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Wish Scotty McCreery a happy birthday!

Scotty turns 18 on October 9th!

In the comments section below, feel free to post your birthday wish for him as part of our virtual birthday card.

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Let's make Scotty's 18th birthday the best yet!

Live Interview With Scotty McCreery - Monday Oct 3rd at 1pm

This is exciting! I can't believe we're just days aways from Scotty McCreery album release.  The Boot has announed a live interview (chat) with Scotty for Monday Oct 3rd, the chat will take place on  the front of their website, and on facebook. Scotty will be answering fan questions, so you can  leave a Face Book comment for Scotty to answer or if you don't use Facebook, head over to ...
The Boot - Leave a comment for Scotty click here

It seems it will be something we can view, not join in on. I'm not really sure I understand if this is a person to person interview, or if Scotty will be typing his answers and not with the person, or on a phone call. lol - Either way it sounds exciting!

Scotty McCreery to Chat LIVE on The Boot October 3

Universal Music Group Nashville

We'd like to cordially invite you to sit in on our live interview with Scotty McCreery! In fact, we'd love for you to help us. What do you want to know about the 'American Idol' winner? Head over to The Boot's Facebook page and leave a question for Scotty on our wall. And be sure to click the 'Like' button at the top of the page to get updates on our chat with the 'I Love You This Big' singer. (If you're not a Facebook user, just leave us a question for Scotty in the 'Add a Comment' section below this post.)

Our live chat with Scotty begins Monday, Oct. 3 at 1:00 PM ET. You can watch here right on The Boot's homepage, or over on our Facebook page ( We'll be taking questions live via Facebook, or you can pre-submit questions here. Just let us know your first name and what town you live in, so Scotty knows whose question he's answering and can address you personally!

Mark your calendars: this Monday, Oct. 3 at 1:00 PM ET, watch a live chat with Scotty McCreery here or here.

Scotty McCreery Official Site - Press Release regarding GAC



Watch “Introducing Scotty McCreery” on GAC

  NASHVILLE, TENN (September 28, 2011) – 
“Hearing Ryan Seacrest say your name, I don’t know if there’s a word to describe that feeling,” says “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery in Introducing: Scotty McCreery.  It’s definitely a big change going from a normal teenager to the biggest show on television.”  Premiering Monday,October 3, 9:00 p.m./Eastern on Great American Country (GAC), the special features interviews with those closest to country music’s rising star: his parents, high school music teacher, baseball coach, guitar teacher and church choir conductor and includes never-before-seen-photographs and video footage from throughout his childhood in Garner, North Carolina.

  Musical since birth, McCreery’s mother noticed her son’s musical abilities at a young age. “At the end of his one-year check up I told the doctor Scotty could sing,” Judy McCreery recalls. “I looked him in the eye and hummed a verse to him and he hummed it back to the doctor.”  He sang in a church group beginning at age three and started guitar lessons at age nine.  “Scotty had a natural knack,” said former guitar teacher Gary Epperson. “He had rhythm in his right hand, something you rarely see in a nine year old.”  School choir and musical theater productions followed and at one point McCreery had to choose between his two loves, music and baseball.  School play rehearsals interfered with baseball practice and although he was a valued member of the team, he chose play practice over baseball practice.  “I remember at the time telling him I hoped he was a better singer than he was a baseball player,” said his former baseball coach, Derik Goffena, smiling at the thought.  “He was very competitive and very well composed on the mound.”

  In the summer of 2010 and with his parents’ support, McCreery went to Milwaukee for an “American Idol” cattle call audition. “I remember vividly walking around the Bradley Center and Scotty looked at me and said, ‘Dad, I’m so in over my head,’” said Mike McCreery.  “I looked at him and just said, ‘Do your best and we’ll see what happens,’ and that’s how it all began.”  As McCreery continued to move through the competition, his entire hometown was behind him, staging city-wide viewing parties.  “I always believed in myself and knew that I could sing, but it’s cool to see Americans respond to you,” McCreery said.

  When it got down to the final two contestants, McCreery remained calm and collected while his mom reacted differently.  “I was a nervous wreck and knew the finale was going to be 10 times the stress,” she said.  “I didn’t know what to expect but knew that if he won, our lives would be changed forever and we’d have to get ready for the new normal.”

