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Scotty McCreery answers your questions

'Scotty McCreery' Live Chat Video, Other Top 11 Idols

If you missed this, here is the Live Chat with Scotty and the Idols Enjoy!!

Video streaming by Ustream

'Scotty McCreery' Chart Position and other bits

Scotty leaps into the number 19 position on MediaBase Chart, additionally Thomas Rhett announced that Scotty "Cut" one of his songs! Thomas is Rhett Atkins son, and is signed to Big Machine. Jason Aldean has also "Cut" one his songs "I Aint Ready to Quit." Exciting stuff!

Also, there is a discussion on "Pulse Music Board" about the youngest artists to break into country, and what position their first single peaked at on the charts. Seems Scotty is up there with the few. If you know any details, or can find out what age the youngest country singers had their first hits, and what position it peaked at on the charts, this would be interesting! So far I am seeing that Scotty might be the first MALE TEEN country artist to have a hit this high. Does anybody know of another MALE TEEN to have a country hit? I understand females have in the past, but I'm curious about males :) Thanks!

19 22 20 SCOTTY MCCREERY I Love You This Big 19/Interscope/Mercury 2098 1940 158 6593

Pulse Music Board, Scotty McCreery Thread

Thomas Rhett Facebook Page

MediaBase Chart

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scotty McCreery "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" Am I gonna post this or what?

I just wanted to let you know that I won't be posting the stream of the song here. I know that "US" fans can be protective of Scotty, and even though it's a song from Idol, and not really a "Leaked" song or anything. I just don't feel comfortable posting it. :D But I did take a listen and it's FABULOUS! Hope you all get your legally downloaded copy soon :)

Am I being over the top?  I just want to make sure this site keeps Scotty's best intentions in mind! <3

Scotty McCreery Tour Rehearsals "Gone"

Scotty McCreery American Idols Tour "Stand By Me"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' I Love You This Big HITS TOP 20

'Scotty McCreery' I Love You This Big HITS TOP 20

I'm so happy for him!! Scotty has his first TOP 20 Country Radio Hit!!! This is a pretty big deal!! 
It seems Rodney Atkins and Martina McBrides song each lost a spin, but Scotty gained 2 spins. This moved him up into the top 20 as of today.  Nobody on Pulse Music Board has updated his thread, so I can't confirm exactly how this works, but FOR TODAY his single is number 20 on the country charts!! WHOOOOOO!!!!! WTG SCOTTY <3 CONGRATS!
If anybody out there has a much better grip on how the songs chart, please comment.  I can see it's 20 today.. Question is this.. Does this mean the song is officially top 20? <-- SOURCE Click Country on the top of the site and you can see the current song positions.  :D

22-1RODNEY ATKINS Take A Back Road2186+17148-5413.870-0.0924621218645213.962
21-1MARTINA MCBRIDE Teenage Daughters2108-51-322-3113.272-0.4464617247335015.877
20+2SCOTTY MCCREERY I Love You This Big2043+47347-814.379+0.3883020204366014.379

Scotty McCreery 'American Idols' On WRAL

Scotty McCreery 'American Idols' WRAL

The top contestants of last season's "American Idol" are about to head out on tour.

Winner and Garner native Scotty McCreery will be joined in the performances by 10 other finalists.

"The tour is gonna be great, I think," McCreery said.

"I can't wait to get out there and tour the country with my fellow comrades and having a good time."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scotty McCreery and The American Idols sing "Forget You"

Ah this is good, this is why I loved this season.  These guys are awesome.  This was sent to me on twitter! Thanks for that, I miss things at times.  Ryan Seacrest posted this! Enjoy <3

Friday, June 24, 2011

This little girl is WAY CUTE!

HAHA!! I had to post this, this little girl loves Scotty, at the 2:20 mark she kisses the screen he's on! SHE.IS.ADORABLE. There is no embedding allowed, so you'll have to click the link for you tube and watch there. It's pretty worth it <3

Scotty McCreery, American Idols Tour backstage Video

Scotty McCreery, American Idols Tour backstage Video

Scotty and Lauren City of Hope

I found this today, it's adorable!! Enjoy <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery EP Album Release and Cover Picture

The top 4 American Idols will be putting out a highlights of the season EP album with 5 songs. It's set to release on June 28th.  Scotty's album will include .

1 I Love You This Big
2 The River
3 Amazed
4 Gone
5 Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not

 TBH, I have all these songs twice! lol.  But will I buy this, probably... chalk it up to being a STAN! This is apparently the cover for the EP and see below it, the cover for I Love You This Big.  Nothing much new here. 

BUT All they did was change the back, and adjust the coloring a bit.  See I LOVE YOU THIS BIG cover below. 

I'm curious, Will you buy the EP? Do you have all these songs?

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Scotty McCreery with 94.1 KMPS

Scotty McCreery with 94.1 KMPS

There isn't to much new info in this one, but it's still fun to watch enjoy!! Sometimes these videos all seem the same, so if I post one again I'm sorry, lol.

