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'Scotty McCreery' MasterClass Ladys Vocal Review "You've Got A Friend"

'Scotty McCreery' MasterClass Ladys Vocal Review  "You've Got A Friend"

I just want to say I totally agree!! His best performance to date!!

 SCOTTY McCREERY: “You’ve Got A Friend”
Strengths: Scotty – you picked one of my favorite Carole King songs.  And it was a challenge for you. And, guess what? You rose to the challenge, embraced the opportunity and, arguably, gave your strongest performance to date.
I absolutely loved and fully appreciated the quiet ambiance you maintained throughout this song.  I also applaud the tasteful  melodic changes you made to this song.  They were not overdone and, yet, distinctively made this performance unique and personal.
You sang this song passionately and sensitively. You added nuance and inflection to the song and told the heartfelt story embedded in the music with expressive ease and sincerity.  Just gorgeous.
It was nice to hear you sing through the tenor part of your vocal range.  It is obvious that your voice has much dimension and potential in its make-up and I hope that you continue to challenge the full complement of your vocal gifts.

Scotty McCreery "Earth Day" video "Behind the Scenes Ford Music Video"

Earth Day Video Scotty McCreery

Behind The Scenes Ford Music Video


Listen up American Idol, I DON'T LIKE YOU MESSIN WIT OUR  BOY!! GOT IT!! If you look back in this blog you'll see many times I have said I DON'T TRUST the idol machine.  What was the point of last week's elimination night?  I have too many theories to list, and can't be bothered to give Idol enough space here to do it!! It's a reality show first, and if people aren't talking about Idol after it's over the IDOL EXECS don't like that.  Buzz Buzz good or bad, they want it.  They tick me off, they scared Scotty, and that ticks me off  >--<  DON'T MESS WITH  HIM AMERICAN IDOL GOT IT!! I'm sure now that I have spoken they'll be better behaved! haha!! I wish :/    But because this is my blog, and I think Simon Lythgo was behind the Evil deed!!! I shall leave you with this!!

I was just busy

Last week I was so busy, I didn't have a lot of time to update, but things are back to normal now.  Thanks for all the emails hoping I was ok!! haha! I'm fine JUST a busy busy week!! I had a royal wedding to attend construction going on.  IM FINE, AND THINGS WILL BACK TO NORMAL HERE NOW :) Thanks again!!  <3



Performances by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull, Lady Antebellum on Next Results Show Thursday, May 5

Next week the Idols will each do two songs!!

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Scotty McCreery Soars on “American Idol”

Scotty McCreery Soars on “American Idol”
I really love this review.. Again last night was my favorite performance to date  <3

Scotty clearly came off like the weaker of the two country teens on the duet–not even Jennifer Lopez could avoid making that clear in her review–but his solo performance was leaps and bounds better than that of Lauren. His haunting, sensitive, country take on “You’ve Got a Friend” established just how dangerously-relevant he can be on the commercial charts. As the judges pointed out, the “reaching” for certain notes absolutely exposed the limitations of his range, but the quality of his voice as he moved into a higher, more tender part of his register should absolutely not be discounted.

Eye see a lot of Scotty McCreery pictures

Go to and type Scotty McCreery into the search and enjoy!

Will Scotty McCreery's Voice Hold Out?

Will Scotty McCreery's Voice Hold Out?


Reena Gupta, MD

This is really interesting, from a M.D. about Scotty's voice, range, and ohh the challenges of being a "Teen Singer" while adjusting to pitch changes as they grow.  Really good interesting read!

Scotty McCreery, the 16-year-old American Idol contestant with the incredibly low voice, has become one of America's favorite Idols. His low country twang is a huge hit with the voters, who text their support and vote online for him in droves. But is his baritone larynx really all that unusual for a 16-year-old? Could his voice really be that low or is he hurting himself trying to make it be?

Read More here.

American Idol Live Summer Tour 2011 Announced!