  That new normal includes touring, national media attention and radio airplay.  And high school classes.  “Winning “American Idol” comes with a lot of perks,” McCreery said.  “You win name recognition that people fight for.  I feel like I still need to pay my dues, still need to work hard and show them that I deserve to be there.”

Introducing: Scotty McCreery 
premieres the night before his debut album – Clear As Day – is released October 4.  Visit Scotty McCreery's official site, why? because your his fan <3

Scotty McCreery - Brad Paisleys Level of Success?

FROM: NY Daily News, While there isn't anything new or earth shattering in this article I just wanted to post it to highlight a few great lines. I am so excited for Scotty to tour with Brad! An I agree, I think he'll have the same level of success, don't you?!

Brad Paisley tweeted a picture of himself with Scotty McCreery after the announcement. Brad Paisley/TwitterBrad Paisley tweeted a picture of himself with Scotty McCreery after the announcement.

"American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery's burgeoning career just got a major boost. Country superstar Brad Paisley has invited the teen to go on tour with him in 2012.

The announcement comes just a week before the release of McCreery's debut album, "Clear As Day."

And Paisely didn't deliver the big news via a press release, website or even Twitter.

He surprised his audience during the final stop on his H2O II tour by bringing McCreery onstage.

"Do you want to go on tour with me?" Paisley asked the American Idol -- who enthusiastically nodded yes. "Great, I'm going to take you out next year!"


After he stepped offstage. McCreery could hardly contain his excitement about touring with Paisely, who has released 16 singles which shot all the way to No. 1 on the country charts.

"It's really humbling that someone like him would invite me to tour w/ him," tweeted the 17-year-old North Carolina native. "I just hope I'm ready for any pranks he throws my way."

McCreery is well on his way to reaching Paisely's level of success.

His debut single, "I Love You This Big," made it to No. 15 on the U.S. Country chart.
Source NY Dailey News

In addition, the Brad Paisley tour with Scotty McCreery was mentioned in EW News, saying tour announcements will be soon, and calling it the McPaisley Tour. lol You can follow the link below for that write up. Again, nothing new, but you can leave comments in the comment section. EW News get's a lot of views, and the more positive comments about Scotty the better :) Click link below

EW NEWS <-- Click to head over to EW to read and leave a comment

Watch "The McDaily: Scotty McCreery Is Busy" on YouTube

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Scotty McCreery Is the First Artist To Be Featured in Deluxe Edition Of ‘ZinePak Available Exclusively At Walmart » Country Music Rocks

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day -

Mercury Nashville/19 Recordings/Interscope artist Scotty McCreery has been chosen as the first artist to release a CD in the successful ‘ZinePak configuration, which features his debut album, Clear As Day, and exclusive elements, including a magazine with never-before-seen family photos and personal information about Scotty.

The ‘ZinePak – pronounced “ZEEN-pack” – will be on sale exclusively at Walmart beginning Oct. 4. It will be available in the music department, alongside the standard edition of Clear As Day. Fewer than 80,000 ‘ZinePaks will be produced, making this a truly limited edition.

“I am honored and flattered to be the first one chosen for a deluxe edition ‘ZinePak,” Scotty says. “It was a lot of fun working with Kim and Brittany, the editors of  ‘ZinePak.  

“’ZinePak has lots of info and pictures no one has seen before.  Mom and I spent some time going through family photos selecting fun pictures to share with everyone.  ‘ZinePak is a great way I can personally thank my fans for their support and let them learn a little more about me.”

The Clear As DayZinePak features his debut album and a 72-page mini-magazine that includes a feature article with Scotty and a fan Q-and-A, as well as lyrics and song notes from Scotty, behind-the-scenes photos, games and more. This deluxe edition also includes collectible postcards and a set of Scotty-themed baseball cards.

“The ‘ZinePak provides a glimpse into Scotty’s world,” says Brittany Hodak, ‘ZinePak president and co-founder. “Scotty was very involved in the creation of the magazine and bonus items because he wanted to ensure the package would be exciting and authentic for his fans. Many of the photos in the magazine are from the McCreery’s private albums and were chosen by Scotty to be exclusive to this release.