Scotty McCreery 'American Idol Live Chat'

Scotty McCreery 'American Idol Live Chat'

Watch it here later today

AMERICAN IDOL LIVE CHAT WED 6:30P ET/3:30P PT I have embedded it here, but if it fails to work head over to American Idol.Com - When asking the idols a question add #idolslive to your tweet. I am assuming this is how the questions will be asked. So, if you don't have a twitter make one :)

Live Videos by Ustream

Scotty McCreery "Love You This Big" Chart position 6/21/11

Scotty McCreery "Love You This Big" Chart position 6/21/11

I'm sure this isn't new to you guys, but I was away, so it's new to me!  Scotty has moved up to 22 on the charts! I said he had a shot at his first top 20 song!! It's moving right along! Can't wait to see where it is next week! 16  adds and in some major markets-Nashville, Philadelphia, Denver, San Antonio! This makes 153 stations in 3 weeks. He really has a chance at top 20 by next week if things keep up this pace!! Lets hope!

22 = SCOTTY MCCREERY I Love You This Big 1870 +66 567 -8 13.209 +0.260 25 22 1870 660 13.209  Remember to change the top to Country :) 

Scotty McCreery and Hello

I have returned, but haven't a chance to update the blog yet. I will begin regular updates on Wednesday June 22.  I had a wonderful trip <3  I'm sure I have a lot to catch up, since I didn't even bring a computer! Yes I was computer free for many days. Glad to be back, but it's late and I'm tired, so I will be back at it Wednesday AM! Hope everybody is well <3

Hailey.. Here's a video I missed <3

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Scotty McCreery Updates and News 6/18/2011

Scotty McCreery Updates and News 6/18/2011

Hello, I'm going to be very busy this weekend, so I wanted to post a bunch of things at once. I won't be able to post again until Monday.  Hope everybody enjoys their weekend!
Scotty opened up about things he would like on his album and why

Scotty says “One thing I love about Josh Turner is his faith, that’s why I looked up to him so much,” he told The Boot.

The 17-year-old North Carolina native continued, "All the albums he's had have had at least one Christian song, like 'The Answer' on his last album and 'Long Black Train.' So I'm hoping to have that on my album – that one Christian song."

He is currently in the process of choosing songs for his first album, where songwriters like Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson have been offering a few of their ideas. Honored and flattered by the contributions, he shared, “I'm loving all of them!”

“We had a meeting with some publishers the other day, and they were throwing songs and demos my way,” McCreery said in the interview. “I’ve been taking a look at all of them, so – if you’re reading this, guys – keep ‘em coming! We’re enjoying it; we’re starting the album process right now and just excited to see the finished product.”

Baby pictures via Taste Of Coutry.  We've seen them before, but ehh what the heck go see them again! And theres a write up too!

Here is a video interview of Scotty backstage after leno

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scotty McCreery talks with 96.9 The Kat

Favorite Item of Clothes = Plaid Shirts (I suspect he'll now get them as gifts on  tour from fans! lol )
Most Treasured Item he owns = Elvis, Vinyl Record of 'Thats Alright Momma"
Who does he want to met that he hasn't met yet? George Straight!

Theres more, it's a great one with new information, and not the same ole same! Enjoy!

Scotty McCreery On Jay Leno Video

Scotty McCreery On Jay Leno Video

Scotty makes his Jay Leno appearance, and handles it like a pro! Idol pulled out all the stops for this one.  Accompanied by a large band, and back up vocals Scotty gives a rousing rendition of "Love You This Big"  Scotty truly looks, and sounds like The American Idol here! Amazing performance and stellar vocals! Way to go Scotty!! So proud of you!

Thanks to MJs Big Blog for the  great video!!

scotty-tonight by mjsbigblog

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' on the Pressures or Idol, and all the Female Fans

'Scotty McCreery' on the Pressures or Idol, and all the Female Fans Interview from "The Boot"
This is a long interview and really good!! I've inserted a page break, so just click read more and enjoy!!
Scotty McCreeryAfter being crowned the newest 'American Idol' three weeks ago, Scotty McCreery has slept just "a couple of minutes," he joked, the charming singer from Garner, N.C. signed a record deal just days later, immediately started working on his debut album, made his CMA Music Fest and Grand Ole Opry debuts, weathered some whirlwind media rounds and prepped for the Idols Live tour.

Also in that short time, the bashful baritone saw his name go down in the history books, as his debut single, 'I Love You This Big,' made the highest Billboard Hot Country Songs chart debut by a new artist since 1984. That's nine years before he was even born. Yes, all these accomplishments to his name, and Scotty McCreery is still in high school.

