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Dunn assists the 'Idol' Dream

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GARNER--Debbie Dunn has long felt the pull of the stage, from her first dose of Loretta Lynn's big-haired twang to her pageant queen days to her years heading her own country band.

But her work behind the stage has also earned applause.

For more than a decade, Dunn helped amateur performers shine - buffing the rough edges off of acts that often were more at home at a pig pickin' than underneath the bright stage lights of Johnston Community College's Country Music Showcase.

One of those acts, "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery, was 15 when he auditioned for the showcase. Two years later, Dunn also managed the stage for his homecoming concert - a mammoth event that now is part of an Emmy-nominated "American Idol" segment.

For Dunn, Scotty's transformation from a shy kid with a guitar to a full-blown star only proves her long-held beliefs about performing - that it has immense power and that it requires hard work.

"I just believe in the performing arts and how it changes lives," said Dunn, who also worked with Raleigh's Clay Aiken, another North Carolina native and showcase veteran who was a runner-up in the Fox television competition. "I just couldn't be happier, really, than (when) helping people like Scotty."

Judy McCreery, Scotty's mother, said his experience at the showcase turned out to be important training. The 1,000-seat JCC auditorium was the biggest venue he had sung at up to that point, and Dunn's rigorous training would preview his "Idol" rehearsals.

"It was just a great foundation for Scotty," said McCreery, who spoke by phone from the "American Idol" tour bus on the way from New Orleans to Orlando, Fla. "Debbie gave Scotty an excellent taste of what it would take to be a professional country music singer."

Scotty's "Idol" run has been a thrill for Dunn, who saw him perform live during one taping in Los Angeles, and, by a strange stroke of luck, played a key role in arranging his homecoming concert.

Dunn had just started her new job in Garner when it became clear that Scotty would likely make the top three "Idol" contestants, all of whom would perform in their hometowns.

The concert was a major logistical challenge for Garner, which welcomed a crowd of 30,000 - roughly the town's population - to Lake Benson Park.

Dunn was quickly charged with managing the stage show, which involved details ranging from bringing in a stage to hiding Josh Turner's tour bus so that his appearance could remain a surprise.

Dunn enlisted the Country Music Showcase band to accompany Scotty, which impressed Judy McCreery, who noted that many other "Idol" contestants sang to pre-recorded music at their homecomings.

"She just took the whole music part and ran with it," McCreery said. "I don't know how many hours she put into it, but when we saw that stage, my mouth about dropped. I'll never forget it."

This article was taken from Posted here are the parts mentioning Scotty but if you would like to read the whole article, the link is below.

Scotty McCreery wows Nashville

Baby, lock them doors ...

Tonight's an important one for Scotty McCreery. He's not only performing for the 12,000 or people who bought tickets to the show, but he's also showing members of the country music industry and media how well he can hold a crowd. They're listening to how he sings, they're seeing what kind of presence he has, they're gauging his performance and his potential in a room where they've watched the biggest singers in the genre, from Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift. For better or worse, he'll have a reputation in the country music industry after tonight, and it'll be a hard one to shake. The significance of the show wasn't lost on Scotty this afternoon as he did a round of interviews.

Make no mistake: This is Scotty's audience. The people in the crowd may like other performers, they might cheer and scream for them, but the 17-year-old from North Carolina's the one that got them to the box office.

And he doesn't disappoint. The crowd is with him for every word, every gesture.

"What's going on, Music City?" he says after Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? "Y'all were probably wondering if I was ever going to make it out here," he says, noting that he's been watching the show from beneath the bleachers the whole time.

Some of the audience sits for Scotty's single, I Love You This Big, but the rests between the lines are punctuated with the shouts of young girls. Scotty sounds like he's growing into the song, too. he hasn't always been spot-on singing this song, but this performance is one of the stronger ones I've heard from him.

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Scotty McCreery: Stayin' in His Boots

Clean your room, and no TV until your homework is finished: Some things in life are non-negotiable, and even super-stardom won’t change a mom’s mind.

These were some of the house rules for Scotty McCreery of Garner, who last May, at age 17, won the Season 10 American Idol singing title.

Idol’s youngest-ever winner says it’s the lessons he learned at home that help him “stay in his boots” now, as country music’s newest recording artist.

“Garner prepared me beyond words,” Scotty said. “My parents made me responsible, and even as a baseball pitcher (for the Garner Magnet High Trojans), I was center field, so if I messed up it was all eyes on me, just like being on stage.

“I’m not going to change — how could I? I was bagging groceries a few months ago (at the local Lowes Foods.) I’m the same kid, just more people know my name now.”

Indeed, the lives of the McCreery family, including mom Judy, dad Mike and sister Ashley, and their hometown of Garner, have been thrust into the international spotlight via Scotty’s success.

Garner deserves to be celebrated, the McCreerys say.