“Working with Scotty was incredible,” Hodak says. “He knows his fans have been instrumental to his success to date, and so he wanted to give them something special in return. There is no doubt his fans will love the package he helped create.”

Scotty, 17, won Season 10 of American Idol in May, becoming the youngest male winner and only country male winner in the show’s history. A record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale. The final show attracted 29.3 million viewers and 38.6 million people tuned in to see the winner’s name announced.

On Oct. 4, Scotty will release his much-anticipated debut album, Clear As Day, which contains his debut Top 15 hit, “I Love You This Big,” which had the highest debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a new artist’s first single since at least 1984, and his current single, “The Trouble With Girls.”

“After reading the Academy of Country Music Awards ‘ZinePak, released in March 2011, fans began requesting that we write an entire magazine about one artist exclusively,” Hodak says. “We began looking for an artist who had an interesting story to tell, amazing music and a unique bond with fans. It was evident during American Idol that Scotty McCreery has all of this and more, making him the perfect candidate. We are thrilled that our first deluxe edition artist ‘ZinePak features someone so talented, entertaining and down-to-earth.

“America fell in love with Scotty on American Idol and watched him grow from week to week, and in many ways this ‘ZinePak picks up where the show left off,” Hodak says. “The content gives fans insight into what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. It documents many of Scotty’s exciting experiences since winning Idol, including recording his debut album, meeting his country music icons and performing for fans worldwide this summer.”

Scotty is the first artist whose deluxe edition ‘ZinePak and CD will be available at retail and include a CD. Previous ‘ZinePak compilations include two titles in the popular KIDZ BOP music franchise and a release commemorating the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards. Two tour ‘ZinePaks have been created for Selena Gomez. More than 100,000 ‘ZinePaks have been sold this year.

Scotty McCreert Co-Hosts | Country Countdown USA

Scotty McCreery October 8-9

Scotty McCreery to Co-Host Country Music Countdown USA!

Scotty McCreery Disappointed Braves, Red Sox Won’t Be There to Watch Him Sing National Anthem at World Series - Taste of Country

Scotty McCreery, Season 10 American Idol Winner

It’s almost a dream come true for Scotty McCreery. The soon-to-be 18-year-old will be singing before game one of the World Series, but it looks like his favorite teams won’t be there. Last night, he tweeted, “sad night for boston fans… braves fans.. I feel for you too” after both the Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves finished historic collapses that kept them from the playoffs.

“This is sad.. i was hoping for an intense october. now im just gonna watch the playoffs as a baseball fan, and not really get too into it,” McCreery continued in his series of tweets about the Red Sox and Braves.

According to Hits Daily Double, McCreery will sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ before game one of the World Series on October 19. The venue is yet to be decided, as the playoffs don’t begin until Friday.
The World Series appearance is just one of a long list of places fans can find McCreery next month as he promotes his debut album, ‘Clear as Day.’ According to a recent press release, he’ll be on the ‘Today’ show on October 3, and ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ on October 4. He’ll also appear on ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Ellen’ later next week, before appearing at the Grand Ole Opry on October 11. In addition, he’s scheduled to be part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November.

After the media blitz is finished, McCreery says he plans to return to Garner High School to finish his senior year. ‘Clear as Day’ is in stores on October 4.

Scotty's Video Blog

Scotty has started a video blog! His first entry can be viewed on his YouTube channel or on his official website.

Scott McCreery’s GAC Special Set to Premiere October 3

More Promotion Events!

According to Hits Daily Double Scotty will be singing the National Anthem at Game 1 of the World Series which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19 on FOX. For those wondering, the Red Sox (Scotty's favorite team) did not make the playoffs so they don't have a chance of playing unfortunately. Hits Daily Double is also reporting that Scotty will perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GAC Special Featuring Scotty McCreery - More information and Air times

This is up at the GAC website,3038,GAC_26200_78794,00.html

Click to make larger, as you can see it will air several times! I know a lot of fans don't get this chanel so here's to also hoping it's posted on the website!