American Idol Live Summer Tour 2011 Announced! 
The  tour begins in West Valley, UT on July 6 and ends in Rochester NY on September 10. This year the idols will hit up 44 cities!! Here's hoping one is near you <3


Scotty McCreery Reviews for "You've Got A Friend"

Scotty McCreery Reviews for "You've Got A Friend"


a;dlsjfa;lsdjkhgha;ldjfa;ldjfa;jdf  ahhhhhhhhhh a;ldjkfa;ldjfaf ;jsajdksdhfh   IIIIIIIIIIIII LOVEDDDDDDDD ITTTTTTTTT!! GOT IT!!! LIKE LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!! I felt it wasn't appreciated enough by the judges!! My favorite performance by Scotty to date!!! AHHHMMMMAAAZZZINNNNGGGG!!!!!! Way to go Scotty!!!!


They've managed to expand the range of his delivery, though it's still a little affected. But if his audience has been going nuts for this kid the way I think they have, this small improvement will go over in a big, big way. Even though he struggles a little bit once he gets through that opening that he had to concentrate on, it's a very distinct vocal performance. Not perfect by a long shot, but it's another outing that shows how good this kid's going to be someday if he puts in the work. And from what I've seen on this show so far, I think he will.

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Hey Everyone!

Hey y'all! This is Sara! I'm kind of new to this blogging thing, but I will try to put all the updates I can find on here! As you have probably seen on Twitter (@sara_weaver or @ScottyStreett), I am a HUGE Scotty McCreery fan and have been since his audition!




Scotty performs "You've Got a Friend" for Carole King Week

Scotty performs "You've Got a Friend" for Carole King Week

Scotty delivered an incredible performance of Carole King's hit "You've Got A Friend" and got praise from all the judges. Randy said once again that "Scotty was in it to win it".

                                         Scotty and Lauren Duet and Interview

AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers April 27 2011

                               AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers April 27 2011

So far we know the idols are going to be doing duets tonight, and it appears Scotty and Lauren are doing a duet, but it's not confirmed.  Miley Cyrus will be on tonight, and as things come up I will post them. I'm so busy today, but I will do my best!! <3

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'American Idol' Top 6 to duet on Carole King night

'American Idol' Top 6 to duet on Carole King night -- EXCLUSIVE

Image Credit: Michael Becker/Fox
With a 90-minute performance show and only six contestants this week on American Idol, the show’s producers need to fill the time with something more than interview packages and awkward banter with Ryan Seacrest. Thankfully, EW has learned exclusively it will be with more singing: Idol contestants Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart will pair off and sing duets from the Carole King songbook on Wednesday night’s show.
For the last few weeks, the contestants have often sung duets together during the results shows, but this is the first time they’ve performed together during a Wednesday night “competition” show. In seasons 8 and 9, the Top 4 sang duets together on performance night.

from Mj's she says based on pictures of rehearsals it appears Scotty and Lauren will Duet.  This isn't confirmed though!

American Idol Watch: Scotty McCreery Can Win it All

American Idol Watch: Scotty McCreery Can Win it All

merican Idol contestant Scotty McCreery has what it takes to be the next American Idol. His career is unfolding on live TV. Here are some reasons why Scotty McCreery can win American Idol.

The next Justin Bieber?

Everyone wants to discover the next young star. Sometimes people get it right and find Justin Bieber. Other times, they get it wrong and discover Rebecca Black. When a potential superstar comes along, people take notice. They want to be able to say, "I saw him first." McCreery is young and talented. American Idol fans have definitely noticed. The 17-year old McCreery continues to move along in the competition, thanks to his loyal fans. Whether or not he reaches Justin Bieber status remains to be seen.

Popular on FacebookScotty McCreery already has a huge following on Facebook. A quick search on Facebook revealed more than 50 fan sites for McCreery. His top three fan sites total more than 140,000 fans. McCreery posts often and stays in touch with his fans.
I like the way this person thinks!! This is just some tidbits from the article read more click the link :D


I just need to state my total DISLIKE for the days Saturday-Tuesday Night (I know Tuesday night isn't exactly a day, but I'm in a mood, so just agree with me GOT IT ) ... They are dull, and boring.. Nothing Idol anywhere, I have to run around the Internet like a crackhead searching for anything new.. interesting.. exciting... or even remotely inspiring.. I scour through horrible write ups and endless recaps of the same that I can't post because I feel they're an invasion of his private life... It's boring, it sucks and I can't wait for Wednesday.  I'm an Addict...that is all carry on.