“People think Mike and I are Ward and June Cleaver, but we’re not,” said Judy. “Scotty is a reflection of this whole community. I can’t say enough about his schools, and our church. My kids saw our values modeled in other homes, too. They’ve had a stability in Garner that’s given them confidence.”

American Idol Scotty McCreery of Garner says it’s the lessons he learned here at home that help him “stay in his boots” as country’s newest recording artist. Top right, Scotty celebrates his win as youngest-ever Idol, onstage in Los Angeles. Prior to that, some 30,000 fans from near and far swarmed Garner to be part of Scotty’s Hometown Hero concert.

Richard Brunson, who once coached a “determined” 7-year-old Scotty on the baseball field, says faith in God has guided the McCreery family.

“He’s so genuine; I think people who don’t even like country music voted for him on Idol because they like him,” Brunson said. “Scotty realizes he’s blessed.”

The Rev. Ron Fowler is minister of students at First Baptist Church in Garner, the McCreerys’ church home. He recollects Scotty and the youth group on a mission trip in New York, preparing sandwiches to serve the homeless.

“He’s willing to do whatever it takes. He’s the kind of guy who’s everybody’s friend, someone they look up to and respect,” Fowler said. “Scotty doesn’t walk on water, but he has character, humility and faith in Christ that says, ‘This is who I am.’”

Scotty, meanwhile, ponders his new opportunities.

“It’s just really humbling,” he said. “I still don’t know why it’s me.”

His go-to Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, which reads, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

“I grew up on that verse. I put it inside my baseball cap when I’m pitching,” Scotty said. “A lot of times it’s hard to decipher God’s plan for your life, and you’ve got to trust him. God’s given me this, and it’s my job to use it to his glory and his benefit, not my own.”

Having the support of his church and community as he travels means a lot, Scotty says. He joins in youth worship via phone or Skype as often as possible.

“The boys back home keep me accountable,” Scotty said. “People pray for me, shoot me texts … it’s really uplifting.”

Judy says Scotty once held off an Idol vocal coach as the show was about to go live, choosing instead to sit in a stairwell singing with the Garner group.

“Praising God is his priority,” she said. “He wants to do good things with the gifts he’s been given. He says, ‘Mom, I’m supposed to be here.’

“I believe God’s using him as a light, showing people that it’s OK to do your school work and go to church,” Judy said. “There’s a lot of pressure on Scotty. I’ve told him, ‘People are watching for you to fall from grace. God’s hand is on you, but you’ve got to be faithful.’ I really think he gets it.”

“The youth group asked Scotty how we can pray for him,” Fowler added. “The first things he said were for humility and strength over temptation.”

The first male country singer to win Idol, Scotty broke chart records with the debut of his single, “I Love You This Big.” He’s now under contract with Mercury Nashville, recording his first album while on the nationwide Idol tour this summer, for a scheduled Black Friday release.

Garner is enjoying international attention as the community that produced the first male country Idol, including interest by tourists and businesses. Growing up on good Garner values, Scotty says, prepared him for this fame. He’s humbled by the support of his community, who came out by the thousands to cheer his springtime visit to local radio stations and stores.

He’ll also complete his senior year of high school from the road, to earn a Garner High diploma.

Will he relocate to the country music capital?

“I don’t plan on leaving Garner,” he said. “Hopefully I can have an apartment in Nashville, and still live here.

“And I’m definitely going to college. That’s why I went home to take my AP English exam the day after the Idol finale, to get my three college credits!”

Other area towns have also played a part in the start of Scotty’s career. He won the Clayton Idol singing title in 2009, and has performed in Johnston Community College’s Country Music Showcase. Among his local musical mentors are guitar teacher Gary Epperson, and Bud Moffett, who helped Scotty select songs for the Idol stage.

Then there’s Meredith Clayton, choral director at Garner High. At the Idol finale, Scotty presented Clayton with keys to a new car.

“I cannot take credit for his voice; that talent comes from God,” she said. But Clayton coached Scotty during Idol, on using the judges’ criticism to grow as an artist.

“I told him, ‘Be the good boy you are. Let America see that, and they’ll fall in love with you,’” Clayton said. “Now, Scotty has a great opportunity to show Christian faith, a humble attitude, and the importance of education. He can be a role model for teens around the world.”

Clayton, a newcomer to Garner six years ago, said, “I can’t say enough good things about Garner. Parents are involved in students’ education; they’re hard-working families, and it’s the kind of place where everybody goes to the football games on Friday nights.

“Garner’s a wonderful community. All put together, it makes Scotty the complete package.”

“I couldn’t ask for any better upbringing than what I received,” Scotty said from backstage at an Alabama concert arena. “Garner is such a great town to grow up in. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my hometown.”