                                                          Click image to make larger

SCOTTY MCCREERY 99.5 WYCD Oct 13th appearance (Contest)

Stars Of American Idol Winning Weekend! Scotty McCreery! Country News
2:59 pm

Scotty McCreery And American Idols Live…
 is your chance to meet Scotty McCreery up close and personal! It’s a 99.5 WYCD Stars of American Idol Winning Weekend!

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Tune your FM dial to 99.5 and beginning Friday (September 30) at 5 p.m. through Sunday (October 2) at 5 p.m., be listening for the cue to call in to 313-298-1999! If you are the 9th caller, you and a guest are invited to the 99.5 WYCD Backyard BBQ featuring Scotty McCreery on October 13th!

Read more: Stars Of American Idol Winning Weekend! Scotty McCreery!

Scotty McCreery text your vote for The BlueCrew

Scotty tweeted today asking people to

Text the word showdown to 46988 & select C. Garner
You are voting for the Blue Crew as the best student section

*note: message & data rates may apply

Scotty fans know how to vote so let's get behind our favorite idols Blue Crew & start voting!

30 second clip of Scotty McCreery "Walk In The Country"

I know there a number of fans that don't have iTunes and haven't heard the clips yet. Here is "Walk In The Country" a short clip of it. If you listened to Scotty's interview yesterday with Ryan, then you heard it. But, if you didn't get the opportunity here is the clip, you can scroll down on the blog site here and you'll find the interview.

Scotty McCreery donates tickets to his Birthday Bash

Scotty giving tickets to charity. His character is always apparent in what he does.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scotty confirms tour with Brad Paisley!

21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors 2011- Scotty comes in at #4!

They've got hit records, millions of fans, and the kind of success most musicians only dream of -- and they can't even buy a glass of champagne to celebrate their success. Welcome to's 2011 installment of 21 Under 21, our annual ranking of music's most powerful minors.

From bubbly boy bands to white-hot producers, sexy K-Pop princesses to pint-sized Reggeaton powerhouses, rising hip-hop stars to international pop icons, these are the fresh faces whose careers will continue to pack the biggest punches over the next 12 months. Get used to this crew, because they're all just getting started.

Birthdate: Oct. 9, 1993 (age 17)

Why He's Hot: When viewers first saw Scotty McCreery at the Milwaukee auditions for "American Idol" season 10, they could barely believe the big ole voice coming out of the North Carolina teen. McCreery skated through the season not only on his baritone and Josh Turner covers, but also his fresh-faced charm and country drawl. Crowned "Idol" champ back in May 2010, McCreery signed to Mercury Nashville shortly and delivered his first smash single, "I Love You This Big," to radio shortly thereafter. McCreery's idol status is set to loom even larger when his anticipated debut album, "Clear as Day," is released on Oct. 4.

Brad Paisley Wraps Tour, Invites Scotty McCreery to Join Him On the Road in 2012

Brad Paisley’s H2O II: Wetter & Wilder World Tour played its final show this past Sunday night in Raleigh, NC. Paisley’s 2011 tour played to over 1,079,436 fans in 52 markets including five stadium shows and eight European performances.

As has been custom on the H2O II tour Paisley ended the show in Raleigh with an encore performance of crowd favorite “Alcohol” with all the tour special guests and others joining him on stage. When American Idol 2011 winner and Garner, NC native Scotty McCreery joined the group on stage the crowd went crazy. Paisley asked, “Do you want to go on tour with me?” and McCreery nodded “yes” in response. “Great, I’m going to take you out next year!” More details on Paisley’s 2012 tour will be out soon.

The last show of a Paisley tour is known for the pranks – and the Raleigh show was no different. A wide variety of shenanigans went on through-out the evening ranging from a toilet seat showing up on stage, a tour bus being trashed with packing peanuts, an artist’s meet and greet was swamped with an extra 200 fans and strange costumes appeared on stage during songs. But one prank Paisley had been planning for a while – he had done his research and ordered remote control water spraying trucks. During Blake Shelton’s performance Paisley stood side of stage and thoroughly enjoyed watching Shelton’s reaction as he was doused with water. During Paisley’s show he called Edens Edge on stage and presented them with a brand new Arkansas Razorbacks floor mat to replace the one that was destroyed a little earlier in the year – everyone’s happy now.