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Design Your Own Scotty McCreery Tshirt

Design Your Own Scotty McCreery Tshirt

This site is cool! You can make your own design, words, pictures on the shirt etc.  The back you can even put McCreerian 01, or something and it will look like a sports shirt.  This is just a Screen Cap of what I was messing around with. lol! This Tshirt, along with the word McCreerian 01 on the back ran 23.00.  Great way to promote Scotty, and get your favorite picture on a shirt. 

Back of the Tshirt, well it says it would correct it after placing the order, but I guess it just gives you the idea of what it would look like

Fun stuff, you can really do a lot with that site! Add graphics etc... I'm sure there are other sites out there, but I thought this one was pretty cool! 

American Idol Stylists, Scotty McCreery

American Idol Stylists, Scotty McCreery

What styles are best for the performances?
MS: I like shoes that look worn in, [and] I want the guys to be comfortable. We do a lot of vintage for Scotty McCreery with his cowboy boots. There’s nothing worse than a painful shoe.

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American Idol Contestants Modern Music Interview, " Scotty McCreery"

American Idol Contestants Modern Music Interview, " Scotty McCreery"

"It's an adrenaline rush, it gets ya' fer sure!"

Apparently Scotty's been "Out there in the wild before"  ORLY? What wild was that? Does he mean Camping? Has he gone to Africa? Is he referring to fans on twitter?  IDK! lol, but I would really like to find out! haha!

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Fans Cheer on Scotty McCreery, Bring Relief to Storm Victims

Fans Cheer on Scotty McCreery, Bring Relief to Storm Victims

Fans Cheer on Hometown Boy Scotty McCreery While Helping Storm Relief Victims

The weekly ‘American Idol‘ viewing party in Garner, N.C. turned into a massive relief effort last night. Over 700 fans, friends, family members, and neighbors stuffed the Garner Historic Auditorium to cheer on Scotty McCreery, but they didn’t come empty handed. Local grocer Lowe’s Foods organized a collection of canned goods and personal items to help families affected by the tornadoes that devastated the area last weekend.

Scotty McCreery Home Town Vist

Scotty McCreery Home Town Visit!!!

Can you feel it?? I can! There are 6 left and 3wks until Top 3!! When the idols go home for that AMAZINGGGGGG home town visit!!  I want this for Scotty :D  He can have "Sweet Tea" and a ButterScotty Cookie, wait what was it called? ScottyButter.. hmm I forget! lol.  Will you go and support him when he's there? Will you take endless video, follow him all over?? Lets look back at some amazing home town visits from past idols, and use this as MOTIVATION TO VOTE HARD!! <3

"Butterscotch Scotty" is a butterscotch chip cupcake with butterscotch butter cream frosting,

Up first Awww Archie.. man this place went nuts when he was there!! lol "Where'd they all park"  "It's 6:15 AM In the morning"  This is so full of WIN!

Lee Dewyze, 50,000 showed up for his hometown visit!! WHOA!

Anyways, this is a little motivation to get you started... I shall post more as the weeks go by!!!  VOTE VOTE VOTE.. NEXT WEEK!! WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


Scotty McCreery Pictures!

Scotty McCreery Pictures 4/21/11

Is Scotty coloring?? Rofl! looks like he's coloring in pictures. lmao!


YOU THERE SCOTTY, put down the ball and clean up the mess. What the heck happened there, where are the AI maids, do they have those? They're slacking if they do, that place is a mess!