Scotty McCreery QDR Interview

Scotty explains how to eat BoJangles, LOL... Somebody give this boy a commercial! This is a great interview! Some new and interesting things here. Enjoy

Scotty McCreery and Baseball

 Members of The Blue Crew

To the people who see 17-year-old Scotty McCreery on television, in concerts and signing autographs, he looks like the small town aw-shucks teenager from Garner, North Carolina (just outside of Raleigh) who captured the country’s imagination with his climb to the American Idol title this past spring.

To those who have known him since diapers, they will all say he is everything you see on television – a good person, a friend, someone who regularly attends church and an excellent teammate as a right- handed baseball pitcher.

As McCreery was making the media rounds on Wednesday prior to that night’s American Idol Tour concert, he was more than happy to switch paths on interview questions and discuss his favorite sport – baseball.

While a student at Garner High, McCreery posted a 6-1 record as a member of the junior varsity squad in 2010 and then earned a spot on the varsity for the 2011 season.

Scotty McCreery Interview with The Gabi Show

Watching AMERICAN IDOL at home is always enjoyable, but seeing these artists live is an experience. Past tours have featured current pop luminaries such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Lee DeWyze and so many more. Every summer, the tour keeps IDOL alive in arenas everywhere allowing the audiences the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite contestants this year wasn't the exception. This top eleven had the crowd on their feet singing along to every word. The concert was a blast

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Scotty McCreery HD Video Raleigh NC RBC Center

I Love You This Big with Scotty Talking to the audience.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

I know I posted this, but this one is HD
Intro/ Your Man

Scotty McCreery Intro for the RBC N.C. Concert

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh soo good!! sooo exciting!! :D

Mike McCreery Interview WRAL


To post or not to post

Ok, I have no idea if I should or shouldn't post this. So enjoy it fast, because I might take it down. Scotty appears about 1 min into this video. It's adorable!!! I had to watch it 2x to make sure it wasn't a Scotty impersonator! lolol Enjoy, again I might take it down. Way back in early March I stated I wouldn't ever post private or leaked things here. I feel very strongly about that. This was public on you tube. I really don't know what to make of it! Any thoughts? Let me know!

Scotty McCreery 7-27-11 NC I Love You This Big

Scotty McCreery N.C. was ELECTRIC

Scotty McCreery says "It's crazy to be back in N.C."

 Charlotte Observer

Scotty McCreery has had some awfully big moments in 2011, not the least of which was being crowned winner of Season 10 of "American Idol" in front of a huge nationally televised audience.
But his North Carolina homecoming ranks right up there.

Wednesday night, the American Idols LIVE! tour stopped in Raleigh, which is just minutes from McCreery's hometown of Garner; he and his 10 fellow finalists spent the night in a hotel in the capital, then their caravan of tour buses rolled on to Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena for a Thursday night show.

"It was definitely a moment I'll never forget going out to the RBC Center, an arena that I grew up in, watching the Hurricanes and the Wolfpack and seeing a lot of games there. Performing there was crazy," the 17-year-old country singer said during an interview at TWC Arena a few hours before Thursday's concert.

He said several friends and family members were at the Raleigh show, and several more - including his father, Mike, and his sister, Ashley - were in Charlotte Thursday.

"My sister goes to UNC Charlotte, so I've got some ties down here," McCreery said. "A lot of her friends and my friends go there as well, so I've been down here many a time. ... It's always nice to be in North Carolina, (and) being in the biggest city in North Carolina is just a plus."

McCreery wasn't able to see much of Charlotte on Thursday. But during his very brief visit home to Garner on Wednesday, McCreery packed in a lot, including a stop by his old workplace (Lowes Foods, where he worked as a cashier), a surprise visit to the high school's football practice, and a walk with his family at Lake Benson Park.

The "American Idol" tour is still a long way from over, with another 30 shows slated between now and Sept. 10. On his days off, McCreery has been working on his debut studio album, which he says he hopes will be released by fall. It's a drastically different life than he was living a year ago, when he was preparing to start his junior year at Garner Magnet High School.

"It's definitely been a change, and it's gonna take some getting used to," he said. "I mean, there's no more walking in a restaurant and having a normal dinner."

As for his senior year?

"What we're looking at it is getting through all this, getting the album out, and promoting it. And then maybe I can get the chance to go back to school and to walk around campus. 'Cause it's my senior year. I did this 'Idol' thing, and it got me to where I'm at now, but you don't want to miss out on those memories of your senior year. So hopefully I can get back. It'll be a weird thing, 'cause I'll still be working, but ..."

Then McCreery said something you don't hear come out of a 17-year-old boy's mouth very often ... if ever: "What I'd give to get back behind the desk and take a test."