Scotty McCreery Fans You Have Some Work To Do

Scotty Fans You Have Some Work To Do


21.00 % <-- We can do better :)

It's been brought to my attention that there are some radio challenges going on that Scotty needs us to vote on.  If your not familiar with what a radio challenge is, let me just say, they're important.  It gives the station an idea of how popular an artist is, and if they will or WON'T play their music. If there is one thing the fans know how to do, that's VOTE. Soo, please head on over to these sites, and vote! Then please pass them around, tweet them, whatever you need to do! Thanks :)  Scroll down he's on the right, click the little circle next to his name then go down a little bit more and hit vote!  This one is for the 9@9, When a song is played during prime time, it ranks higher, so being on the 9@9 is important :)  vote vote  He's down on the left of this one!

Scotty McCreery on Jay Leno 6/15/11

                          Scotty McCreery on Jay Leno 6/15/11

Tonight Scotty McCreery will appear on the Jay Leno Show!  Set your DVR's  :)

Also, these are some great numbers for American Idol, and Scotty!!

It takes a little bit longer to round up the TV ratings from people who choose to watch a show via their DVR, but it does happen -- and we now finally have the overall viewer count for the "American Idol" finale last month.

If you want some sort of evidence that "Idol" is still just as much of a cultural phenomenon as ever, here you go -- during the show's most watched minute at 10:04 p.m. Eastern time, 43 million viewers (per Mjsbigblog) ultimately saw the moment of Scotty McCreery's vicotry and coronation song performance. The only primetime broadcast with an overall viewer count higher than that this season is the Super Bowl. (Overall, it's likely that more people ended up watching Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, but that aired early in the morning.)

"Idol" was as per the course the #1 primetime show on TV for this past spring season, and ultimately held two of the top three slots thanks to its Thursday night results show.

Continue reading on 'American Idol': new DVR numbers huge for Scotty McCreery's win - National TV |

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Scotty McCreery MediaBase Chart Position

Scotty McCreery MediaBase Chart Position

I was looking at the Mediabase 24/7 chart this AM, and I didn't know if the readers here have actually gotten a look at it.  It's really impressive to see Scotty in the top with all those familiar names.  "Love You This Big" still has a strong bullet and is holding at 24 on the Country Charts.  If he continues with the increase he more than likely could see his first top 20 hit within the next 7 days.  I'll keep a good eye on it!!  Here is the link along with a screen cap :)  Mediabase tracks radio spins, and are the official source of a songs Radio Chart position.  Click the image to make it bigger.  The RED ARROW indicates which way the song is moving.  You can see Scotty's is moving up.  Thing is, if a song below Scotty's is making a faster gain with radio play, it will pass Scotty and bump him down or vice versa. I don't see to many songs above him moving downward for him to pass up.  I should probably follow this a little more close to see what his odds are this week of moving up based on those above him. If I find out I will let you know :)  <3

Monday, June 13, 2011

Scotty McCreery hears humbling words from Priscilla Presley

Scotty McCreery hears humbling words from Priscilla Presley

When Scotty met with Priscilla Presley she leaned over and told him "Elvis would have liked you" 

I wonder if Scotty almost passed out! Take a listen here!

Scotty McCreery on Having his pick of the ladies Video

McCreery on Having his pick of the ladies Video
This again is another WIN interview by Scotty, so apparently poor Scotty didn't have the ladies falling all over him before, matter of fact, they used to walk away from him before, and it's taken some getting used to.  Ben and Matt are the two  interviewing him, and are pretty funny about the ladies.  Enjoy

Also the video of Scotty singing "Check Yes or No" was taken down. It was such a good one too. Hopefully another will turn up.

'Scotty McCreery' Check Yes or No, Video Grand Ole Opry

EDIT: It was removed by The Opry, aww it was such a great video.  Sigh

Here is a great video of Scotty singing "Check Yes or No" and Scotty and Lauren getting their Opry plaques along with their Jerseys for the City of Hope Charity Softball game.  Also, with a big thanks to  for the find! she has a Scotty/Lauren blog <3  follow her on twitter here @ McLainaLovers

Scotty McCreery, Some tid bits and News

Scotty McCreery, Some Bits and News

First off, Scottys LYTB has hit a new high on the Country Media Base Chart ^26 with the 2nd largest bullet!! Country is really taken to this song, and showing Scotty a ton of support! :)

2nd is something I'm pulling over from Brian Mansfields USA today article, THIS IS SOO FUNNY iT'S TITLED SCOTTY MCCREERY TRIGGERS EXTENDED FREAKOUT AT CMA  :D

Another note from Lucas Hendrickson at CMA Music Fest:
From this reporter's observation, Scotty McCreery brought about the most extended individual freakout witnessed in 10-plus years of covering the event. After exiting the autograph line at the Idol winner's appearance in Fan Fair Hall Friday afternoon, a teenage girl walks over to her waiting family, very quietly says, "I got his signature" once before shrieking the phrase at the top of her lungs four more times and then breaking down in tears. That, dear reader, is a fan.