Adorbs! <3 Credit Tumblr

MASTERCLASS LADY Reviews Scotty McCreery Swingin

MASTERCLASS LADY Reviews Scotty McCreery Swingin

 As usual MasterClass Lady gives her excellent critique on Scotty this week, I just really can't say enough about how much I enjoy reading her review of  Scotty's performances.  She points out such wonderful things about Scotty's voice!! <3 

SCOTT McCREERY: “Swingin’” by Lee Ann Rimes
Strengths: Scotty – the nature of this song was very low-key and, yet, it allowed you to add a sophisticated twist to your performing ability.  I found that, throughout this song, you were not only having fun, but also were moving on and off the stage like a pro, brimming with confidence and composure.
Therefore, visually, it made for great entertainment and a truly enjoyable way to begin this week’s show. The song may not have challenged you vocally as did last week’s selection, but performance-wise, this was a huge improvement 
I loved how you sang down the octave at the beginning of the second verse. I don’t think you were given enough credit for this and it showed that you have extensive breadth in your vocal range. And kudos to you for choosing  the perfect key selection to demonstrate the expansion of your singing range.   
However, in the end, the visual dimension to this performance is what impressed me. You moved with youthful ease and abandon about the stage. 
And, although the microphone was tilting back and forth once again, it added a little visual aid in the story-telling process.  I guess this is your signature, Scotty, but I still would prefer that you adopt a purely vertical alignment  in your posture.
Vocally, you were demonstrating some of the ”bel canto” spark and style this week – not as much as last because the song was more laid back in nature, but definitely there.
All in all a very entertaining and musical performance. Standing “O” from Masterclass Lady.

Critique: Scotty – because you were busy moving out and about the stage, I felt that your technical skills took a few steps backwards this week.    Your mouth was back to the horizontal position and so your voice didn’t quite have the presence and charisma I so enjoyed hearing last week.   Even though the nature of the song was relaxed and carefree, you still needed to apply a more cohesive approach to your vowels.
Therefore, the vocal line never moved forward;  it lost momentum.  I think the relaxed nature of this song really didn’t challenge you to build on the technical skills that you adopted during last week’s performance.  The song, although very entertaining, was melodically repetitive and this is always a danger zone for every singer. You need to keep the song vocally interesting, adding nuance and inflection.
The lower octave vocalizing was an excellent idea and it did help, but, you must remember not to allow your vocal sound to get lost in the lower end of your range.  You have to remember to support and articulate your lyrics so that the melodic and lyrical line  maintain clarity and momentum . 
I think your diaphragmatic muscles basically collapsed and you were using just your natural voice, which, for me wasn’t quite enough.  The diaphragm and the strong articulation skills would have added energy and momentum to your vocal cause, increasing the vocal spirit and essence of the song.
Always remember Low doesn’t mean Lazy when you sing.  Those lower notes have to cut through the instrumental background and reach the audience with strength and purpose.
Good luck next week, Scotty!

Head over there to read more




I'm so glad Crystal will be on next week. I've loved her Farmers Daughter song, and think the video is really powerful! If you haven't seen it .. here ya go

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This is a great story IMO
They used this picture for the story, Umm HELLO THERE DAVID'S! YOU TWO KINDA RULED <3

Scotty McCreery - Twitter followers: 91,833 - FB 67,168 - Klout Score 80

I am still convinced that Scotty McCreery will win and that the only one positioned to upset him is James Durbin. There are seven contestants left in the season described by the judges as the most talented ever.

Scotty McCreery has town support back in Garner, North Carolina. Unfortunately this area was hit by storms this week and may need some help from the rest of us. This same area produced Anoop Desai and Kellie Pickler, but seems going all out in support for Scotty. They are having "Fan of the Week" contest, "encouraging residents and businesses in the area to show their support for our hometown "American Idol" finalist by creating and publicly displaying their own Scotty decorations, artwork or banners."

An interesting observation is that Chick-fil-A is at Scotty's Watch Parties. It is nothing similar to their presence at Kris Allen's parties where they gave away free food for a year to the highest voters. Scotty does not have sixty 10 man voting teams pledging to power text for two or four hours. Scotty's parties are being held on Thursdays rather than Wednesday and Thursdays like Allen's. If Scotty wins it will be a clean win. Prizes, free phones and free food will not prompt the vote. James Durbin's phone lines will not be blocked. The voting will not be assisted by AT&T. Besides that, Scotty is the most popular remaining contestant and should win. Garner, North Carolina is playing fair under the American Idol rules of unlimited voting.