Read more:

Scotty McCreery Video American Idol Tour RBC Center

This is a five minute video, Scotty comes out at the 4:50 mark if you want to ffwd to it. lol :D

Hometown Interview with Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery at the RBC Center

I'm so sorry

To Everybody,

My son has been very sick the last week, and I haven't even looked at a computer.  I will do my best, but obviously he comes first. He's little and was running a 103-104 temp for 4 days that no matter what I did it wouldn't break.  It was scary! There are people yelling at me in the comments section, and while I understand I run a fan site.. I'm just one person.  If anybody would like to help I'd love it.  I've had people in the past offer to help out, but they're busy too, and so I am in need of somebody who is responsible and mature who can devote a little bit of time each day to the site. I'm a little hurt by the comments here since I've been one of the first sites, and have posted consistently since the end of February.  I've dedicated a lot of time to this site, and while I love it, I just feel annoyed at the selfishness and immaturity of the comments.  78 comments about Lauren.. REALLY PEOPLE!!!!! There are far bigger things in this world, and I haven't even begun to read most of what was written. I had a hard time getting past the WHERE ARE YOU,,,, YOU SAY YOU UPDATE AND THEN NOTHING... BLAHBLAHBLAH... Well MY CHILD WAS SICK!!!! anyways.... Again, if anybody is willing to help out then let me know :D  I'd love it!! I'm done ranting.. I missed Scotty's hometown concert :(   And will start to update again, but I could really use a little help, sooo please tweet me if your interested in being a part of this site <3   @fansofscotty.

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Scotty McCreery TCA Reminder

Have you voted today? Just a reminder to vote!  <--------------

Scotty McCreery Performs For His Hometown Next Week

Im really looking forward to Scottys visit to the RBC center. If your going please let me know! I would love to set up a ustream cell cast for the fans. Even if I have no idea exactly how that works! lol I'm sure I can figure it out. 

Our "American Idol" is coming home again next week. But unlike at his Emmy-nominated triumphant return to Garner's Lake Benson Park in May, this time Scotty McCreery will be sharing the stage.

He and the others in last season's "Idol" Top 11 will be rolling into Raleigh's RBC Center on Wednesday for the "American Idol Live!" tour. They'll continue across the state Thursday to Charlotte's Time-Warner Cable Arena.

For Scotty - the Garner High School baseball player and Lowes Foods cashier who won the 10th "Idol" crown in May - returning to his home state will be particularly sweet. As an N.C. State basketball fan, the 17-year-old has spent plenty of time in the seats of the RBC Center.

"It's going to be cool for me because I've gone there so many times for concerts and N.C. State games," Scotty said. "I just want to go out there and say thanks to everyone here."
But unless the "Idol" tour promoters change things up for this special stop, Scotty likely won't be saying his thanks until later in the show. In reports from the early stops on the tour, which launched July 6 near Salt Lake City, Scotty doesn't make his first appearance until about two hours in.

Because he was the big winner, Scotty gets the headliner treatment. So, while the other 10 - including runner-up Lauren Alaina - are performing a variety of solos, duets and group numbers, Scotty is hanging out backstage awaiting his big entrance. (He recently Tweeted about watching the Espy Awards while waiting to go on.)

Of course, when Scotty does appear, the crowd response is huge, reviewers say.
USA Today's "Idol" blogger, Brian Mansfield, noted that Scotty's first song is Josh Turner's "Your Man," which Scotty made his own during "Idol," often singing the opening refrain: "Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low ..."

"He puts a little extra effort into 'I can't believe how much it turns me on' and gets the same response as sparks raining from the ceiling would have," Mansfield wrote. "He wrecks the house with 'Gone' and looks as if he's hardly trying."

"Gone," the Montgomery Gentry song that Scotty had much success with on "Idol," gets backing on the tour by Lauren and some of the other female finalists.

Concert-goers also can expect a duet between Lauren and Scotty on "When You Say Nothing At All," the country song previously performed by both Keith Whitley and Alison Krauss.

At previous stops, Scotty has been soloing on Thompson Square's "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" and, of course, his own hit single, "I Love You This Big." And Scotty will be in the finale, in which everyone joins for a medley that includes Journey's "Any Way You Want It" and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'."

Though the McCreerians - Scotty's fervent fans - may have to wait a bit to see him, they'll likely go home satisfied.

Read more:

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Scotty McCreery Google Video Interview

Thanks for the heads up in the comments about this. This is a long interview with Scotty and Lauren. Enjoy! It's from July 13th.

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Scotty McCreery answers FAN questions #AskScotty

I'm a bit confused as to what happened to this video the first time it was posted, but it's back up, and it says it's ScottyMcCreeryOfficial. I have no idea if this is actually Scotty's official YouTube channel. I will try and get confirmation of that. Thanks for tweeting this to me @KaylaThomas89 or if anybody knows if this IS Scotty's official Chanel please let me know, thanks!