Our Country Scotty McCreery on The Y! Music Country Blog

Video Interview Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina about their Opry Debut HD

This first interview is another of Scotty with Mason and Remy, he hopes his music will get out Sept/Oct!! 2nd video below is Scotty and Lauren discussing their Opry Debut

CMA Scotty and Josh Video

New Closer video of Scotty on stage with Josh. He's so happy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scotty McCreery 5 min long Video interview with 94.7 WQDR

I love how much he's being accepted by Country fans, radio, and young, old, male, female this week!! Such an amazing week for him! Enjoy

Scotty McCreery joins Josh Turner 'Your Man' video CMA Music Fest 2011

 Scotty McCreery joins Josh Turner 'Your Man' video CMA Music Fest 2011

This video is full of win!  The cheers when Scotty comes on stage are amazing, Josh is amazing! After the Video click the link below it to see a interview with Josh and Scotty prior to taking the stage. Josh visited Scotty while he was recording to give him a few tips for their performance that night, and help calm some of Scotty's nerves! Two videos here for you to watch, then the link to a video below of them of the Josh/Scotty interview

'Scotty McCreery' Clear video of his 'Grand Ole Opry' appearance

This is such a clear video! I'm not sure who video taped it, but I love the "Guy" yelling YEAH!!!!! When they announce Scotty. Enjoy! This is one of those videos that you CAN NOT get through without smiling. He waves and the girls scream. It's so fun to watch. :) rinse and repeat. This video is like chips, you won't just watch once. TRUST ME

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scotty McCreery Video Live on stage at "The Grand Ole Opry"

Scotty McCreery Video Live on stage at "The Grand Ole Opry"



Scotty was at bat, and allowed a few pitches come across the plate without swinging, and Lauren yells out "YOU GONNA SWING OR WHAT SCOTTY!!"  The announcer then says.. "ohh trash talking by the idols." lol. 


Fans Of Scotty Banner Winner Announcement

We had a total of 16 entries, and over 7000 votes!! AND THE WINNER IS!! @McCreeryFans Miranda. She also was the winner of our first contest. lol. I didn't vote at all, and allowed the readers to vote without any mention of who the banners were from. I did this to make it totally fair! So congrats Miranda!! You will receive 1 digital Album download along with 5 itunes songs!! And your banner will be used here for the next 2 weeks!

Thanks again for all the entries.


Scotty McCreery Ustream todays Opry Baseball Game

@Cathyanne has posted 3 videos from todays game!

Some quick tidbits.  Scotty was on team Opry, and lost to Laurens team! haha! Scotty batted first and managed to score, he also pitched for team Opry.   They played "Love You This Big" when announcing Scotty to bat.  Lauren roused Scotty while he was batting, yelling out Heyyy batta baattaaa, The announcer said "The Idols are smack talking eachother" lol  Scotty tackled Lauren while he was running from 1st to 2nd base.  Here's a pic via

What a great time! Scottys friends joined him in the dugout and I'd say Scotty and Lauren had a blast! What a great Cause they played for today! So proud of them.


Below is a great recap of last nights Opry appearance by Scotty!

'Check Yes or No - Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend?' So from the sounds of the screaming crowd at the Friday night Opry, this Grand Ole Opry crowd in Nashville is all checking 'Yes!'

Who are they checking 'Yes' to? That would be the American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery and we're sure that includes his  American Idol runner-up, lovely Lauren Alaina.

We heard Scotty McCreery as he was singing this popular George Strait song, then at the end, Scotty called out, "Thank y'all so much Grand Ole Opry!"

"Wow!" said Scotty McCreery as the sound of the applause of this enthusiastic crowd rang out.
'Great job!', John Conlee, country music artist, Grand Ole Opry member and host of this portion of the Grand Ole Opry said to Scotty.

Then Pete Fisher, General Manager of the Grand Ole Opry appeared onstage and said, "Take a moment, for a special thank you to Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, the American Idol winner and runner up."

"Congratulations to you (both), and we've got something for you here, framed prints to commemorate your special visit to the Opry on June 10th, 2011."

Fisher continued, "And one more thing, tomorrow morning, the 'Grand Ole Opry team' will be playing ball against the 'After Midnight team', Lauren Alaina will be playing on the 'After Midnight team' and here is a jersey for her."
"Scotty McCreery will be playing on the 'Grand Ole Opry team', and here is a jersey for Scotty."
Opry star John Conlee then chimed in and said, "I will be there, too. I will be 3rd base (not playing 3rd base....but I will be 3rd base).

This ended the very first visit to Nashville's Grand Ole Opry for these two aspiring country music singers, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. But we think it is only the beginning of stellar careers in Nashville for each of them.

We are certain these two young 'American Idols' were highly honored to be a part of the traditional country music scene tonight at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville!

Source: Nashville Faces - Grand Ole Opry crowd checks 'Yes!' to Scotty McCreery - Nashville Places & Faces |

Scotty McCreery says "He's wants to make a video"

Scotty McCreery says "He's wants to make a video"

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Finally. After watching the entire season of American Idol and cheering Scotty McCreery on to his big ol' win, I had the chance to chat with him on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards. Even though he hasn't had time to make a music video for his debut single, "I Love You This Big," he said he knows how powerful videos can be. "They really let people see your personality while you are singing the song, and hopefully they can even see what you are feeling when you're singing that song," he told me. And Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina, who was walking the carpet with him, finished his thought by adding, "When you hear a song, and then see the art that goes with it, it lets you creates all different types of emotions."