To read more click the link, also has some stats on the other contestants, It's an interesting read!



WE HAVE A NEW BLOGGER SARA!! Also known as @sara_weaver  on twitter!!!

Sara can chime in later to introduce herself! She's a huge fan, she's great, we're thrilled!! Sooo bring out the monkey

Scotty does his thing!

Period that's my 2 cents! Idk about you guys, but I don't suddenly expect Scotty to run on stage pimping in chains and rapping out a song, nor do I expect him to throw on a long black leather jacket, and black guy liner and see Scarlet have fire coming out of her guitar strings.  (Although I would laugh my a$$ off) I do get what the judges meant about safe, and at this stage it's time to throw down the gauntlet, and go all in.  I think 2 things, one singing first is considered the death spot, and a few negative comments more than likely just motivated the fans to vote harder.  So, for next week Scotty I would like to see you in skin tight skinny jeans, a black T-shirt, singing Born To Be Wild  by Steppenwolf  

Scotty, at this point the fan bases are fairly locked in, but with 4 weeks to go nothings ever certain.  Performances like last night were fun, and I enjoyed it, and I'm a fan, so everybody else can ______  _____ _____ .   That is all from me about it!  <3


Full video with contestants package is on the video page. Click the tab above to see it there.  This is Scotty "Swingin" 

Scotty McCreery Serenades ‘Idol’ Viewers With LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Swingin”

First though I would like to point out Dial Idols predictions for last night 

The Following is from Dial Idol, it is their thoughts and predictions.  Apparently there was low call volume, so they can't totally call it, but it's good to see Scotty holding at number one with a high call volume.

Just thought I'd follow up and let you know that Stefano's prediction of being the bottom vote getter is NOT definitive however he should make an appearance in the bottom three as should Casey. According to the predictions page Jacob and Scotty should not even be in the bottom three though I am not as confident in Jacob's prediction because of the low call volume.
Should be an interesting night!

Scotty McCreery Serenades ‘Idol’ Viewers With LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Swingin”

Following a funny segment called 'The Scotty McCreery Guide to Holding the Microphone,' (where his peers poked fun at the fact that he holds the mic like a flute), country's favorite 'American Idol' contestant sang LeAnn Rimes' 2010 cover of John Anderson's 1983 hit 'Swingin'.' But with only seven hopefuls left in the competition, the judges seemed less than impressed by McCreery's performance and song pick.

OH WHAT A NIGHT .. Some American Idol tour tid bits

Dang, I just got home! I'm exhausted... We wound up with a flat tire tonight, and some other car issues! lol, and I was unable to update the blog, or do anything tonight! I feel bad, but sometimes things are just out of our control.  I'm so tired, it's gonna have to wait till AM.  But From MJ's The American Idol Live! Tour will begin on July 6 in West Valley UT according to Entertainment Weekly, and on July 11 and 12 Idol hits the Bay area. The tour will hit New England at the end of August with a date in Portland ME on August 31. The full list of dates will be released sometime next week

I will update more tomorrow morning. Sorry everybody. 

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American Idol Song Spoilers for 4/20/11 Top 7

American Idol Song Spoilers for 4/20/11 top 7

What we have to go on for American Idol spoilers 4/20/11

James Durbin Tweets:

James Durbin
Its showtime! This is gonna be (randy) Savage! I can't wait til those cameras turn on & you're let into my craziness again!

Somebody also tweeted that Scotty may have changed his original song choice, so it might not be an older 21st Century song now.  Err ok, whatever that means :D
I will add more as they come in, also I  will update in the spoilers page.  You can check that too, by clicking the spoilers tab up top.