Scotty McCreery "I Love You This Big" Video out possibly next week

Scotty McCreery talks about his debut video. He saw a rough cut of it last week and hopes it will be out next week! Discusses the tour. If the video doesn't work follow the link below it :)

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Scotty McCreery Nominated for Teen Choice "Break Out Artist"

Ok all you teens, and ummm those that are Forever TEENS. :D Scotty has been nominated for Teen Choice Break out Artist award. You must be a TEEN or a teen at heart  to vote.  You must register with an email and Teen Birthday to vote. I'm not sure how long ago voting started. I feel like a fan failure. I had heard about 1.5 months ago he would be nominated, and even tweeted it. Ugh, and after that I never followed up on it.  So, we have some catching up to do. According to the site, voting began weeks ago, unless this category was just announced. <--
Go here to register your TEEN birthday email address. One vote per day. (per email) PER EMAIL. PER EMAIL PER EMAIL. lol  Once registered, click the MUSIC TAB on the top and scroll down to the category BREAK OUT ARTIST. Let's get Scotty that Surfboard Award!!!/TeenChoiceGirl <-- This is the TCA Twitter. You can tweet them to thank them for Nominating Scotty, or just to follow them for any TCA updates.

Scotty McCreery American Idol Tour Video, Scotty after the show

This is another great video of Scotty signing autographs after the show. He see's a former AI alum according to the video description it's D'andre, and is happy to see them.

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Scotty McCreery HIGH FIVE


Scotty McCreery Shirt Auction Ends Tonight

Current bid is 355.00 and you have until 9 pm tonight EST to place your bid. Good Luck!!

Scotty McCreery Video PopCandies TV

Scotty McCreery Fans Of Scotty Forums

 Just a reminder about the New Forums, I just started it a few days ago, but head on over and introduce yourself. I think it's a great way to talk to other fans. I'm still learning about the site and how to create it better.  :D  <-- Go To forums here, or click the tab above also has the link for the forum.

Scotty McCreery Twitter IS @ScottyMcCreery VERIFIED

 I think they transfered all his followers over to his new user name, because when I went to look at his new twitter, It had me as a follower, and I didn't follow the new account. He also tweets that
Scotty McCreery
But it says  RIGHT NOW
So I take this as Twitter has transfered everything to his new account SO I DON'T THINK YOU'LL HAVE TO GO FOLLOW IT. If you were following it, you still are. But DOUBLE CHECK THAT! LOL.

Also Scotty says it will be verfied next week, but the fact that everything transfered to his new account is pretty good verification! It's great he didn't have to lose all his followers!
Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery CMA Music Festival, has moved to 7 p.m. Aug. 14 on ABC

The air date for CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock, the three-hour concert special filmed during the 2011 CMA Music Festival, has moved to 7 p.m. Aug. 14 on ABC.

Dierks Bentley and Little Big Town have been added to the list of artists on the special. The previous list includes: Alabama performing with Brad Paisley; Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson; Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow; Josh Turner and Scotty McCreery; Lauren Alaina and Martina McBride; Gretchen Wilson with Big & Rich; Alan Jackson and Zac Brown; The Band Perry; Sara Evans; Lady Antebellum; Miranda Lambert; Rascal Flatts; Reba McEntire; Darius Rucker; Blake Shelton; Sugarland; Taylor Swift; and Keith Urban.

Scotty McCreery Entertains on Tour

'American Idol Live' Tour: Scotty McCreery Impresses. "Idol's" summer trek entertains.

American Idol Live
Chris Godley
Lauren Alaina, left, and Scotty McCreery
As the 2011 “American Idol Live” tour blasts its way through 47 stages across the continent this summer, the Top 11 are sure to make lots of memories along the way. But Friday’s concert at Los Angeles' Nokia Theater brought plenty back, as the season 10 finalists returned to the spot where the May 25 finale took place.

“I have a lot of good memories from this stage,” Idol reigning winner Scotty McCreery said after his first stage appearance. “Right here is where my life changed forever.”

One of the elements that made this year such a strong season -- musical diversity in that not one of the Top 6 was what you’d call a pop singer -- also created a consistently engaging show. From Jacob Lusk’s impressive range with ’60s soul number “You’re All I Need To Get By” to Haley Reinhart’s effortlessly sultry and jazzy take on “Bennie and the Jets” (or “Jetsssss” as she sings in her trademark style) to Lauren Alaina’s powerful country ballads, the two-hour show oozed variety and talent.

Still, throughout the concert, one can't help but wonder which of its stars are getting their first taste a performer’s life, destined to dazzle audiences around the world, and which ones should be savoring every moment of their summer before they disappear into the “where are they now” category.  Read More here.  I posted pretty much just what was said about Scotty. So click the link if you want to read about the other idols :D

Friday, July 15, 2011

Garner Proud of Scotty McCreery and the Emmy Nomination

Robert Willett -
- Staff Writer
GARNER -- When Scotty McCreery brought home the "American Idol" crown, he also brought a great deal of pride and attention to Garner. Now, his hometown could play a role in giving something back to the Fox show that made their favorite son a star: an Emmy.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday that Scotty's "Idol" homecoming trip to Garner has earned the show an Emmy nomination. It's in the Outstanding Short-Form Picture Editing category for "Scotty's Home Story" - the short video clip of Scotty's May trip to Garner, including visits to Garner High School, the Lowes Foods where he worked, radio station WQDR and Lake Benson Park, where a parade and concert were held.

