little in sales he should still make it, but the holidays usually create an increase in sales.  Just a heads up and FYI  Jan/Feb are terrible album sales months, so (if) we see a drop during those months, no worries, it's usually terrible album sales during that time :)

Scotty McCreery Vote Vote Vote

                                          JUST A REMINDER TO VOTE FOR SCOTTY!!

                                                 American Country Awards<--- Vote daily

Scotty McCreery CMT Video

On November 8th Robin Roberts will host a special called, All Access Nashville which will air on ABC. It's a behind the scene look at some of the biggest country stars private lives, and they followed Scotty around school. Also included in it will be Keith Urban, and Faith Hill just to name a few! Can't wait to see it :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scotty McCreery Road to CMA Awards

CMA Close Up Presents Road to the CMA Awards

CMA Close Up Presents Road to the CMA Awards

As excitement builds towards "The 45th Annual CMA Awards," the Country Music Association and the ABC Television Network are giving fans an exclusive sneak peek at "Country Music's Biggest Night." "CMA Close Up Presents Road to the CMA Awards" is a half-hour special packed with artist interviews and highlights from past CMA Awards. The special will air on local ABC affiliates between Friday, Oct. 28 and Wednesday, Nov. 9. Fans should check their local listings or visit for exact dates and times in their cities.

Featuring interviews with Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Kristin Chenoweth, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and Chris Young, "CMA Close Up Presents Road to the CMA Awards" offers fans an opportunity to hear and see these artists' favorite memories from past CMA Awards, as well as to find out what it's like to be nominated and perform for the first time.

This special will air in more than 90 percent of ABC markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Nashville. Check your local listings for times.

"This special was an incredible success last year," said CMA Chief Executive Officer Steve Moore. "This is a great opportunity to ramp up the excitement for the upcoming CMA Awards and increase awareness in each of these markets."

"The 45th Annual CMA Awards" will air live on Wednesday, Nov. 9 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on the ABC Television Network. Paisley and Carrie Underwood return as hosts for their fourth consecutive year. Previously announced performers include Aldean, The Band Perry, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, Lambert, Martina McBride, Scotty McCreery, Shelton, Sugarland, Swift, Thompson Square, Keith Urban, Young and Zac Brown Band, plus Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter singing their hit collaboration "You and Tequila,"Rascal Flattsand Natasha Bedingfield singing their current hit duet "Easy," Lionel Richie performing with Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, and Darius Rucker, and co-hosts Paisley and Underwood in their first live televised-performance of their No. 1 song "Remind Me."

Scotty McCreery: This weeks single Sales

Sales for ILYTB are still chugging along! On the side bar we've added a poll, please take a moment to take the poll. I may have to redesign the poll, I'm not liking the appearance of it after you vote, IT'S HUGE!lol - It will still retain the votes that were already made though.

                                                                    TW              Total
Scotty McCreery, I Love You This Big (9,000, -37%, 654,000)
Scotty McCreery, The Trouble With Girls (9,000, -19%, 105,000)

With TTWG video just being released, this should help with promotion.
Here is the video again, Incase you live under a rock :) lol

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That Old King James!

this is not related to any upcoming appearances Scotty will be making but this was just me thinking....I was listening to THAT OLD KING JAMES Today and i was thinking that that should be his next Music video! Its one of those songs that showcase his great storytelling qualities!

Scotty announced as a 'CMA Country Christmas' performer

Donna posted about Scotty being at the taping of 'CMA Country Christmas' the other day. The first round of performers were announced this morning and Scotty will be performing. Maybe this is part of what he tweeted about working on for the holidays. I watched the show last year and it is a lot of fun. The country stars perform fun Christmas songs and share their holiday traditions. Really looking forward to seeing how they showcase Scotty!

For more info about the show and the other performers check out


United States & Canada (3)

Column header event linkEvent Column header location linkLocation Column header date linkDate Sort
Sprint CenterKansas City, MO
Thu, 01/19/12
07:30 PM
Find Ticketson Ticketmaster
Maverik CenterWest Valley City, UT
Fri, 01/27/12
07:30 PM
More Infoon Ticketmaster
presale begins:Wed, 10/26/11
10:00 AM
Tacoma DomeTacoma, WA
Sat, 02/11/12
07:30 PM
More Infoon Ticketmaster
presale begins:Wed, 10/26/11
10:00 AM

Scotty McCreery "Who Sang The National Anthem The Best?"