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Josh Gracin Spills on ‘Idol’ Life, Gives Advice to Scotty McCreery

Josh Gracin Spills on ‘Idol’ Life, Gives Advice to Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery showed Gracin some love during one episode this year, and the ‘We Weren’t Crazy’ singer was quick to give it back via Facebook and Twitter. He says he appreciates being recognized in that way, and even has some advice for the young country crooner as he will no doubt be considering record labels and contracts very soon.
“Take your time, find the right people, really get to know them,” he says to McCreery. “You don’t want people that set you up for them to make a quick buck. You want people that will set you up for a career — something you can grow on and keep building on and keep getting bigger.”

I liked Josh, if you don't remember him, here's a video - Sadly it's when he was voted off, but Soooo adorable!

Bruce Springsteen Visits 'American Idol' Contestants

Bruce Springsteen Visits 'American Idol' Contestants........Rock legend stops by as top seven prepare for 'Songs of the 21st Century.


I'm from Joisey peeps, so can I just add, I love me Some Bruce!!!

Posted By: Gil Kaufman, Tue, 19 Apr 2011 14:18:52 GMT
Bruce Springsteen (Photo: Marc Broussely/Redferns)

It helps to have friends in high places. That's the lesson the top seven on "American Idol" are learning this week, as the latest high-profile celebrity mentor helps them hone their star skills.
According to E! Online, Bruce Springsteen has been in the studio working with Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer reportedly stopped by the "Idol" set on Friday to lend a hand and give the kids some tips on how to deliver a song with confidence.
"Holy pride of New Jersey....BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in the studio right now listening to the idols sing!!!!" read a post on the show's official Twitter account on Friday evening. While it might seem odd at first that the Boss would appear on "Idol," keep in mind that this year's mentor, Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine, has a long history with the Jersey bard, going back to the 1970s when Iovine helped engineer such landmark albums as Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town. A spokesperson for "Idol" would not comment on whether Springsteen would appear on the show this week.
If Bruce does make it to air, he'd follow .....

Read more here

Scotty putting Garner on tourism map

Scotty putting Garner on tourism map

GARNER -- When the Cratsenburg family traveled home from Myrtle Beach to Michigan recently, they drove more than an hour out of their way to visit Garner.
Their destination: All things Scotty McCreery.
"His singing - it takes my breath away," said Hannah Cratsenburg, 14. "It's amazing."
"I just wanted to see where he came from and what made him such a good kid," Hannah said.
The family visited the Chamber of Commerce, Garner High School and Lowes Foods, where she met McCreery's boss.
"We took pictures outside by the sign of his high school," said Shari Cratsenburg, Hannah's mother.
Now some Garner leaders are hoping other people will follow the Cratsenburgs' example and visit too.
"I think it's just the beginning," Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams said. "We'll see a whole lot more of it."
When McCreery fans stop by, he said, they might also buy a tank of gas at a Garner station or eat at a Garner restaurant. And that's good for the town, Williams said.

Read more:

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American Idol Voting System, Vote for Scotty McCreery

American Idol Voting System Vote For Scotty McCreery

I want to touch on the voting system of American Idol, and as a fan for 10 years of the show.  I've never had a blog before this, so I'm using it right now to voice my opinion. Everybody's got one right!  IMO the voting Sucks, not just because it's more females voting for male contestants, and good singers are being thrown to the curb long before they should be.  But, additionally the vote for 2 hours thing is ANNOYING AS HECK!! Do you really think all Scotty's teen fans (if he makes it the finale) When voting is until 1AM will be allowed to stay up and vote? Heck NO! They'll be sent to bed way way before voting ends.  Dedication doesn't equate fan base size. Votes don't equal people purchasing the songs after the show, or even the winner's single after the finale.  I hope American Idol does change the voting system, and I can vote and feel I've actually helped without having to hit speed dial for 2 hours. Honestly  I adore Scotty, but I'm just not capable of voting for 2 hours straight.  Problem is, this season I'm worried, so I will vote more than ever, but I truly hope they change things in the future.  So, if your somebody who goes to sleep early, or a teen who has to shut of the phone at a certain time, you may want to make plans now, or start hinting to your parents that if Scotty makes it to the finale you'd like to vote till 1 AM....umm Good luck with that! I haven't seen any "Cougars for James" or "Cougars for Casey" signs up, so we might all be in the clear.  During season 7, "Cougars for Cook" did a huge campaign and purchased tons of AT&T Go Phones.. They stayed up till 1AM voting like mad! Especially after Simon called it a Knock out by David Archuleta, whose fans assumed he won, and quit voting after a few hours. If you don't remember why, allow me to show you Archie at his finest. As a total ArchuCook fan, I totally thought Archie slayed it that night.  This is a repeat on the blog, but its my favorite of season 7!