They have some country favorites, too. His is Brad Paisley's "Waitin' on a Woman," while hers is a tie between Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" and the JaneDear Girls' "Wildflower." McCreery said he had a little bit of acting practice from shooting clips on Sundays for Idol, so he says he is ready. I can't wait to see how he brings that "Big" song to life.

For me, I'm ready to see a Scotty video. I hope they make one for Love You This Big, but they might skip it, and just make one for his next single.  Either way, the video will be a lot of fun to watch!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scotty McCreery CMA Interview

Interview with Scotty so funny, they bring up Scotty's dad singing on Idol, and Scotty says "Yeah Dad was IN IT TO WIN IT" so cute enjoy

Scotty McCreery Audio from The Grand Ole Opry Debut

Scotty McCreery Audio from The Grand Ole Opry Debut

Grand Ole Opry's photo: Scotty McCreery, your Season 10 American Idol, performing "I Love You This Big"!

Thanks so much MJ of MJ'sbigblog for uploading this audio so quickly!! Go there to take a listen!! He did so amazing! What a trill for him and Lauren tonight! I'm hoping the Opry will put up video, or somebody will. lol He sang "Love You This Big" and "Check Yes or No"

David Archuleta Blogs about CMT and mentions Scotty and Lauren

David Archuleta Blogs about CMT and mentions Scotty and Lauren

Archie does a sweet blog, and discusses about writing  in Nashville, and attending the CMT's, mentions Scotty and Lauren <3

Scotty McCreery Stream Grand Ole Opry Friday June 10th

Scotty McCreery Stream Grand Ole Opry Firday June 10th

WSM will be streaming the Grand Ole Opry on Friday June 10th  So tune in to WSMONLINE.COM and experience Scotty and Laurens first OPRY appearance!!  You can also follow WSM  on twitter!/WSMradio
Grand Ole Opry 7:00pm
Line-up includes Roy Clark, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bradley Gaskin, Charley Pride, Mel Tillis, Randy Travis, plus American Idol winner - Scotty McCreery and runner-up, Lauren Alaina, and more!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scotty wants YOUR questions!

Ummm Mr. McCreery is requesting your question on twitter.  I hope you come up with some good ones!!
He posted this Thursday night aroundd 9:30pm East Coast Time

Recent Tweets

Scotty McCreery

8 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply


EDIT AGAIN (only moments later) SCOTTY  NOW TRENDING WORLDWIDE!! WHOA .. hmmmm Scotty did you pull a twitter stunt here. lol #askscotty

Scotty McCreery 3 Part Video interview with Michael Slezak


I fail at embedding this. lol Visit the link above to watch :) 

By now, it’s cliché to take home first prize in a reality competition and announce, “I’m going to Disneyland!” But American Idol Season 10 champ Scotty McCreery says the day after his confetti shower at the Nokia, he was taking his AP English exam. The polite but cheeky 17-year-old sat down for his Idoloonies interview and opened up about his fear of being painted as a “poster child for bullies” after Hollywood Week, a well-liked performance that came dangerously close to being “one of those country moments gone bad,” and why he has a problem watching the end-of-performance “swing” after his Top 2 performance of “Gone.” Press play below on our three-part interview, and for all my Idol news, reviews, and interviews — including future chats with Haley Reinhart and (hopefully) Casey Abrams — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

I fail at embedding this, lol visit link to watch!! <3


My Twitter

Without explanation my @FansOfScotty Twitter was restored. I sent many emails, and follow ups to twitter, but never received anything, or a reason to what happened. But it's back! I'm thrilled and won't question it. That is all, carry on

CMT Awards Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Video

CMT Awards Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Video

The first video keeps playing on its own. I can't seem to fix this so I have inserted a page break, click to view videos! 2 videos of Scotty and Lauren. Introducing Sugarland and a backstage interview. View both by clicking the read more.

Scotty McCreery Attends CMA Country Music Awards Pictures

Scotty McCreery Attends CMA Country Music Awards Pictures

I'm so glad he got to attend this tonight, and I'm sure it's a night he will never forget. Here are some photos from tonight! I will post video and more photos tomorrow.  <3 Click the photos to make them big!
EDIT: I'm uploading new pictures :)

Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scotty McCreery dishes about Idol, things we didn't know!

Scotty McCreery dishes about Idol, things we didn't know!

This is a fun read, a lot of things I hadn't read before.  After awhile all the interviews sound the same, but this has some great stuff!! Enjoy

Scotty McCreery dishes about Idol, things we didn't know!

American Idol Finale Show  <--- LOLZ

The response from other country artists. Scotty said they have been nice and helpful. Tim McGraw, who performed with Scotty on the "Idol" finale, told Scotty he was there to help Scotty and make him look good. Josh Turner, who surprised Scotty during his Garner homecoming, also has given much support, Scotty said. And country superstar Taylor Swift sent both Scotty and runner-up Lauren Alaina flowers.