There is a poll on Hollywood Gossip website, this is a pretty big website, so please vote!

Forget batting averages with runners in scoring position. Toss out WHIP. Ignore the failed hit-and-runs.

The 2011 World Series between the Rangers and the Cardinals has been all about the music, as a diverse trio of stars has opened three of the games with rousing versions of the national anthem.

We had an American Idol winner (Scotty McCreery), the lead on Fox's New Girl (Zooey Deschanel) and the latest young notch on Wilmer Valderrama's bedpost. Who did his or her country most proud? Compare the versions below and then cast your vote...


Thanks for voting!
Scotty McCreery
Zooey Deschanel
Demi Lovato
Total Votes: 686

Scotty McCreery CMA Country Christmas’ at Bridgestone Arena

Scotty & several other artist will be at the Bridgestone Arena taping CMA COUNTRY CHRISTMAS before a live audience on Nov. 10. The special is set to air at 7:00 pm on Dec. 1st on ABC.

Tickets are $25 for general admission upper level seating and $50 for general admission club level and are available through Ticketmaster, 1-800-745-3000.

Click the link below to read the full article

Jennifer Nettles hosts ‘CMA Country Christmas’ at Bridgestone Arena

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scotty McCreery New Video Blog

Scotty McCreery Number 1 Country Album, 3rd week straight

With 55% reporting in Scotty is holding at #3 for this week, overall in all genres. The great news about this, is Scotty will maintain the number one COUNTRY album for a 3rd week straight. WAY TO GO SCOTTY!!

We'll keep you posted on final numbers when they come in.

lw tw






Rebba McEntire advice to Scotty McCreery

Frederick Breedon IV, Getty Images
Frederick Breedon IV, Getty Images

Reba McEntire, the Renaissance woman whose mountain of career credits include top-rated performances on Broadway, TV and arena tours — and, of course, top charting recordings — understands the difficulties new performers face.

Perhaps that’s why her advice to and support of music newcomer Scotty McCreey  is so heartfelt.
“It’s tough getting in this business. I’m his No. 1 cheerleader,” McEntire tells St. Louis Today. “I wish the best for all of them. It’s a lot different from when I got started. I didn’t have a No. 1 record for five or six years. It’s a faster-paced business nowadays, without the patience it used to have.”

Now on her All the Woman I Am Tour, McEntire says the best way for newcomers to excel is to make song selection “the most important thing. You’ve got to find that right thing for you.”

In a way, McEntire faced a similar challenge recently when she selected her concert set list from her own extensive catalogue.

It’s very hard after that many singles and that many albums. What you’re wanting to do is what the audience came to hear, and I want to play my own favorites,” she says. “I try to mix it up. I don’t want to leave out someone’s favorite. I’ve gone back and asked fans what’s their favorite and it’s always ‘Fancy.’”

Other fan favorites, she says, include ‘Is There Life Out There,’ ‘I’m a Survivor,’ ‘Does He Love You,’ and ‘Whoever’s in New England.’

Scotty McCreery Working on Christmas Songs??

Scotty and "his boys" were on twitter last night playing a travel game with their followers! Everyone had a good time trying to figure it out - our own Tarah here at Fans Of Scotty figured it out, pretty quickly, I might add! Scotty & his family are very good about interacting with fans on twitter & the fans just love it!

But before Scotty hit the hay last night he sent out one more tweet:

Scotty McCreery
Im hitting the hay tho. Another day of school tmrrw. Working a bunch of songs coming up for the holidays! Cant wait for yall to hear!

Scotty McCreery Are You Voting??

I just wanted to post this picture to remind everyone to VOTE for Scotty!

Scotty McCreery Are You The Ultimate Fan?

Hailey had posted this previously but I wanted to post it again in case someone might have missed it. The Grand Prize is a trip for 2 to a concert & a M & G with Scotty, plus more!
December 1st is the deadline to enter!


Scotty wants to know if you're the ultimate country fan! For a chance to win enter below, winners recieve the Ultimate Country Fan gift!


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Scotty McCreery Train just keeps on rolling

Scotty McCreery Unveils "The Trouble With Girls" Video, Announces Tour Dates With Brad Paisley

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011, by HippyGirlHeather
The Scotty McCreery train just keeps on rolling with no sign of slowing down. His debut album Clear As Day broke records when it debuted atop the Billboard 200 charts earlier this month, he sang the National Anthem at a World Series game, his singles and videos are being received well, he’s touring with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry in early 2012 (see dates below) and he’ll be performing at the CMA’s on November 9th.