So, will you vote for 4 hours? Will you stay up and hit redial non stop?  How will you manage?? I say either line up the java or pixi sticks!  Better yet, just sit with the sugar bowl.. I'm a little ahead of myself here, but I can't help but worry, if it drives me insane to vote for 2 hours how on earth will I manage 4 UGH! lol  <3

Show Tracker

In the wake of all the what-went-wrong, post-Pia Toscano hand-wringing (not to mention the Casey Abrams near ouster) in recent weeks, there's been a lot of talk about a need to revisit the way voting works on "American Idol." And the people doing the talking aren't just fans bereft of their favorite singers.

"Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe
recently said the show might consider adopting a system in which "Idol" voters determined the bottom three and then the judges decided which contestant would be sent home.

Read More Here

Scotty McCreery 4/18/2011 Picture, Tweets

Scotty already has a good one picked out for this week. A bit older song but still a classic. This was tweeted this weekend about Scotty's Song choice for this week, but I have no clue what that could be.

Also we got a nice picture with James!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scotty McCreery, Covers George Strait, US 99 Country Music Station

Scotty McCreery Covers George Strait

On the April 14 broadcast of American Idol, country music favorite  Scotty McCreery covered the 1992 George Strait hit I Cross My Heart from the movie Pure Country.
What do you think? Would Dusty be proud?

There is a poll, head over and vote Yeah! He's Great.. I don't usually like polls, I feel they are a way to get people to just visit a blog site, and the site owners don't really care about the results, but this is a music station, and they might be paying more attention, and it's good for others visiting the stations site to see Scotty doing well in a poll.

Read more: Scotty McCreery Covers George Strait

Weekends are always slow, Scotty McCreery littlest fans

Slow weekends, babies are too cute

Weekends are usually slow with any news, or updates, so I am posting some of the youngest Scotty fan videos! First up is the CUTEST LITTLE SCOTTY FAN! He's get so upset when Scotty stops singing! Rofl!

Next up is this adorable little girl!! <3

Next this little girl "Loves Scotty"  ROFL!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extended Interview: Ryan Seacrest Sits Down One-on-One With Randy Jackson

Extended Interview: Ryan Seacrest Sits Down One-on-One With Randy Jackson

Read More Here and Watch Video E!News  I dont think the video is working, but you can watch it by clicking the link.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scotty McCreery’s Longtime Friend Recalls ‘Mini Elvis Concerts’

Scotty McCreeryKevin Winter, Getty Images

Scotty McCreery’s Longtime Friend Recalls ‘Mini Elvis Concerts’ During Their School Bus Days

After another solid performance this week, it’s unlikely ‘American Idol‘ contestant Scotty McCreery will be returning home soon. That’s bittersweet news for his closest friends in Garner, who are beginning to realize their relationships with the country singer could be forever changing.
Still, longtime friend Brett Bailey tells Taste of Country he’s excited to see McCreery chasing his dream. He knows they’ll remain close, and that fame won’t change his character. “[He's an] excellent friend, always there for you no matter what,” Bailey says.
The two Garner High School students have been friends since spending hard time in the same church nursery. Bailey says he knew his friend had a special talent long before the humble singer would admit it. “He started singing Elvis on the back of the bus,” Bailey says, referring to the elementary school bus. “It was almost like a mini Elvis concert on the back of the school bus.”
The high school senior visited McCreery in Hollywood last month, where he got to take in Motown Week at ‘Idol.’ He was surprised at how small the studio was, comparing it to a high school auditorium. While he didn’t get to spend much time with McCreery, Bailey did steal one token to brag about: “The fact that I got a kiss on the cheek from Pia [Toscano], and I got a picture of it … that kind of made all the guys at school jealous