The Jack Black "snub." After being named the "Idol" winner on May 25, Scotty had to sing his single "I Love You This Big" while also going to the front row to hug family and friends. Scotty hugged his father, Mike; his mother, Judy; his sister, Ashley; and three special guests who were key mentors for him -- guitar teacher Gary Epperson, musician Bud Moffett and WQDR radio's Marty Young. As the cameras captured Scotty hugging each person down the line, a seventh person, comedian Jack Black, reached out his arms for a hug -- and Scotty seemed to ignore him and head back to the stage. Black exaggeratedly played up the snub. But Scotty said it wasn't intentional. In all the excitement, he didn't even see Black, who had performed earlier in the show. "If I had, I would have given him a hug," Scotty said. "It's Jack Black!"

'Scotty McCreery' and 'Lauren Alaina' Back stage at 'Grand Ole Opry'

'Scotty McCreery' and 'Lauren Alaina' Back stage at 'Grand Ole Opry'

They come in at the 1:27 mark!

Scotty McCreery Song Goes Top 30!!

30+3SCOTTY MCCREERY I Love You This Big

^^^^ Scotty's current Country Chart position. He offically has his first top 30 song!! YAHOO!  WTG Scotty We love ya this bigggggggggg  :D  <-- updates daily the chart position

Fans Of Scotty Banner Contest

Ok, two banners have been selected, but now it's up to the readers to pick one!! Vote on your favorite banner, and the winner will be announced this Saturday June 11th!  VOTE AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!




Tuesday, June 7, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' on Being The New American Idol, and a Teen

GARNER -- He's the "American Idol" winner. The hottest new face in country music. The teen who'll be making his Grand Ole Opry debut Friday.

But Scotty McCreery also is still a 17-year-old Garner High School student. And as such, he had to take an end-of-course test Monday before heading off today for a busy week in Nashville.
It was the second time that schoolwork interfered with McCreery's newfound celebrity. On May 26, the day after he was crowned "Idol" winner on the Fox TV show's live finale, McCreery had to make a quick visit back to Garner for a required AP English exam. That kept him from a usual "Idol" rite of passage: a trip to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" the day after victory. (That visit has been rescheduled for June 15.)

"You're up on top of the world, and then it's right back down to earth," McCreery joked Sunday during an interview at his Garner home.
McCreery made a quiet trip back to town over the weekend to rest a bit between last week's New York talk show appearances and this week's activities at CMA Music Fest in Nashville. In addition to the Grand Ole Opry, McCreery will be a presenter at the CMT Music Awards Wednesday night. (He's scheduled to introduce hot country act Lady Antebellum, though that could change.)
McCreery tried to keep a low profile after arriving in Garner on Friday afternoon. "Here, I just want to be Scotty and just be normal," he said. But that's easier said than done when you're the "American Idol."

As he and his parents, Mike and Judy McCreery, came into town from the airport, McCreery wanted some of his beloved Bojangles' chicken and iced tea. The family didn't go into the restaurant, though, Judy McCreery said, for fear of generating too much attention. They went through the drive-through and ate in the parking lot - right across from a billboard with McCreery's giant likeness celebrating his win.

On Saturday, McCreery played golf with his buddies. By the 18th hole, McCreery said, a gallery of about 30 or 40 people
were watching. It was a lot of pressure, he said - much like facing the judges on the "Idol" main stage.

He had Garner with him

Even if he can't discreetly move about Garner like he used to, McCreery said he's thankful for the tremendous support his hometown gave him during his "Idol" run.
"I've grown up around all these people," he said. "We were in this journey together. I took Garner out with me to Hollywood."

McCreery was in Los Angeles from February through the "Idol" finale. Between learning new songs and performing each week, recording songs for iTunes and taking part in numerous Fox promotional events, it was exhausting, he said. There was just one day off - Easter Sunday.
Plus, McCreery and his fellow contestants who were still school age had to have three hours of tutoring each day. As three other teen contestants were eliminated, it left just McCreery and Lauren Alaina Suddeth, the 16-year-old "Idol" runner-up, in class together for the final weeks of the show. Rather than being a hindrance, McCreery said the schoolwork actually provided a nice escape from the pressures of the competition.
"It was a blessing in disguise," he said.

Thanks to all the tutoring, McCreery, who was in his junior year at Garner High when he went to Hollywood, now has nearly enough credits to graduate from high school. He lacks only a senior English course.