Special guests on the H2O II: Wetter & Wilder tour have been Blake Shelton and Jerrod Niemann with Sunny Sweeney, Edens Edge, the JaneDear Girls and Brett Eldredge as performers on the Water World Stage.

The Trouble With Girls hits TOP 40

Congrats on another top 40 hit Scotty!! So proud of you <3  Scotty is also listed on the Country's Music most added songs list!

Click image to make larger


Click image to make larger

Scotty McCreery Prepares For Album Release « Nashville Music Scene

Sent by Donna Edited by Hailey - This seems to be an official promotion event release. I think we have all these things listed on the side bar, but the "Today Show" question seems to be answered here, and yes he'll be there 2 days! The GAC Documentary looks to be really interesting, and we're gearing up for a whirlwind week!


Scotty McCreery Prepares For Album Release

Scotty McCreery will release his debut album, Clear As Day, on Oct. 4 during a week that will include several national television appearances and a hometown event celebrating his album release and 18th birthday.

“I am so excited,” Scotty says. “This is something we’ve been working on for months now and the release date is almost here. We are super-stoked and ready for you guys to hear the music.”
Scotty will perform on Today on Monday, Oct. 3. On Tuesday, Oct. 4, he will perform on Live With Regis and Kelly and appear on Today in the 10 a.m. hour.

GAC will premiere Introducing: Scotty McCreery on Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. GAC cameras have been following Scotty since June and have captured many important moments that have occurred since he won Season 10 of American Idol in May. The show also features interviews with family, friends and industry leaders who have played an important role in his personal and professional life.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Scotty will perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On Friday, Oct. 7, he will perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Scotty turns 18 on Sunday, Oct. 9, so he is inviting all of his friends and fans to attend his Album Release and Birthday Bash Homecoming. It will be held on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 11 a.m. at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek in Raleigh.

Scotty will perform with his band during the event and also participate in a Q-and-A with a WQDR radio personality and answer questions from the audience.

Those arriving at the event with a copy of Clear As Day will be admitted to the event free, along with a guest, and copies of the album will be sold at the venue. Also, tickets can be won through local media outlets. All attending the event will receive a commemorative poster.

“It’s going to be a blast,” he says. “It’s going to be held at the venue where I’ve grown up watching country concerts. It will be so cool to get the album out there and sing some songs and have a good time while doing it. It’s my 18th birthday party. What better way to celebrate than at Walnut Creek?”

On Oct. 11, Scotty will perform on The Grand Ole Opry, which will be televised on Opry Live on GAC at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT.

Scotty's bday announcementWQDR-94.7 FM -- Today's Best Country

Scotty 94.7 QDR invites you to the world’s biggest 18th birthday and CD release party for our own hometown idol Scotty McCreery. 

Listen to win your tickets this week so you can come and play Saturday October 8th 11 AM at Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion as Scotty celebrates his 18th birthday with a CD release party!  Win tickets or support Scotty’s first CD release “Clear As Day” on Universal Music Group. 

Bring Scotty’s CD with you or purchased the CD at the gate to get you and a friend in to the party.  Scotty will sing us some of his new hits from the stage so plan on an event full of love as we finally welcome our American Idol winner Scotty McCreery home!

Here is some information about the venue, parking, directions, address etc..

WRAL - Scotty McCreery at Garner Football.

Thanks for the heads up in the comment section for this one.

Scotty's On air interview with Ryan Seacrest 9/27

This is a fun interview, remember Ryan's show has one of the largest audiences, and even though it's a hiphop/top 40 it's great promotion! Scotty sounds very mature here, and answers the Thia/Scotty dating question, along with some things he used to sneak out and do, prior to going on stage during tour. They play a clip of "Walk In The Country", and it sounds AMAZING on radio. I'd not complain if this was the next single. <-- click here to listen

It allows embedding, but I'm challenged to get the embed code to do it's job here. :/

Wish Scotty McCreery a happy birthday!

Scotty turns 18 on October 9th!

In the comments section below, feel free to post your birthday wish for him as part of our virtual birthday card.

Please help us get as many wishes as possible by spreading the word through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and whatever else you can think of.

Let's make Scotty's 18th birthday the best yet!