Today he officially debuts the video on CMT for “The Trouble With Girls” shot by director Roman White, who is responsible for videos for Taylor Swift and fellow Idol alum Casey James.

The video is much like you would expect from Scotty. He’s wearing his ever-present silver cross necklace, and looking thoughtfully into the distance as he delivers lines like “They’re sugar and spice and angel wings/And hell on wheels in tight blue jeans.” I suggest watching this in the 1080p-(HD) option because on the regular 360p setting I completely missed Scotty’s chin scruff! They’re trying to butch him up a little and remind us that the newly turned 18 Scotty is a man, baby!

“The Trouble With Girls” was shot at Scotty’s high school, Garner Magnet High School, with his real friends, some of whom he’s gone all the way up from kindergarten with, including the pretty brunette featured in many scenes with Scotty (you can see her most clearly as his lab partner). The only way this video could be more wholesome and all-American would be if Scotty was eating apple pie in his Grandma’s lap while saluting the American flag.

Scotty McCreery Votes Needed on Taste of Country

Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery – The Showdown

Two artists. One song each. Welcome to the Taste of Country Showdown. Each Monday, two of country music’s hottest new songs will compete for fan votes, and the song with the most votes wins.
This week, it’s superstar Jason Aldean‘s ‘Tattoos on This Town’ taking on 18-year-old ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery‘s new hit, ‘The Trouble With Girls.’
While both were raised in sweet tea country, the similarities end there. Aldean’s country-rock grooves and images of rural America have made him one of the format’s fastest rising stars ever. McCreery’s boyish face and humble personality seem to contradict the deep growl that escapes when he’s in front of a microphone. But by selling almost 200,000 copies of his debut album, ‘Clear as Day,’ in one week, the North Carolina teen let fans know he’s much more than a reality television gimmick.
Listen to Aldean’s ‘Tattoos on This Town’ and then McCreery’s ‘The Trouble With Girls.’ Consider the greatness of both songs, and then vote wisely. Feel free to tell friends and fellow fans to cast their votes, but hurry! A champion for this round will be named on October 31, when we’ll launch the next Taste of Country Showdown.

Jason Aldean vs. Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery VOTE



Scotty McCreery Review "The Trouble With Girls" Music Video

Scotty McCreery’s High School Friends Star in New ‘The Trouble With Girls’ Video

The Trouble With Girls
Vevo / 19 Entertainment
Scotty McCreery is the main focus of his new ‘The Trouble With Girls’ video, but it’s his hometown high school and fellow classmates that star in this just-released clip. McCreery borrowed the hallways and classrooms of Garner Magnet High School in Garner, N.C. and invited his friends to get in on the fun.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a group of high school seniors could so effortlessly pull off looking like a group of high school seniors, but anyone who’s ever had a role in a school play knows that acting naturally is very difficult under the bright lights. Director Roman White does a great job of recreating a genuine high school experience, down to the goofy giggling and unsophisticated flirting. The science experiments, baseball games and hallway chatter all take a backseat to the memorable moments and jokes shared between friends.

White adds an artist’s brushstroke with solo McCreery shots on the baseball diamond at night and alone in the high school’s hallway at dusk or dawn. These pensive moments are also part of the high school experience. Each scene feels familiar in its own way. Perhaps the one unwanted result of the new video is that it’s sure to fire up the McCreery rumor mill once again. Who is that dark haired cutie he shares so many scenes with? Their chemistry certainly seems to go beyond the science lab.

This is a great review, and I agree that the "Love Interest" in the video is a perfect fit. Although, Scotty has already clarified that the two have known each other since pre-school, so she was an easy fit for the part. He also said the two are ONLY FRIENDS, and he's known her forever.