Scotty McCreery Auctions for Charity GET HIS SHIRT

Scotty City of Hope Shirt up for Auction. have 2 days left to bid on this for charity!! This is pretty cool!!  You can click the image to make it bigger.  Or see below in the article for the link to take you right to Ebay to place your bid!

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are using their post ‘American Idol’ fame to do good things. These country kids took part in the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge as part of the 2011 CMA Music Festival in Nashville last month. They also signed bats used during the game, which are now being auctioned off via eBay for the City of Hope charity along with other worthwhile prizes.

First, a few details about the charity: City of Hope offers compassionate patient care, innovative science and translational research for cancer sufferers, which rapidly turns laboratory breakthroughs into promising new therapies. If you bid on the bats that bear the John Hancocks of McCreery and Alaina, you aid in shortening the time between innovative ideas being translated into actual medical treatments. Donations advance science and the commitment that City of Hope has for the friends and family of cancer patients.

Go here to check out the auction page or here to see the list of items up for grabs.
McCreery’s and Alaina’s auction packs include signed Rawlings wooden bats which are also adorned with the “City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge” logo on the side in black. The winning bidder will receive a Hatch Show Print for the “21st Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge,” as well as a “Strike Out Cancer” baseball cap and T-shirt. It’s a cool set, especially for memorabilia collectors or fans of American’s favorite pastime.

There are also McCreery and Alaina signed jerseys and baseballs being auctioned off, so you could potentially start quite the collection.

It’s for a terrific cause, so if you are McCreery’s or Alaina’s number one fan, why not bid on these items and help a charity? Vince Gill, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen and more country artists also have signed items up for grabs on the auction page.

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Fans Of Scotty Forums

I'm trying something out since I had a few people ask about it. I've created a forum message board.  It needs tweeking. The red annoys me as do the adds. I can pay to have the adds removed. Isn't that funny, I have to pay for that :/  But I hate adds on sites, I find them annoying.  So those aren't mine, it's the message board doing it.  I will work on it more tonight, and add different smileys, and figure out how to add a banner at the top.  :)  But head over and introduce yourself and we'll see where it goes. Also at the top of the site HERE is a a tab that says forums, click the tab and the link to the forum is there. 

Scotty McCreery Mom Judy interviewed by QDR

This is great, a lot of behind the scene tour info.  Scotty has taken to fame like a duck to water <3

Scroll down and under Scotty's interview is her interview, it's really good! <3   It's in a few parts, it's just so great! Enjoy! She is awesome, also some tidbits on the album, he's laid down 8 tracks.  One song made her cry as soon as she heard it! Ahh can't wait for the album!!  He is being pitched some of the best material from the greatest song writers in Nashville!! ahhhhhh Seriously can't wait! And Judy clears up a rumor, NO PLANS ON MOVING and Their house is NOT up for sale. lol  <-- go here and scroll down and it's under Scotty Interview there are 3 parts. 
                                            Judy and Grandma during idol. Look at the pride <3

Scotty McCreery in Country Weekly Magazine

I just can't say thank you enough to the reader who sent me these scans!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now to figure out how to make them easy to read, haha.  Ok I will post each scan, and I believe if you click each scan you can make them bigger to read <3  I've inserted a page break because there are 6 different scans and they take up a lot of space! The person who sent me these please comment in the comment section so the rest of us can ohh and ahhh at you and thank you over and over!! lolol <3

Scotty McCreery on the cover of Carolina Country

The article is a PDF file, hopefully this link works if not try this one  and click Scotty Won PDF GREAT ARTICLE!!

Scotty McCreery Homecoming Video Nominated For Emmy

Scotty McCreery Homecoming Video Nominated For Emmy

From News and Observer! And thanks to you guys who put it in the comments section!! <3

 We'll try to have more on all the Emmy nominations a little later (our opinions, like you care!), but this jumped out at us: the segment featuring Scotty McCreery's Garner homecoming on "American Idol" was nominated for an Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Short-Form Picture Editing." We agree it was outstanding!

Note that the nomination is for "Scotty's Home Story," not the whole episode or anyone else's story. Scotty's story.

Scotty's story is up against some tough competition, though. That entry will have to battle the Academy Awards, the ESPY Awards, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Overall, it looks like "American Idol" received 10 Emmy nominations. The other nominations were in the following categories: The show itself for Outstanding Reality-Competition show; Ryan Seacrest for Outstanding Reality Show Host; Outstanding Sound Editing for a Nonfiction Program (New Orleans Audition #2); Outstanding Sound Mixing for Variety or Musical Series or Special (Finale); Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Program (New Orleans Audition #2); Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Series (finale); Outstanding Art Direction for Variety, Musical or Nonfiction Program (ep 1018); Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy series (ep 1024/1025A); Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Series (finale).