Scotty McCreery 18th birthday party/cd release party

QDR announced today that Scotty McCreery will be having an 18th birthday party/cd party!

Saturday, October 8th @ 11:00 am
Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion


QDR will also be giving away 1,000 of tickets so tune into 94.7 QDR for your chance to win!

Scotty McCreery QDR BIG Scotty news coming today

@mikewheless. Tweeted this a few minutes ago
@ScottyMcCreery news coming today!!
Hang tight!!

We'll be sure to get the big news posted as soon as we find out what it is!!!
You can also listen at QDR.COM

Listen to Scotty McCreery on air with Ryan Seacrest this AM

Ryan's show is from 6am - 10am West Coast or Pacific Time or even (California time) he will be on after 7am, for me that's after 10am.  You can listen live by clicking the stream below. <--- Listen here

If you miss it live, no problem I'm sure Ryan's site will have the interview up later, and we'll post it!
Have a great day!

For those that aren't sure :D lol

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Scotty McCreery Radio Hop it Results, and Pulse Music Boards

 This is great!  Seems TTWG is really starting to take off. I wonder if the lable held back until the tour finished, and the album was going to be released? I don't know, just a thought.   I read on pulse music boards, Scotty gained 15 monitored spins today, moving up to 42. Pulse music board is a great source of information, if your following the song on the charts. Those that post there are really into the Music charts, and even though Scotty has his own thread, it can tend to get a little negative. I encourage you to join and post positive comments about Scotty, but remember these aren't just Scotty fans, or American Idol fans they're Music chart fans. lol  <-- Pulse Music Boards


Scotty McCreery “The Trouble With Girls” – Hop It Or Drop It Results

Imagine being 17 years-old and having your music dreams come true. American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery is living that dream. His second radio single, ”The Trouble With Girls” has been released and I wanted to know what you thought of it. How did the votes go for this Hop it or Drop it?

Listen to the song and tell us what you think!
Without any hesitation you decided this song was a definite HOP!

Scotty just wrapped up performing as part of the American Idol Live! tour, plus he has a few solo dates he’s been doing. Needless to say, he’s been busy. And he’s been working on his debut album, ‘Clear as Day,’ which is scheduled to hit stores October 4, 2011.

If you haven’t heard it yet take a listen to, Scotty McCreery “The Trouble With Girls”.

Read more: Scotty McCreery “The Trouble With Girls” – Hop It Or Drop It Results

Prankster Brad Paisley Pours on Packing Peanuts - Country Weekly

Prankster Brad Paisley Pours on Packing Peanuts

American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Shows Up for Brad's Final Tour Stop—and the Prank Wars That Go With It.

courtesy Brad Paisley Twitter
Brad Paisley is notorious for pulling pranks on his opening acts, and Brad even involved an American Idol winner for his tour-ending shenanigans this weekend.

Brad and Scotty McCreery—who showed up Sunday night in Raleigh for the end of the H2O II: Wetter & Wilder World Tour—apparently doused Blake Shelton.

“Me and @BradPaisley just soaked @blakeshelton w/ remote control water shootin trucks, hahah. #funny,” Scotty tweeted.

Brad added: "Hopefully @ScottyMcCreery is learning how NOT to behave on tour...”

But that wasn’t all: Somehow, Jerrod Neimann’s bus got a little attention as well.
“Thanks @BradPaisley for decorating our bus. It only took a hour to clean haha,” Jerrod’s bandmate Houston Phillips later tweeted.

CMT is asking for questions for Scotty

Not sure what the questions are for, but if you have a Twitter account make sure to submit some!

Scotty McCreery - The Rumor Mill - Ryan Seacrest


Tweets mentioning @FansOfScotty

Tanya Rad

he sure is! After 7! “: Is Scotty McCreery going 2be on Ryans show tmr? Hearing rumors, but would like to know"

Rumor has it Scotty will be on Ryan Seacrest radio show tomorrow. We're still searching for confirmation to this, so maybe this post is a bit premature, but we'll let you know when we find anything out. In the meantime, maybe some tweets to Ryan or his assistant will help she loves Scotty! Here she is way way back in the beginning of idol. This video was one of my very first posts the week I started this site! lol