Faith was crucial
Judy McCreery was with her son during his time in Hollywood. His father and his sister, Ashley, also made trips, along with grandparents, school friends and other guests.
McCreery also touched base with his youth group from First Baptist Church of Garner through Skype computer video conferencing. The group met on the night of a couple of "Idol" shows, and McCreery got to see and hear them before he went on stage.
McCreery said his faith was key for him, particularly during lonely times when he thought about what he was missing back in Garner.
"That strengthened my relationship with Christ," he said. "He was the only one I had to lean on besides my mom."
The McCreerys hope McCreery's faith and upbringing will help him make good decisions as he tackles stardom. Judy said to him that The News & Observer front page celebrating his victory also had a cautionary tale about the poor decisions that can come with celebrity: a story about the federal investigation of former U.S. Senator John Edwards.
The country music community has been welcoming to both McCreery and Lauren, he said. He signed an album deal with Mercury Nashville/19 Recordings/ Interscope, and he hopes to have his first album in stores by the day after Thanksgiving to entice Christmas shoppers.
As his first single, "I Love You This Big," does well on the charts, McCreery is listening to potential songs for the album. He expects to do some recording while on this summer's "Idol" tour, which will start July 6 and continue through September.
McCreery can't wait until July 27, when the tour comes to the RBC Center in Raleigh.
"It's going to be cool for me because I've gone there so many times for concerts and N.C. State games," said the Wolfpack fan. "I just want to go out there and say thanks to everyone here."
Click here for lots of pictures from this interview taken at Scotty's home :)
So much pressure for Scotty right now. I hope he truly finds a way to be very happy and balance it all. This next year will be a whirlwind for him!

Science Test

Yo, Scotty be taking his Science test yesterday.  Good Luck Scotty!!!

I was not a fan of Science. I would have had  a lot of pens too :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

'Scotty McCreery' In Studio Video Interview on "Good Day NY"

I missed this somehow. It's such a great interview with Scotty, and I learned some new things - He repeated pre-school cause he couldn't say his ABC's HAHA.. I think he was kidding about the ABC part, but he was held back. haha! He's so funny.  He wants to attend  College while working, and the male interviewer (I forget his name, sorry)  was rooting for Lauren, and Scotty calls him out on it. So cute! <3 enjoy

Lauren Alaina & Scotty McCreery:

Scotty McCreery Grand Ole Opry Stream Live 6/10/2011

Scotty McCreery Grand Ole Opry Stream Live 6/10/2011

This week Sotty McCreery will make his media rounds, but most notably will be his visit Friday night June 10th to the Grand Ole Opry, along with Lauren Alaina  You can listen to Scotty make his historic debut! Personally I'M SO EXCITED! WSM will be streaming the Grand Ole Opry on Friday June 10th!  So tune in to WSMONLINE.COM and experience Scotty and Laurens first OPRY appearance!!  You can also follow WSM  on twitter!/WSMradio
Grand Ole Opry 7:00pm
Line-up includes Roy Clark, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bradley Gaskin, Charley Pride, Mel Tillis, Randy Travis, plus American Idol winner - Scotty McCreery and runner-up, Lauren Alaina, and more!

p.s. Im still having issues with my twitter so again you can follow me @FansOfScotty2 for now. Hopefully I can get the other one worked out.

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Scotty McCreery singing Sweet Home Alabama

I need to give a huge thanks to Sara for this find. I never saw this before. Fan fail on my part. Scotty looks very young here, ya know cause he's so old now. LOL!! This is great though!


'Scotty McCreery' and 'Lauren Alaina' Kiss Described US video Interview

Another great video interview with Lauren and Scotty. Lauren describeds exactly how she kissed Scotty, lol.  Enjoy!

Why Am I A 'Scotty McCreery' Fan

      Why Am I A 'Scotty McCreery' Fan

I've been asked a lot lately "What is it about Scotty that your drawn to?"  I've often responded with the answer of  "It's The Voice", but after really putting some thought into it, I have realized that it's far more than the voice.  I wasn't born "back then", or "when times were easier", or "kids used to have respect era" and so on.  I exists in the post 9/11 era, the Great Recession, schools failing, kids don't seem to care as much about God, or respect and so on era.  I often wonder what it must have been like in the so called "Times were different era"  and for some reason FOR ME PERSONALLY, When I listen to Scotty I feel like I have a taste of that time.  A time when things were more relaxed, or just easier.  I get a feeling of comfort and ease when I hear Scotty sing.  This may sound nuts, but isn't that what music does? Takes you away, lifts you up, or gets you up moving? So, for me I think the true answer is.. If only for a few minutes I'm reminded, that although it might be dwindling, we can still grab onto those moments when we feel like things were just a little bit easier. That there's still singers out there with values, and decency. That there's still music with meaning, songs with heart, and kids who still care.  I suspect there is a lot more of it than we realize, since the media only likes to focus on the negative, we just don't get to see it.  So, thanks Scotty for making this girl from NJ feel like she steps back a little in time "When things were just a little bit easier"  <3  

I was watching this today, and therefore think you should watch it again too.. LOVE YA GRANDMA!! <3

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See More Here

Scotty McCreery Interview, MTV

I've been a little obsessed with 'Out of Summertime' maybe they should have called it "Make You Out Of Ur Mind"  Summmmertiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... I'm addicted to this song... Anyways, I've slacked on posting other things since to me, this was the only thing that existed for the last 15 hours.  Ok, moving on.. Also I have a new twitter for now @FansOfScotty2, I'm not sure what it going on with the other one.  It might have been hacked. I hope to get it back, it's under investigation - lol - who knew being a Scotty fan was dangerous. Hacked accounts, investigations!! Anywho, Here is this :D Enjoy


Scotty McCreery - Out of Summertime IM FREAKING OUT, THIS IS A HIT!! I LOVE IT! AMAZING!!