Here's the full list for Scotty's Home Story category:


83rd Annual Academy Awards • Opening Film • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Troy Miller, Opening Film by
Noah Rosenstein, Editor

83rd Annual Academy Awards • This Year’s Unintentional Musicals • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Michael Gregory, This Year’s Unintentional Musicals By
Evan Gregory, This Year’s Unintentional Musicals By

American Idol • Top 3 – Results Show – Scotty’s Home Story • FOX • FremantleMedia North America, Inc. and 19 TV Limited
Oren Castro, Editor

The 2010 ESPY Awards • Images Piece • ESPN • BTW Productions
Matt O’Connor, Editor
Anthony Marchegiano, Editor

Jimmy Kimmel Live • After The Academy Awards – The President’s Speech • ABC • ABC Studios in association with Jackhole Industries
Brian Marsh, Editor

Read more:

Scotty McCreery on the set of his music video

Scotty McCreery on the set of his music video! Thanks for the heads up in the comments section here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outside the tour bus video

Finally something from the buses, this video isn't the best quality, but hey it's something. So cute Mamma McCreery is video taping the fans. It's just a still shot of her, and it's really blurry, but it's still cute!

Scotty McCreery EP BB Top 20

Scotty McCreery, American Idol Season 10: Scotty McCreery EP (14,000, -65%, 54,000) (#19 Billboard 200)

This is very good considering most of the songs on the EP had been released on iTunes already, and the fact that it's only released to Wall Mart.  WTG Scotty!

WRAL Scotty McCreery's Dad will answer questions

Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery&#039;s father, Mike McCreery

Send in your questions for Scotty's dad
By Kathy Hanrahan

Scotty McCreery's father, Mike McCreery, will be dropping by the studios next week to answer a few of your questions. I wanted to chat with him prior the American Idol Live tour stop in Raleigh, which is scheduled July 27 at the RBC Center.

Do you have a questions for Scotty's dad?

Post your questions in the comments section below. I will pick the best five to be answered in our video chat.  <-- Go here to leave your questions in the comments!

 I can't wait for his hometown concert. I wonder if we can do a live cell cast with somebody who will be attending it, so we can hear whats going on when Scotty comes out.  Are you attending this show? If your interested in setting up a live cell cast tweet me, and we'll see if we can work it out.  Or, if you're attending this show, please tweet me, so I can have a twitter list for that night and we can all follow along with your tweets! I can set it up so all the tweets for those attending show up here on the site.  Thanks!
Hailey <3

Scotty McCreery Portland Meet and Greet Video

Finally something from the meet and greets! I want more of these.. Please and Thank you! haha

Scotty McCreery American Idol Tour Videos

This is a great video of Scotty, the beginning is amazing! 3 songs all in one video, GOTTA LOVE IT!! July 11, 2011 Sacramento. His TOTAL introduction, "Your Man" "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" "I Love You This Big"

Scotty McCreery American Idol Tour Reviews

I could have writen reviews for the tour.. they would have gone a little like this... SCOTTY RULED THE NIGHT, HE WAS THE BEST, HE IS A SUPAH STAR. Even if I haven't seen the show yet. I know this to be true.. because, well, he's S.C.O.T.T.Y!!!!! I know my posts have been slower than usual. It's summertime, I am crazy busy with family, and loving every moment. I love summer, I love my kids, I love my town, and I love summer with the kids, and being in my town. I don't won't to miss anything with them because soon enough it's gone. It goes so fast. And I'm gonna miss this.. Even if my day consists of WAKE UP!! WOULD YOU WAKE UP!! IT'S 11 WAKE UP!! than cook, pool, towels, wet floors, cook, pool, towels.. (wait who's towels are these) (wait who's clothes are these) "When will you be back" "Your not allowed that far on your bike" "You can't live on hotdogs!" and so on. It's my favorite time of year because I know I will miss it all when they're grown. So, here watch this video, Scotty's song is number 17, he's doing amazing on tour and under the video are some reviews :D Enjoy!! Doesn't summer rule?!?! This song kills me!! If you don't know it, grab a tissue! <3

By Thad Ogburn - Staff writer
The first three stops on the "American Idols Live Tour" have been completed, and we're seeing the initial reviews of how homeboy Scotty McCreery and the other finalists are doing.

"[James] Durbin got them worked up, and winner Scotty McCreery got them out of their seats," wrote Ryan White in The Oregonian, Portland's newspaper. "The 17-year-old has big presence, a classic country voice and a single called 'I Love You This Big.' "

White said the song's title sounds like "a board book for toddlers." His review, which focused a lot on the commercialism and marketing power of the "Idol" machine, said the females generally do a better job than the men.