Actually, she had 2 videos up - one of them she had met Scotty and he sang a line from "Your Man" for her, but it's been removed, it was so cute! Anyways, she's a fan - her twitter is

Tanya Rad
I'm just a 23-year-old girl who got her DREAM job! I'm goin 2 B sitting in studio during On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest giving u the inside scoop :) 102.7 KIIS FM. Following Unfollow . Tweet to @OnAirChatChick

Taste of Country: Scotty McCreery Joins Brad Paisley Onstage

By Billy Dukes

One year ago, ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery would have had to buy an expensive ticket to see Brad Paisley up close. Sunday night in Raleigh, N.C., the 17-year-old breezed backstage to hang out with the CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee, before joining him onstage.

“Look who’s here tonight. Hopefully @ScottyMcCreery is learning how NOT to behave on tour,” Paisley tweeted, along with the picture of the two seen above.

McCreery joined the tour’s opening acts and local radio personalities to sing ‘Alcohol’ during the show’s closing moments. It was Paisley’s final night of the H2O II Tour, and the McCreery cameo wasn’t the only surprise. The prank wars were at a fever pitch.

More about the pranks:

Hopefully some videos will show up soon of Scotty on stage!

Scotty McCreery "The Trouble With Girls" Mediabase Country Chart Position 9/26/11

Scotty McCreery see a great upswing with "The Trouble With Girls"  this week. Moving into the Country chart position of  45.  5 more spots and the larger top 40 country stations will be able to add it. I'm really excited for Scotty, this is great news. Please don't forget to request at your local country station, visit the requesting tab page above to find your local station. Call, email, tweet :)

Scotty McCreery:
“The Trouble With Girls”: ^45 Country (49)

Scotty McCreery Week of 9/25/11 Top Five Gone Wild

Scotty comes in at 3rd this week, on Top Five Gone wild with 32,870 votes. Beating him out for 2nd was another american idol CASEY JAMES. 3 Idols in the top 5. Coming at #1 WAS Christian Kane with 52,625 - So if we want Scotty to take over the number one spot, we have a bit of voting to do! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scotty McCreery in Raleigh with Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley's Photos - Look who's here tonight, Hopefully @ScottyMcCreery is learning how NOT to behave on tour

Tweet from Scotty tonight - he was backstage at the concert.
me and @BradPaisley just soaked @blakeshelton w/ remote control water shootin trucks, hahah. #funny about 1 hour ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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Scotty McCreery American Idol Journey

I know I posted this awhile ago, but since were coming up on the week before his album is released, I thought it would be nice to watch again. Enjoy

I love how he says' I'm just so humbled to be here.

Scotty McCreery Josh talks about Scotty to

Josh Turner says Scotty's homecoming is comparable to Beattlemania!

Scotty McCreery, rumors, confirmations, appearances OH MY


Tuesday, October 4 Regis and Kelly: Hugh Jackman, Kaley Cuoco, Scotty McCreery Confirmed


Jay Leno October 5th

Ellen October 7th

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Toledo Blade Clear As Day review

Scotty McCreery American Idol Winner

You can’t get your hands on it yet, but American Idol winner Scotty McCreery releases his debut album, “Clear as Day” on Oct. 4. Personally, I don’t think his label has done him any favors with his first two singles, “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble with Girls,” which are dragged down with weak, sappy hooks. But overall, this is a good album, which is pretty impressive since he had to cut it between dates on the American Idol tour. The natural fear would be that an AI product would be forced to stray from his country roots, but “Clear as Day” doesn’t do that. It gives a good sampling of the world McCreery grew up in down in North Carolina. His fans are going to love “Dirty Dishes,” “Back on the Ground,” and “That Old King James.” Considering he’s already got one of the purest voices in country, the sky’s the limit for McCreery.

Brian Dugger’s column on country music appears in The Blade the last Saturday of every month. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter @DuggerCountry.

EDIT BY HAILEY: I disagree with the sappy part, but I might be a bit bias! lol

Grand Ole Opry Birthday Features a Month of Superstars | GAC News & Notes

The Grand Ole Opry will celebrate its 86th birthday the whole month of October with a list of all-star artists and special shows and events, many of which will be aired on GAC during episodes of Opry Live.