Town sponsors “Scotty Fan of the week”

Town sponsors “Scotty Fan of the week”
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Triangle-area Scotty McCreery fans: Here’s your chance to become Garner’s honorary Scotty Fan of the Week!
Attention, Triangle-area Scotty McCreery fans: Here’s your chance to become Garner’s honorary Scotty Fan of the Week!
The Town of Garner is encouraging residents and businesses in the area to show their support for our hometown “American Idol” finalist by creating and publicly displaying their own Scotty decorations, artwork or banners.
Email a photo of your creation to Garner’s public information officer, Rick Mercier, by noon each Thursday to be in the running for that week’s contest. The town will select a winner each Friday in two categories: residential and commercial. The winning entries will be honored on WTOG – the town’s public access television station (channel 11 for Time Warner subscribers and channel 99 for ATT U-Verse customers) – and on the town’s website.
Participate in the contest and remind your friends, neighbors, customers and co-workers to keep voting for Scotty!

'American Idol' Finalists NEWS Tackle the Tough Questions, Video,

American Idol Finalists tackle tough questions.. A HUGE AWWWWWWW .. Scotty's question was, If one person could be in audience to see him perform who would it be. Watch the video to find out.. *sigh* His answer is too sweet <3

No Embedding so go here to watch <3 It's adorbs x 100

Scotty McCreery, What Character Would He Like To Be In A Movie, Video, lol


He'd like to be an old Grandpa that passes down stuff and says smart things, LOLZ!! <3  Enjoy!

American Idol Season 10 Summer Tour Dates To Be Announced on April 27, 2011


Jacob Lusk tweeted that the tour stops will be announced on April 27th. I'm soo looking forward to this years tour. Meeting the idols by the buses, the endless amounts of you tube videos!! Ahhh I posted a blog about tour a few weeks ago, if you didn't read it you should be checking it out NOW :d

*How to meet the idols at the Buses, and More about tour

*Fans of Scotty Official Summer Tour Page, nothing on here yet, but all tour information will eventually be on this page which can be found via the side bar page guide.


         American Idol theme for April 20, 2011 Top 7 is Songs From The 21st Century

Musical guest will be Katy Perry and David Cook.  David Cook has not had a single out in 2years, and the last 3 years have not seen good sales for the idols.  He had 2 singles off his debut release which did well, but not well enough to release a 3rd single.  Hopefully the AI exposure will jump start the single.

"Scotty McCreery News" Scotty's friend Brett Bailey talks about Elimination night

Scotty McCreery’s Best Friend Brett Bailey Dishes on ‘American Idol’ Elimination Night Dinners

By: Billy Dukes  |  7 hours ago
Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesFor many reasons, results night is always an cathartic night for ‘American Idol‘ contestants. For most, it’s relief mixed with the pain of losing someone you’ve grown close to. One of the few outsiders allowed into the weekly “elimination dinner,” a close friend of Scotty McCreery, describes the close-knit group as one big family.

“Everyone means well to one another. They love one another genuinely,” Brett Bailey, best friend of Garner, N.C. contestant McCreery, tells Taste of Country. “They just want the best for each other.”

The high school senior spent three days in Hollywood last month during Motown Week. No one was sent packing that week — Casey Abrams was saved by ‘Idol’ judges then — but Bailey, who’s also McCreery’s baseball teammate, describes the dinner as emotional. They enjoyed Italian food, but Bailey jokes that his friend is really missing a few comforts from home, including biscuits from fast food chain BoJangles and southern sweet tea  Read more here

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina American Idol Top 8 Results Show, : American Honey

This is lovely, Scotty and Lauren should duet every week.. I just love how their voices go together!  Tonight we said Goodbye to Paul McDonald.