Ok, I've decided to take it down. First off it's not avaiable here, and ripping it or downloading it can effect Scotty. I didn't download the song, there was a site where I could embed the copy of it which I had done, but thought better of it. PLEASE RELEASE THIS IN THE US. It's amazing. Sorry, but I just can't put it here. I will always keep Scotty's intentions in mind. I got a little carried away, and then realized it's really not a good idea to embed the song. Sigh. FYI it has HIT ALL OVER IT!! <--Rinse and Repeat

EDIT AND UPDATE: It's rumored to be his next single.  Listen to full version here

'American Idols Live' Dominates TicketNews' May Events Rankings

Fans have made "American Idol" one of the most popular reality shows in television history, and in May 2011, they helped the American Idols Live tour debut at No.1 in TicketNews' exclusive events rankings, compiled from May 1-31.
The reality series recently wrapped its 10th season with Scotty McCreery winning the coveted title of American Idol. This summer McCreery and 10 other finalists -- including fan favorites Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams and Lauren Alaina -- will tour across North America, starting July 6 in Salt Lake City. The 2011 version of the tour has already proven more successful than in 2010, when slow ticket sales forced producers to cancel concerts.

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My Twitter Account

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Scotty McCreery 'Out of Summertime' The song we didn't hear

"Out Of Summertime" was the other song Scotty recorded for finale night. He went with "Love You This Big" as he felt it was more fitting for the night. I don't know what "Out of Summertime" sounds like, but hopefully we'll get a listen of it in the future.


EDIT: OK MJ of MJ's big blog is crafty and snatched a snippet of this song. I received a tweet from somebody about the article and posted it, then about 10 min later found out the rest! lol  You need to go hear to listen <3 I really like it  I NEED THE FULL VERSION NOW!! STOMPS FEET!!

Read On

Great Songs Do Win: Scotty McCreery Cuts ‘Out of Summertime’ and Brings It Full Circle

 Scotty McCreery is named the 2011 American Idol.
Every song has a story. For some, the road from writer’s dream to the top of the charts is a fast, straight shot. For others, the road twists and turns, as dead ends and false starts threaten to end the journey.

“Out of Summertime” was written by Nashville hit-makers Tim Nichols and Jonathan Singleton. Nichols is a Grammy-winning veteran whose résumé includes Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” Joe Nichols’ “She Only Smokes When She Drinks,” Lee Ann Womack’s “I’ll Think of a Reason Later,” Faith Hill’s crossover hit “A Baby Changes Everything,” and Trace Adkins’ “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing.” Singleton is a strong young voice who, when he’s not performing with his ace band The Groove, is penning smashes for other artists, including Billy Currington (“Don’t”), David Nail (“Red Light”), and Gary Allan (“Watching Airplanes”). The two came together to pen “Out of Summertime,” and while both publishers—This Music and BMG Rights, respectively—believed in the tune, Nashville’s industry wasn’t biting.
Cue the BMI Catalog Cast. Comprising 10 outstanding juniors and seniors in Belmont University’s respected music business program, the BMI Catalog Cast works with publishers to take uncut jewels deserving of another listen to Music Row a&r staff. In addition to honing song-picking skills and networking, the students experience the real-world pitch—a bridge between songwriter, publisher, record label, and artist.

 The latest class of the BMI Catalog Cast huddles for a group shot.

BMI’s Beth Laird and Leslie Roberts oversee the students, serving as coaches and mentors every Wednesday during the spring semester, when each new Cast puts together a new compilation album of potential hits.

“‘Out of Summertime’ was on the most recent BMI Catalog Cast compilation CD,” explains Laird, “and it stood out to me immediately. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, way to go, guys! This song really does sound like a hit!’”
So when Iain Pirie at 19 Entertainment recently reached out to Laird to ask if she had any ideas for songs that would work for Idol favorite Scotty McCreery, a diamond in the rough was fresh on her mind.

“I immediately thought of ‘Out of Summertime,’” she says. “So I sent it to Iain, and he thought it was perfect for Scotty. They went into the studio with producer Mark Bright, cut it, and Scott delivered a killer performance of the song.”
When asked to reflect upon BMI’s role in helping the song along, Laird smiles. “Two great writers wrote a great song,” she says. “That’s the biggest piece of this puzzle. We’re here to nurture these writers—to support them in any way we can.” She pauses. “Watching this song go from the BMI Catalog Cast to the ‘American Idol’ champ has been an amazing feeling, though. It’s awesome to see the good writers—and the good songs—win.”