The party kicks off October 4 when the Opry honors Randy Travis for 25 years in country music and as an Opry member. Carrie Underwood, Connie Smith and Josh Turner are just a few of the artists scheduled to be on hand to honor Randy. Several performances from the night will be part of an episode of Opry Live to air on GAC October 15 at 9/8 CT.

The Opry’s Official 86th Birthday Bash Weekend will be held October 7 and 8 and feature performances from Charley Pride, Rascal Flatts and the solo Opry debut of Ronnie Dunn. Other events scheduled for the weekend are a Saturday afternoon birthday concert featuring Mel Tillis and a free Opry Plaza Birthday Party.  GAC will broadcast the birthday party live on Opry Live at 9/8 CT.

Chris Young, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, LeAnn Rimes, Montgomery Gentry, Sara Evans, Scotty McCreery and Trace Adkins are all scheduled to appear on the Opry October 11. The night will also include a live broadcast of Opry Live at 8/7 CT. Other performances from the night will be filmed for a an episode of Opry Live to air October 29 at 9/8 CT.

Let's hope Scotty is one of the performances filmed for the episode on October 29th!

700,000 Reasons Why Country Music Is More Popular Than Ever Before - Taste of Country

The Taste of Country Facebook page has just reached 700,000 “likes” by country music fans around the world. We’re not bragging (OK, maybe a little), just saying “thank you.” Country music is stronger than ever right now, and we’re blessed that our readers let us bring them country music’s breaking news, the most insightful interviews and the best new music on a daily basis.

We’re also very grateful for your timely feedback. It keeps us to stay on task to what is truly important in country music right now. 2011 has so far been a whirlwind year of country stars penetrating the
mainstream in ways fans can embrace.

 Scotty McCreery stuck to his roots and overwhelmed judges and viewers (like you and us) on ‘American Idol.’ Blake Shelton didn’t shy away from who he was on his way to becoming a fan favorite on ‘The Voice.’ And Taylor Swift continues to have one of the top tours of the summer, selling out shows in every city she visits.

Read More <-- link to Taste of Country, but I've highlighted the Scotty mention here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scotty McCreery, Gold certification "I Love You This Big"

Kenny Chesney Earns Gold, Platinum Certifications
September 22 2011 | Craig Shelburne

Kenny Chesney's latest album, Hemingway's Whiskey, has been certified platinum by the RIAA for shipments of 1 million copies. The project is his 10th platinum album. In addition, his duet with Grace Potter, "You and Tequila," has been certified as a gold single for 500,000 digital downloads. The duet is the fourth single from Hemingway's Whiskey, following "The Boys of Fall," "Somewhere With You" and "Live a Little.
In addition, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is enjoying his first certification as his debut single, "I Love You This Big," reaches 500,000 downloads. McCreery will release his debut album, Clear as Day, on Oct. 4.

Scotty McCreery upcoming appearances

Garner's homecoming football game was cancelled last night & rescheduled for Monday, 09/26 @ 7:00pm.

Chris Edwards said last Friday that Scotty would be interviewed at half-time. You can listen to the game & interview at:

Scotty is scheduled to be on The Today Show & Regis& Kelly October 4th. Even though a formal announcement has not been made, this was seen in Direct TV guide.

Scotty McCreery Will Join Crook and Chase - B104 - Continuous Country Favorites

Sorry for the late notice ~ this is to air this morning~ hopefully some of you can catch it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Scotty to Sing the National Anthem at NC State Football game

NC State’s football team has opened the season with three consecutive sellouts at home, including next Saturday’s contest against Georgia Tech, and only a limited number of tickets are remaining for the Pack’s game versus Central Michigan on October 8.

That game is designated as “Bowl Day,” as State’s past bowl MVPs will be honored at halftime and bowl trophies will be on display for fans to take photos with.

In addition, Garner native and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery will perform the national anthem prior to the game. The McCreery family holds season tickets for Wolfpack football.

"I'll be doing some exciting things in the Raleigh area this October and November,” said McCreery. “I'm honored one of those events includes singing our national anthem for the Wolfpack on Oct 8.”

Remaining tickets are $39 each and can be purchased online be clicking here.

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