"It was easier to pick good songs for them, and they knew how to sing them," White said.

The 11 finalists played Portland on Saturday, after earlier stops near Salt Lake City and Everett, Wash.

Writing in The Salt Lake Tribune, David Burger said Stefano Langone, Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and Pia Toscano "showed the most star power, stage presence and vocal chops."

Burger noted that, unlike previous "Idol" tours, this one doesn't count down from lowest finalist to the ultimate winner. There are more medleys and group performances, Burger said. "The only contestant not seen until the end was winner Scotty McCreery."

Brian Mansfield, the "Idol" blogger for USA Today, also wrote about the Utah show. He said Scotty opens with Josh Turner's "Your Man," which became Scotty's unofficial theme thanks to its "Baby, lock them doors ..." opening.

"He puts a little extra effort into 'I can't believe how much it turns me on' and gets the same response as sparks raining from the ceiling would have," Mansfield wrote. "He wrecks the house with 'Gone' and looks as if he's hardly trying."

Other parts of the show, according to the reviewers:

--Pia and Stefano's take on Rihanna's "California King Bed."

--Casey's version of Santana's "Smooth," while playing stand-up bass.

--An all-cast finale that includes songs by Whitesnake, Journey and Aerosmith, the band of "Idol" judge Steven Tyler.

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yes a;jkfa;lsjkfasd;ljfakds that is universal code on the computer for OMG!!!!WHATTHEEVENHECK!!!THISISAMZING!!!! Ok, so it isn't Scotty, but it is seriously amazing and umm Archie rules that is all......

Scotty McCreery discusses being #1 on iTunes and more

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Vote For Scotty

Helllo there, Scotty is currently in 5th place ><  Can we fix this?? Please and thank you <3 Thanks for the heads up in the comment section :)

Scotty McCreery, Garner NC shows Sign of effection

Aww Scotty has a permenant sign in Garner .... <3  I wish to visit that sign.  If you live near Garner, or can snap a pic of yourself under the sign let me know!! I'll post it here! haha <3
Sign celebrates Scotty McCreery
Garner is still celebrating Scotty McCreery’s victory in “American Idol” and is eager to remind people it is the home of the 2011 champion of the popular television show.

A new sign on the westbound side of U.S. 70 touts Garner as the “Home of 2011 American Idol Scotty McCreery.”

An identical sign is n the eastbound side of U.S. 70 near Mechanical Boulevard.
WoodGraphics of Raleigh provided the signs for the town free of charge.

Scotty McCreery American Idols Live Tour Videos (again)

I'm finding some better versions of tour videos, but VERY disappointed I haven't found any videos of the Idols at the buses before the show, or meeting them after the show. COME ON SCOTTY FANS LOAD EM UP!! Unless he didn't come out.. If anybody was  there, let me know if the Idols came out before and after the show. I can't imagine they didn't.  I  know each year the WINNER doesn't come out to meet the fans as often as the rest of the idols, due to press obligations and VIP After Show obligations.  But I haven't found one thing. So if you know of anything, pictures, videos or anything before the show or after please let me know :)  Anyways here's some better views of a few of the songs from SLC

Your Man - ROFL AT THE EMPHASIS ON "Turns Me On" YOU GO SCOTTY with your lady killer boots

The Audio and Video on this are good "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scotty McCreery Discusses Album

Scotty McCreery is busy with the American Idols Live tour, but that won’t derail him from working on his debut album in between each show. McCreery, who won Season 10 this May and will be closing out the show each night, is going to make pit stops at the closest recording studio in each city that the tour hits, pulling double duty.

In a new video interview with Yahoo, McCreery did say that he probably won’t be able include any original songs on “this particular album, but hopefully on the next couple albums. On this album, I have been so busy after the show I have not had time to sit down on the couch and relax. I’ve been writing, but it’s not quick enough to get them on the album.”

McCreery did deem the process of recording his first album “a pressure cooker,” but he also keeps things in perspective, saying, “It’s fun work. This isn’t going to the office and sitting behind a desk. This is singing for a living.”

Overall, the ‘Idol’ winner has five songs already in the can for his debut, revealing that “we have a couple songs that speak to small town America.” Additionally, there’s a heartbreaker, too, as one song made Mama McCreery start crying when she heard it in demo form. McCreery asserted that “we have a good mixture” and admitted that he likes to make his fans laugh and then make them cry with his songs.

Scotty McCreery Tour Videos and More

I apologize for being away without letting anybody know. It was somewhat sudden and I was without internet. Can you imagine?!??! Without INTERNET FOR DAYS AND DAYS. I'm so behind...I will do my best to get something important on here TOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH VIDEOS AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO GOOD AHHHHHHHHHHH HERE YA GO! I'm way late, but IDC WATCH AGAIN >< lol <3

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not SLC

When You Say Nothing At All

Your Man

I Love You This Big