Scotty McCreery TTWG Video from VEVO

This is an excellent video! Once again, Scotty delivers something awesome for his fans to enjoy.
You can now purchase the video on Itunes - Let's get TTWG to #1

Great Job Scotty We Are Proud Of You1!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery Zoiks! Online review of CAD

The winner of the tenth season was Scotty McCreery, an 18-year-old country singer whose voice is well beyond his years. McCreery is from North Carolina and his first single, “I Love You This Big,” peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The young prodigy debuts a well polished album in “Clear as Day.” The album’s theme showcases the lack of experience with relationships, with nearly each of the 12 tracks touching on the subject of girls. On “I Love You This Big,” McCreery sings the lines, “I know I’m still young, but I know how I feel.”
With the assistance of a group of talented country music writers, it’s definitely “clear as day” that this phenom has a well-produced effort on his hands. Only time will tell if McCreery will follow the same path as country greats like Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks. With Country Music being so fastidious with its products, in the sense that first year artists rarely get to write their own material, don’t be surprised if McCreery’s big voice takes him a long way.

Scotty McCreery Taste of Country top 10 hottest post

#4 Scotty McCreery Overcomes Mic Malfunction to Sing National Anthem at World Series Game 1
It was a shaky start, but Scotty McCreery gave a memorable performance of the National Anthem on Tuesday night in St. Louis. Leading up to the big performance, McCreery talked about how meaningful playing on baseball's biggest stage would be. He also got to meet one of his favorite baseball players, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. Both are from the Raleigh, N.C. area.

#7 Scotty McCreery Gets a New Pickup Truck
McCreery has only two stories amongst the Top 10 this week … so it's sort of a slow week for the 18-year-old. Click on this story to see the bronze Ford-150 King Ranch pickup truck. He earned the truck by winning 'American Idol' last season.

I've only posted a portion of the articles that pertain to Scotty follow the link below to read the full article.

Scotty McCreery

This article is not a Scotty article but about someone who has played Piano for Scotty, it is a very interesting story. I've only posted a portion of the article, but you can copy & paste the link below to read the full article. It is very interesting and I hope you enjoy it.

Gordon Mote - Country Music's Best Piano Man

Country music awards presentations do something no other awards show does; present awards to the best musician for a specific instrument. Each year guitar players, bass players, fiddlers, and piano players all get the chance to hear their name as being the best of the best. In 2011 at the Academy of Country Music Awards piano and keyboard player Gordon Mote was awarded the ACM Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year Award; it was Mote’s second such award in three years.The talented session player has lent his talents to some of the top performers in Nashville including the albums of Billy Ray Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Scotty McCreery, Elvis Presley, Bill and Gloria Gaither, The Hoppers, Brad Paisley, George Jones, Josh Turner, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Jason Crabb, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Lee Greenwood, Carrie Underwood, Alison Krauss, and Grand Ole Opry star Porter Wagner.

This article isn't about Scotty either but Reba does tell us how much she intends to support him. I've only posted the part about Scotty but you can click on the link at the bottom if you want to read the full article.

Reba McEntire is happy to be back on tour

Q. What's your take on new country stars like Scotty McCreery from "American Idol"?

A I'm supporting them 100 percent. It's tough getting in this business. I'm their No. 1 cheerleader. I wish the best for all of them. It's a lot different from when I got started. I didn't have a No. 1 record for five or six years. It's a faster-paced business nowadays, without the patience it used to have.

QWhat's your best advice to those singers?

A • Look for the songs. The songs are the most important thing. You've got to find that right thing for you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Things to do list - AMA

Brad Paisley Prmotion Tour Video

  If this video won't play, go to  on the right side is the promotion video
Skip past flash video content.
Hello everybody, I hope you all have a great weekend! We fans have a lot of voting to do, so here is your weekend to do list :)

The American Country Awards <--- Vote daily

Pure 12 pack CMT <---- You can check TTWG and ILYTB at once and hit vote

US 99 Country Radio <-- Vote as often as you like

Request TTWG at your LOCAL COUNTRY STATION if you aren't sure what your local country station is, check the voting tabs here, there is a link to find your local station.

Also, we've added the "How to pack a shoe box" and "Scotty 2012 Brad Paisley Tour" pages to the top. We'll keep you updated on latest tour information, tickets, and hopefully meet and greets! I'm hoping Scotty will have some MEET AND GREET tickets available, so far I haven't seen anything that indicates it, but I keep looking!

If you know anything about Meet and Greets, please let me know in the comment sections, I have received a lot of emails, and tweets asking IF or WHEN meet and greets will go on sale, or if Scotty will have any special VIP packages for tour.

Tickets for the Kansas show went on sale yesterday, so if you planned to head out to that one you can now purchase your tickets at 

Have a great weekend!! <3